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Monday, December 2, 2019

4 Things to Experience in the New Cinema in SM Fairview

4:37:00 PM

It has been quite a time already when my last cinema experience at SM Fairview's cinema and just recently we were invited to see what's new in the cinema. Like what they mentioned during the unveiling Northerner don't need to go far to get that premium movie experience as SM Fairview's SM Cinema unveils seven new theaters that are really promising a one-of-a-kind cinema experience.

SM Cinema has given its Fairview branch a stylish makeover while upgrading both its facilities and the movie experience it offers. SM Cinema Fairview is now home to two premium Director’s Club Cinema, a Large Screen Format theater, and five state-of-the-art regular cinemas.

SM Cinema is committed to finding new ways to upgrade the cinema experience to cater to the constantly changing demands of its patrons. “Keeping up with changing times and growing customer expectations is part of SM Cinema’s goals to keep giving our patrons the movie experience they deserve, and we are just getting started. Now, SM Cinema patrons in Fairview can get the premium movie experience close to their homes,” shares SM Cinema’s Vice President for Marketing Ms. Ruby Ann Reyes.

Moviegoers can enjoy true-to-life pictures with SM Cinema Fairview’s theaters that are all equipped with state-of-the-art Christie CP42LH RGB laser cinema projectors. With laser projectors come the promise of vivid, punchy colors and swift frame shifts that do not compromise picture quality. At SM Cinema Fairview you will never miss a scene from your favorite blockbuster movies.

SM Cinema Fairview has upgraded its audio system to Dolby Surround Sound. And with this upgrade, SM Cinema guarantees that viewers fully immerse themselves in movies’ dialogues, OSTs and musical scoring. No matter where you are seated in the theater you are sure to get pure, crisp and reverberating sound since the theaters’ front back and side walls are fitted with powerful Dolby speakers.

Moviegoers spend an average of two hours in the theaters. And for the whole duration, they are seated on cinema spectator chairs. SM Cinema made sure to complete the viewing experience with premium Opus Glide seats that slide to your preferred semi-reclining angle to find the best position for optimal vista. Opus Glide seats’ super-soft fibers provide comfortable seating while handling body weight for back support.

For a movie-watching experience above the rest, Director’s Club by SM Cinema offers a luxurious theater experience with stunning picture quality, resonating sound combined with top-of-the-line fully reclining Verona chairs complete with head and foot-rests. The plush leather seats promise both comfort and style while watching movies. And with an intimate seating capacity of 50 per cinema, you are bound to impress anyone you take to the movies.

Seats are integrated with side tables, lighting, cup holders and charging ports. To provide customers with the best service possible, Director’s Club offers in-cinema butler service. With an easy click of a button, cinema staff can bring you anything you need from Snack Time, the official food concessionaire of SM Cinema.

Movie tickets are inclusive of a tumbler of popcorn and bottled water. But if you wish to feast in the cinema, Snack Time offers a special movie munchie menu which includes wine and cheese pairings.

Book your tickets through the website, or download the SM Cinema mobile app. You may also follow /SMCinema on Facebook and @SM_Cinema on Instagram for updates! Satisfy your cravings at SnackTime, the official food concessionaire of SM Cinema, which offers a wide array of snacks like popcorn, hotdogs, and burgers to complement your movie watching experience. Follow /SnackTimeOfficial on Facebook for more information.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Cinema One Originals Marks It's 15 Years With Brave Cinematic Experiences and Will Run From November 7 to 17

8:25:00 PM

An interesting news in the entertainment industry as one of your favorite go-to films Cinema One Originals, on its fifteenth year, will loudly and proudly declare what it’s stood for all these years, originality in all its permutations, and challenging old and new audiences if they’re ready for the Cinema One Originals Experience—an experience that goes beyond cinema, beyond cinephilia, beyond entertainment.

All these years, the Cinema One Originals mandate has been to give filmmakers, first-timers and otherwise, a platform to fully express their visions. This year, eight original narrative features get P3 million worth of grant each. There are four first time filmmakers, three previous Cinema One Originals alumni, and one director making her second feature and her Cinema One Originals debut.

