Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Meet Chef Danny

 Who’s Chef Danny? Well he’s someone that Kwento Ni Toto met a year ago and introduced some of the delicacy of the north. As what we’ve perceived about him, he’s a Chef who introduces and advocates local dishes. He fuses different ingredients and flavors to create a more enjoying meal for everyone. To know more about here’s some information about him. Meet Chef Danny!

My name is Danny de la Cuesta. I am a cross channel designer; I design services across several conduits of fine art- each supporting one another to achieve a change in anything my design come into contact with. I work to cause a complete change in the way I encounter a plan in the greater good a goal.

I have been designing fashion over 45 years ; I curate events, style homes and build up efficient kitchens. I engineer recipes, I cook real food. I write with passion and I coach best by means of experiential reality training.

I live for food. Honest food is what I’m in search of. Nothing in a can, nothing in a box, nothing wrapped in plastic or foil. I eat any meat,. I buy from grassroots who raise animals, fruits or vegetables. I spend my days thinking about new ways to cook. I drink anything fresh or fermented but more importantly, indigenous.

I am a Filipino Chef- I eat anything that grows in a shade or under the sun

I am especially interested in meats, and veggies that people rarely eat nowadays, like wild boar, deer, horse, water buffalo, honeypot ants, goby (Biya), ray (Pagi), sapote, chesa and mabolo.

You see, I often walk the road others trek less- wet market

As a food writer, my works has been published in COOK magazine, The Business Mirror, COMMUTER EXPRESS, and several other publications.

So what does Chef Danny do?

Here are the services (what I do)

    • a. Restaurant Solutions: Our Company is dedicated to helping Food Service Establishments on Start-up Solutions inclusive of Menu Engineering, Recipe Development, New Item Creations, Kitchen Management, Business Operations, Safety Handling Standards, Private Dinners, and Personal Chef Services.
    • b. Signature Catering: We provide 'from-scratch kitchen', which means whether you're looking into our private catering or our personal chef services, each and every menu item is made by hand from scratch all the way down to our dressings, stocks and marinades.
    • c. Market Development: At the core of what we do and believe is to “cook the marketing into the concept”. Our depth of knowledge is what clients pay for when they hire COMIDAChefs team. We are a group of culinarians and consultants who love to teach what we know. We’re successful because we actually do the work ourselves including target marketing, branding, publicity and promotions and advertising.

“We make what takes a lot to stand out these days.”

  • Comida Chef’s Business Development Services:
    • Business Planning and Conceptual Development
    • Architectural and Kitchen Design
    • Equipments Sourcing
    • Purchasing
    • Tabletop and Small-wares selection
    • Safe Food Handling and Sanitation Training
    • Management & Staff Hiring, Training and Development
    • Menu Creation, Restructuring and Development, inclusive of Recipe Manual
    • Recipe Standardization, Costing and Pricing
    • Pre-opening and Training
    • Market research inclusive of Market and Competitor Analysis
    • Menu design and Graphics Development
    • Strategic Marketing Programs
    • Food Styling and Photography
    • Branding Strategies
    • Public Relations (offline and Online Marketing Communications)
    • Catering Programs
  • Comida Chef’s PRIVATE KITCHEN CATERING Comida Chef’s provides “from-scratch kitchen services." Whether you're looking into our catering or our personal chef services, every menu item is made by hand from scratch all the way down to our dressings, stocks and marinades.

We take great pride on what we do and we also know that we are only as good as our last event. We have a flair for the decadent and no matter what service you choose you will not be disappointed. We take our job very seriously but we do like to have a lot of fun while doing it!!

We specialize in Personal Chef & Catering Services, Restaurant Operations Consultancy, Private and Group Cooking Lessons.

Now that you’ve known Chef Danny de la Cuesta and his services you might want to visit Comidachefs at 2nd floor 111-A Kamias Rd. Quezon City

ComidaChefs Plato
2nd floor 111-A Kamias Rd. Quezon City

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