Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Feel the Chill with Resureksyon

Just right before Holloween here's another story on the big screen that will let you feel terrified and jumped off your seats. It is the chilling and eerie setting that will definitely give you a spine tingling sensation with "Resureksyon".

"Resureksyon" is a horror-thriller movie that will definitely let you give a second look on places abroad that you'll be working. It is a story of a mom who leaves for abroad to look for greener pasture for her family and then something happens that one day, she was brought back to the country in a coffin and on it are markings with specific instruction.

Isabelle Daza's character is an OFW possessed by an evil spirit that later on become the leader of a pack of vampires. Jasmine Curtis-Smith is the sister who took care of the child played by Raikko Mateo. Paulo Avelino as the police officer, Sweet John Lapus as the Uncle and Nino Muhlach as the Mayor of the town. "Resureksyon" is directed by Alfonso "Borgy" Torre III and produced by Regal Entertainment and Reality Entertainment.

Aside from the powerful cast, state-of-the-art sound and special effects, moviegoers must also watch out for the confrontation scene between Belle, Jasmine and Paulo.

The gripping scene, which is oneof the film's highlights, took a few days to shoot but Direk Borgy notes it was worth the sweat.

"Resureksyon" opens in cinemas nationwide on September 23, 2015.

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