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Café Yagam Offers The Best Dishes of The Cordillera Region

When going to Baguio there’s always the thought of the locals of Cordillera and one of the famous among these tribes are the Igorots. When it comes to food there are also famous dishes that most of the lowlanders sought only here on this part of the country, the Pinikpikan. In fruits, there’s the strawberry and in veggies there are the lettuce, broccoli and more. For whatever it is the Cordillera Region offers the best of things in cold weather and that’s what Café Yagam offers to its visitors, a very homey and relaxing feeling.

Though I have been in Baguio City for three times already, still there are things that I haven’t experienced and tasted. Only now that I was able to experience more of Baguio City and through Azalea Residences effort of bringing the things to enjoy at the city after summer.
Ms. Karla, owner of Cafe Yagam
Café Yagam, though very young in its existence as a restaurant, has already made its name in the restaurant scene in Baguio City and most specifically in coffee. It wouldn’t be called a café without the coffee of course, locally grown, handpicked, freshly roasted, freshly ground, and freshly brewed coffee. According to the owner, Ms. Karla, the restaurant’s name is her daughter’s name and according to her it is a name given by their elders. The café offers a variety of food choices, though they have other food selection it was just right that staff from Azalea Residences let us, bloggers, experience what the Cordillera region has to offer to its visitors. Of course it is best to showcase the local’s specialty and if you’re taste buds is as adventurous as mine then perhaps you might want to try these dishes that we’ve tried in Café Yagam.
The Pinikpikan without soup. 
The very well known specialty of the Igorot is the Pinikpikan. This dish is more likely of a Tinola dish but what’s interesting about it is the way the chicken is butchered, the chicken is beaten in every part of the body to make it swollen with blood clogs. Though it is cruelty as it looks but that’s part of their tradition. That process makes the dish tastier plus the smokey flavor. You can also pour in a little amount of Tapuy to make the taste exciting.
The Pinuneg or Blood Sausage
The Pinuneg or the blood sausage is perhaps one of the delicacies that prove the Cordillera Region’s respect for the blessings they receive and there are no parts of the butchered pig are gone to waste, even the innards are included here. What’s intriguing with this dish is the sauce that comes with it. I thought it was just a plain sauce but it is not because it will definitely give life to your cold taste buds. It is spicy enough to warm you during night time in Baguio City. Of course the Pinuneg or the blood sausage goes alone and taste exquisitely different from the usual sausages that we encounter with
The Kiniing
The Kiniing, is perhaps can be compared with the Tinapa but of a pork version. Yes according to Ms. Karla the pork that is used in this dish is smoked or dried and the pork usually comes are native pigs. When it is raining they prefer to dry it by smoking but commonly it is sun dried to further the span of the meat. Kiniing is prepared in thinly slice for easy bite and munching, in my opinion it is best serve with liquor drinks. It is more of a “pulutan”.
The Binungor
The Binungor, it is a mixture of different vegetables like legumes, eggplants, long beans, squash and other leafy vegetables. Binungor or spicy vegetable stew is also mixed with fresh waster shells. If you’re a veggie person then you might want to try this because this dish is like Transformer “more than beats the eye” as it misled you to what it looks. It may be a simple looking vegetable dish but it kicks you right in the gut once it is tasted. Perhaps it is done that way to keep the local warm. Of course I like the dish very much.
The Kiniwar
The Kiniwar may sound like of a war or something but this dish is the sweet delicacy of this region. Kiniwar or rice cake is an Ilocano word for mixed which is a mixture of diket or sticky rice, sugar syrup and ladek or dried sweetened coconut. So, a meal wouldn’t be complete without the dessert and Kiniwar is just a right match with coffee after the meal.
Tapuy anyone?
Of course in every meal gathering it isn’t complete without a wine to tone down that feast meal, and the Cordillera region is much known for their Tapuy or Rice Wine. Their kind of wine is just right for a feel good experience after every meal.

If these dishes aren’t enough to fill in your tummy for a night then you might want to go to Café Yagam and check out more of what they could offer. If you’re staying at Azalea Residences Baguio you can ask them the directions to the place or you can go adventurous and have your way.

#25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar
Baguio City
Contact No. : (047) 423-0839
Facebook :

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