Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sustainable Development or Sustainability, An Environmental Management System For Companies - Part 2

The second principle is The Economic Domain which implies more on the demand and supply. “Adopt an appropriate accounting system, fully aligned with the planet's ecological process and reflecting true, comprehensive biospheric pricing to guide the economy.” This domain or principles tells more about the things a company or organization should know, one is the demand and supply which is always present in the management system of a company or organization and in the case of TGI Friday's demand and supply plays a very important role. In order to sustain the operation of the company there should be an abundant resources in order to supply the needs of their customers.

The Domain of Life is the third principle, “Ensure that the essential diversity of all forms of life in the Biosphere is maintained.” Life doesn't only speaks of human life but also the environment and everything around it which directly or indirectly affects the growth and production. Just like in TGI Friday's, the sustainability of the company isn't confide in just the realm of the company but goes beyond further than you can think. Making sure of the existence of organization by respecting other forms of life as well. Just like in the film Avatar which describes the planet N'avi as big network of connection interrelating with each other. Though they need to kill and feed their culture shows respect to the diversity of life. Taken to our present world and as the steward of this blessing of life we should ensure and respect life.

The Social Domain, the fourth principle speaks of “Maximize degrees of freedom and potential self-realizaiton of all humans without any individual or group, adversely affecting others.” There are two kinds of environment namely the physical environment and the social environment both of these environment shows connections and relativity. Just like in a company that is composed of different branches the head office creates programs and activities in order to make everyone connected with everyone, an interaction that helps both sides of the connection. Cooperation is one keys that help in the sustainability of the company or organization. I mentioned before that there are two kinds of environment the social and the physical and TGI Friday's falls into the social environment that affects the physical environment. Again, just like in the movie Avatar it describes that the whole world is connected with each other though having their own society it shows trails of connection. The story of the planet N'avi may have been a fiction created but it is hypothetically describe the reality that we are facing right now and this applies in companies being part of the big network of connections.

Lastly, the fifth principle which speaks of The Spiritual Domain. “Recognize the seamless, dynamic continuum of mystery wisdom, love energy and matter that links the outer reaches of the cosmos with out solar system, our planet and its biosphere including all humans, with an internal metabolic systems and their externalized technology extensions – embody this recognition in a universal ethics for guiding human actions.” This domain is perhaps the soul of the whole principle of sustainability. This domains control the ethics of all the people for whatever the religion is and no matter what belief they had. In an organization the spirituality is one the triggers the decision making, the notion of thinking which is right and which is wrong. It is the drive that pulls everyone together in a common goal which is valuing the life and organization they are into. In a much more lighter meaning of the spiritual domain is the idea that binds an individual to the foundation of the organization that creates people like Karen Forrester, who became managing director of TGI Fridays Restaurant in UK in 2007 and according to her “we never call them (refers to the rank and file) staff or employee, we call them family and we treat them like family.” And having managers like this makes more individuals who strive to make the job not just a job for the company but much more. According to one of TGI Fridays door host name Hannah Moor “I enjoy coming to work,” and she added “I don't think there's been a shift where I've been bored.”

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