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Friday, June 11, 2021

5 Natural Reasons That Entice You To Watch Trese

7:56:00 AM


Okay, from the moment that the news of having a Pinoy animated series taken from the comic book series, things have been inviting already. People are giving their different opinions and thoughts on how it will go. It even adds up when Liza Soberano was the news as the voice of Alexandra Trese in the Filipino version.

I have not read about the comic book, but I'm very excited to watch it already. But, because I slept early than usual, I missed the midnight release. Before I watch the series, I want to share my five natural reasons why viewers and enthusiasts like me, are enticed to watch this new Pinoy anime series Trese presented by Netflix.

  • The first reason is that it is now part of the pop culture that Pinoys are talking about. Basically, if it is a topic that people are chatting with almost everywhere, people get curious. Like what they say, curiosity kills.
  • The second reason, Trese is presented in animation or anime. A more popular way of showing odd stories without compromising the value in the story. Creators tend to be bolder in the portrayal of the characters and scenarios.
  • The third reason that I can share without seeing or reading it is that it presents intriguing folk stories representing the Filipino culture.
  • The fourth reason, hey if you're a Filipino I'm sure you would love to know more about our culture and stories of the things the lurks in the dark.
  • And lastly, the fifth reason, we're Filipinos so let us support and love the works of our Kababayan!

So, there you go and I'm now off to watching it. Oh before I forget Shay Mitchell dubs the voice of Alexandra Trese in the English version. 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Voltes V Legacy Teaser Excites Everyone, Are You Excited?

12:27:00 AM

Voltes V Legacy Teaser  Excites Everyone, Are You Excited?

One of the most watched 2D animated series in the 80s until 90s. That was the colorful 2D animation before and made every childhood a wonderful memory. Now that TOEI Co. Ltd released and is under the GMA 7, the Kapuso Network, this remake of Voltes V in 3D format will definitely entice everyone to watch it.

GMA just released the teaser of the animated series Voltes V Legacy and have already garnered a huge views and reactions, most of them are from netizens who have witnessed the rise and fall of the 2D animated series.

Me, well pretty much excited to watch this and share with my kids.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Watch Stand By Me Doraemon on June 17

12:59:00 AM

If you're an avid fan of Japanese Manga and Anime, then you've probably come across with this white and blue colored cat looking robot with a pouch in front of him where different gadgets comes out and named as Doraemon. I just don't know how things fit inside that pouch of his but one thing is for sure this character made every laugh, cry and learn different lessons in life.

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