Monday, August 31, 2015

The Refinement of Literature

Literature… many have given definitions to this term but some just only get the narrow meaning of it, people say that literature is just a printed words found within the hardbound covers of a books, magazines, etc. but they didn’t know that the true meaning of literature is not only on the written words, phrase or sentence, or paragraphs, it is within every words. It is the orchestration of the manifold but elemental experiences of man, it is the voice of a human heart, blended into the harmonious and desired patterns of expression.

Literature is said to be the product of a nation’s culture and that is true. The nation’s culture is not easily formed it is a decade or centuries of process. A nation’s culture passes through time, torments, wars, and celebrations. It is the witness of every passing of time as it is molded into refinement. A culture can be compared to a “halo-halo,” without the ingredients it will just be an ordinary shred ice with coloring but when mixed together it burst out a different flavor. Like the culture, it is mixed with different beliefs, way of living, activities and practices before it reached the refined culture of a nation.

One perfect example of a culture that undergone a series of formation is the Filipino culture. Long before the Spaniards came and set foot on one of the islands, our ancestor have already established their own culture but after a series of interaction with other nationalities the original Filipino culture were mixed with other cultures, like the Chinese culture, Arabic culture and Indian culture. Because of this literature flourish more and infused with other culture. So the development continues.

The development of literature is conditioned by many factors and not only culture. The geographic nature of a country, the experiences of the people, and the aesthetic ideals of particular group are some of the factors that influence literary progress.

The geographic nature of a country is one of the factors that condition the development of literature. Literature is often inclined with nature and most of the pieces created by great minds were inspired by the beauty and enchantment of nature. The beauty of the swaying and falling leaves, the enchanting sound of the crystal clear and flowing river, and the magical sweet voice of different living creatures.

The experiences of the people are another factor that conditioned the development of literature. It is true that man is the main factor that leads to the development of literature, not only his experiences but his intellects and sensitive souls as well. Man is gifted with emotions that burst out through his experiences, the down feeling of sadness and sorrow, the overflowing joy and happiness, and the devastating rage of anger are just some of the many expressions of man. Literature then cannot exist without the playful mind of man, his enchanting words of wisdom and his conveyable feelings within the piece.

The aesthetic ideals of a particular group add up to the factors as it enrich literature with its beliefs and understanding, making the growth of literature more prominent and active.

The end result of these factors are simply amazing and what’s worth is that our generation are reaping what was planted before, our literature.

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