Diverse as the four first-time filmmakers’ visions are, they find common ground in the way they invert their genres, and subgenres, of choice: a bildungsroman, a noir, a gothic horror, and a resurrection rom-com.

J.E. Tiglao makes his feature debut with “Metamorphosis” which stars Gold Aceron, Iana Bernardez, Ivan Padilla, Ricky Davao, and Yayo Aguila in a coming-of-age drama about intersexuality that’s as wistful as it is provocative. Dustin Celestino reverses the wrong time/wrong place dynamics of noir with a little help from a comet in “Utopia,” a blackly comic riff on the genre starring Enzo Pineda, Joem Bascon, and Aaron Villaflor. Eve Baswel’s “Tia Madre” is a gothic horror featuring Cherie Gil and Jana Agoncillo in which a young girl starts to suspect her mother has been changed into something not quite herself and perhaps not quite human either. Nigel Santos’ “Yours Truly, Shirley” casts Regine Velasquez as a widow who believes a young pop star (Rayt Carreon) is the reincarnation of her late husband.

Returning to Cinema One Originals are Victor Villanueva and Kevin Dayrit, who made their feature film debuts with Cinema One Originals.

Victor’s resumes his fascination with the intertwining of rom-com tropes with supernatural tinges that made “My Paranormal Romance” a quirky treat with “Lucid”, in which Alessandra De Rossi plays a lucid dreamer whose waking life and dream life start to blur when she meets JM De Guzman. Kevin, whose “Catnip” was the multi-awarded darling of its year takes on vampirism, necrophilia, the drug wars and rom-coms in “O” which stars Anna Luna, Lauren Young, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Giancarlo Abrahan whose second feature was the Best Picture-winning Cinema One Original “Paki” returns with “Sila Sila”, which stars Gio Gahol and Topper Fabregas and which he describes as an LGBT ghosting story and which finds him taking another look at the interstitial dynamics of yet another extended family, a group of friends nursing consensual emotional traumas.

Denise O Hara makes her Cinema One Originals debut and her second feature with “Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo” a rom-com inversion with JC Santos and Jane Oineza, about the underside of trauma that even the truest of loves have.

Cinema One Originals has been producing breakthrough films with thought-provoking contents for the Filipino audience for 15 years. This year’s celebration will be held in line with the 100th anniversary of the Philippine Cinema and the 25th anniversary of leading cable channel Cinema One.

Fresh, cool, vibrant, inclusive, brave, original. The 15th Cinema One Originals runs from November 7 to 17 at Trinoma, Glorietta, Ayala Manila Bay, Gateway, and Powerplant Makati. There will also be screenings at Vista Cinemas in Iloilo and Evia Lifestyle and in Cinema Centenario, Cinema ‘76, Black Maria, UP Cine Adarna, and FDCP Cinematheque Manila. For updates, visit @CinemaOneOriginals on Facebook, @c1origs on Twitter and @c1originals on Instagram. #C1Originals #IAmOriginal

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Party and Watch at SM Cinema's Event Cinema

5:00:00 PM

Enjoy two things when you book an event at SM Cinema's Event Cinema, you get to enjoy the movie and have fun with the party. Yes, they got it for you. An events place where you can have your parties and movies in one event. What's even great about it is that you can play movie of your own choice.

This is the new offering of SM Cinema, a venue for special parties, you can even have product launches or company events. The events place can accommodate 45 pax or a little bit more but the cinema itself is good for 45 only.

You can personalize your parties with SM Cinema's customized party packages to fit your needs. Event Cinema wil take care all of your needs from invitations to loot bags, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

Starting December 15 Event Cinema will be accepting bookings. You can have your events booked at You may also buy tickets through the website,, or get the SM Cinema App to book your ticket and skip the line.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Angeline Quinto and Jake Cuenca Went Foolish with Foolish Love The Movie

10:49:00 PM

What does "foolish" means? According to Meriam-Webster "foolish is defined as 'having or showing a lack of good sense, judgment, or discretion', so by the means of lack of good sense it only says that the movie is all about love without good judgment at all. For Angeline Quinto and Jake Cuenca, "Foolish Love" made them went all out with their characters to the point of getting foolish and invibe it.

