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Watch Stand By Me Doraemon on June 17

If you're an avid fan of Japanese Manga and Anime, then you've probably come across with this white and blue colored cat looking robot with a pouch in front of him where different gadgets comes out and named as Doraemon. I just don't know how things fit inside that pouch of his but one thing is for sure this character made every laugh, cry and learn different lessons in life.

We've all known Doraemon in the 2D animation series that were shown in television. From elementary to high school to college to grown ups, they would probably and instantly say things about this animated series. As for me, I've been a follower of the the animated series but wasn't able to completely watch the whole series and its end as well. So, the whole picture of the story doesn't comes with an ending.

Just recently I learned that Doraemon was one of the animated series created in the 70's. No wonder the scoring was a bit old. Doraemon was first made its appearance on TV in the 70's and from then on it became one of the most loved cartoon characters in Japan. It is also one of the longest-running animated series the world has ever seen. The story of this adorable, time-traveling, gadget-wielding robotic cat was first came out on print in the late 60's created by Fujiko F. Fujio.

This June 17, learn and watch the story of Doraemon in a different perspective. Entitled as "Stand By Me Doraemon" is the very first 3DCG animation of Doraemon, directed by Takasi Yamazaki and Ryuichi Yagi.

As a refresher for those who forgotten the story and a hint to those who do not know, Doraemon is about a 10 year old boy named Nobita who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo. One day, a boy appears in front of him, claiming that he is Sewashi Nobi, Nobita's descendant of four generations which came from the 22nd century. With his is a 22nd century cat-type robot named Doraemon who helps people with its secret gadgets. Sewashi says that his family is suffering because of Nobita's current miserable life due to bullying. So in order to change this disastrous future, he will leave Doraemon with Nobita to serve as his caretaker. Doraemon has a pocket from which he produces gadgets, medicines, and tools from the future. Doraemon must see to it that Nobita can already stand up for himself and live happily before Doraemon can go back to the future. The story may be a giveaway already but better watch the whole movie if you want to know the full details of the story.

"Stand By Me Doraemon" combines some of the greatest episodes of the Doraemon series with some additional elements to create a new but nostalgic story. Fans of the Doraemon series may remember that the first encounter of Doraemon and Nobita was entitled "All The Way From The Country of the Future". The story of their friendship is a areal tear-jerker.

A uique filming technique was used for this award-winning movie. The creators said, "unlike the usual method of postscoring, dialogues and music/sogs re recorded before filming. For this movie, sounds, mouth movements, expressions and the character movements are made after the voice actors record their parts. Therefore, there is no discomfort between the sound and the animation. Though it is animation,it has a feeling of a live-action film".

Winner of "Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year" at the 38th Japan Academy Prize and "Best Film Award" at Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2015, Stand By Me Doraemon is released and distributed by VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment. Showing on June 17 on theaters nationwide.

For more info on Stand By Me Doraemon visit: Facebook: VIVA FIlms/MVPEntertainment Philippines Twitter: @VIVA_FIlms/ @MVP_PH and on Instagram: @viva_films / @mvp-ph

3DCG Animated Movie
Released and Distributed by : VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment
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