"Foolish Love" is Regal Entertainment, Inc.'s pre-Valentine offering this 2017 and it is directed by one of the best director in the industry, Direk Joel Lamangan. The movie is about the character played by Angeline Quinto who is obsessed to meet the guy of her dreams. She then meets the character played by Jake Cuenca, who shares a name with the guy in her dreams. Thinking he is indeed her destiny, Angeline falls madly in love with Jake. They had a happy relationship until Angeline realizes Jake is not the man in her dreams.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Just When The Force Awakens At Gateway Cinema Traffic Hits Manila, Hard

7:42:00 AM

When The Force Awakens at Gateway Mall's cinema with the seventh installment of the Star Wars series, Manila got hit by heavy traffic... and it's hard. And Toto experienced that right before going to see the launching of this new cinema with an astonishing Dolby Atmos technology. It was just great that the Force was much stronger in making me watch the movie.

Dolby Atmos is not new to me because I have featured it in but what's interesting is that the place is much nearer. So for those who are wondering how does this Dolby Atmos differs, here are some of the facts and things they say about it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Feel the Chill with Resureksyon

9:30:00 AM

Just right before Holloween here's another story on the big screen that will let you feel terrified and jumped off your seats. It is the chilling and eerie setting that will definitely give you a spine tingling sensation with "Resureksyon".

"Resureksyon" is a horror-thriller movie that will definitely let you give a second look on places abroad that you'll be working. It is a story of a mom who leaves for abroad to look for greener pasture for her family and then something happens that one day, she was brought back to the country in a coffin and on it are markings with specific instruction.

Monday, June 1, 2015

SM Cinema Gets Closer with San Mateo Residences

7:10:00 PM

San Mateo residences will have a more convenient access to cinemas as SM Supermall established another  San Mateo opens is quite near in our area. I'm glad that SM Supermalls sees the place flourishing already and the people of San Mateo would really love to have SM in their area. It is an ease for them going to nearby malls, now they can have more malling more often.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Boy Golden, MMFF 2013 Entry

4:25:00 PM

It's another great year for the film makers to showcase their skills and unique in making a film.  The Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 got plenty of entries that movie goers will sure get a hard time in choosing which movie to watch first.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sisterakas, Laugh Your Hearts Out for the MMFF 2012

9:42:00 AM

Kids and kids-at-heart are always looking forward for this happiest day of the year.  Not only that they'll be receiving gifts but everyone will have a chance to go on a bonding moment with family while watching movies and December 25 is the Metro Manila Film Festival so everyone will have lots of movies to enjoy. 

Here's one of the much anticipated comedy treat from Star Cinema, the "Sisterakas".

Monday, November 21, 2011

Love Is In The Air "Won't Last A Day Without You"

8:19:00 PM

It is said that this will be the biggest romantic-comedy movie this season. The scent of romance with a whiff of humor will fill the early Christmas air this November. I thought it was only the cool breeze of the holiday season. This is an early Christmas gift of Star Cinema and Viva Films for all fans and movie goers, "WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU" is starred by Sarah Geronimo, the Pop Star Princess and Gerald Anderson, the Primetime Drama Prince. The movie is said to be a follow-up to the blockbuster hit Catch Me… I’m in Love.

WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU is directed by Raz Dela Torre together with the other stars Joey De Leon , John Lapus, Megan Young, Martin Del Rosario, Marlann Flores, NiƱa Dolino, Cheska Ortega, Young JV, Lui Villaruz, Jommy Teotico, and Yam Concepcion. Showing on all cinemas on November 30, 2011.

Last Saturday the Press Conference for the movie WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU was held at the Dolphy Theater in ABS CBN, the love team, casts, writers and director of the movie joyfully responded to every questions of the press people.  Fans giggles when the couple is asked about their status together.

Friday, September 30, 2011


4:57:00 AM

Last September 28, 2011, after the surging winds and rain of Typhoon Pedring, we were able to attend the Press Conference of Vice Ganda’s newest and up-coming movie entitled PRAYBEYT BENJAMIN. The theme of the press conference was green and army.

It was a star studded press conference and also well formed cast by generation. This is what we have noticed there were the generation of the bachelor - Kean Cipriano and Carlos Agassi, the generation of bachelorette - Vice Ganda, the generation of young parents - Nikki Valdez and DJ Durano, the generation of matured parents - Malou De Guzman, and the last generation, the generation of the senior citizen – the honorable Director Eddie Garcia. I think Direk Wenn have created a cast of great actors of all generations to bring one heck of a good movie.

During the press conference there were many parts of the movie that were given emphasis. One of them is the acceptance issue not only in the gender issue but more precisely as an individual. There were also admission, like in the famous phrase “the truth shall set you free” and I think those who have admitted some events in their life surely set themselves free. So mainly the movie is not just laughs but it features pigments of reality, reality that is actually happening in our society.

As we all know Vice Ganda has become a very popular gay icon, from being a stand-up comedian up to becoming a product endorser, a host and a performer. Vice Ganda has been shining very bright and now it will shine much brighter with his latest upcoming movie “PRAYBEYT BEJAMIN”.

 In this movie Vice plays the role of Bejamin Santos whose family has a long tradition of serving in the military. In fact, the movie’s stunning opening traces the roots of the Santos’ military service, from the days of Lapu-lapu and the Katipunan, up to the current times.

Conflict ensues when Lolo Benjamin which was played by Eddie Garcia fins out that his grandson (Vice) cannot continue the tradition because he is gay.

But when Lolo Benjamin is captured by terrorists, the grandson enters the military and musters all his masculine strength to save his dear grandfather, and the rest of the war-torn country as well.

Helping Praybeyt Benjamin in his quest are the member of a misfit platoon played by, among others, Derek Ramsay, DJ Durano, Vandolph, Jimmy Santos, Eddie Garcia, Dennis Padilla, Carlos Agassi, malouDe Guzman, Tutti Caringal, Kean Cipriano and Nikki Valdez.

This movie is the result of Vice’s good collaboration with the blockbuster director Wenn Deramas.

Be thrilled and be awed by Vice Ganda when “PRAYBEYT BENJAMIN’ opens in theaters nationwide on Oct. 12!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Live with No Other Woman

7:58:00 PM

This is a movie about love, passion, deceit, and obsession but it doesn’t teach you to do these things but brings it to your attention that these are the present reality. The movie is just an eye opener for all of us that every decision that we make will eventually lead to something, every action that we do will have an effect in the future.

“No Other Woman” is a new movie from Star Cinema and Viva Films that portray about the life of three people getting involved in a complex relationship. A movie directed by Ruel S. Bayani and starred by the country’s most desirable actors and actresses, Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, and Cristine Reyes. According to them it is the most demanding, provocative and emotionally-charged roles of their careers.

Anne Curtis plays the part of Kara Zalderiaga, a young, beautiful carefree socialite who can and will get whatever she wants. She has had many boyfriends but has continuously been emotionally-detached to love. To Kara, life is all fun and in “love”, no stings attached. But deep in her core, she has been longing not just to be desired and admired but likewise appreciated and truly loved. Derek Ramsay plays the part of Ram Escler, a charming, dedicated furniture salesman husband driven by his ambition to prove himself to the world. To Ram, being a good husband that can provide the best life to his family is a lifelong goal. He is obsessed with the idea of living out of the shadows of his father-in-law and away from the image of his estranged father. Cristine Reyes plays the part of Charmaine Escaler, the beautiful “perfect” wife, calculating, prim and proper to a fault. Charmaine is concerned with image and takes her role as an ideal wife to heart. To Charmaine, she will let nothing and no one ruin the “perfection” she has created for her family.

It is indeed a very hard role for them because none of them are married. So portraying the character in the movie is something that needs to be learned.

Love, passion, deceit, obsession. “No Other Woman” will surely fire-up the big screen as it hits over 100 theaters nationwide on September 28, 2011!

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