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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Twisted Plots Unravel in Can't Buy Me Love

10:45:00 PM

The TV series "Can't Buy Me Love" keeps surprising fans with its unexpected twists, funny moments, and jaw-dropping revelations. The show has become a sensation, racking up over 500 million views across social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter just this February.


Every day, fans eagerly discuss their own theories about the storyline, especially when it comes to Bingo (played by Donny Pangilinan) and Caroline (portrayed by Belle Mariano). They can't get enough of the charming chemistry between Snoop (Anthony Jennings) and Irene (Maris Racal). Plus, they're thrilled to see the romance blossoming between Caroline and Bingo.

In the latest episode, Annie (Ina Raymundo) made a surprise appearance at GLC's Chinese New Year party, leaving Gina (Ruffa Gutierrez) stunned and troubled by her sudden arrival.

Meanwhile, Bingo and Caroline are still on a mission to uncover the identity of the mysterious woman with the black feather, whom they believe has a connection to Edward and Divine's tragic fate.


Tune in to the popular series every 9:30 PM on various channels including Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, Jeepney TV, Cinemo, TFC IPTV, and TV5. Plus, catch it ahead of time on Netflix and iWantTFC for those who can't wait to see what happens next. As the saying goes, "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." So, get ready for more love and drama in the upcoming episodes!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Limited Edition Brings a Different Kind of Everlasting Love

7:11:00 AM


Once upon a time, three fine gentlemen named Jethro, Arnold and Mario, figure in a different kind of love, complete with its many saccharine trappings, weep-triggering tribulations and promise of happily ever after which are all in “Limited Edition.”

“Limited Edition” is a romantic drama about finding one’s elusive and everlasting love with a love triangle story arc that gives it more kilig, heartstrings pull, and a fairy-tale like conclusion of who ends up with who.

“What makes him lovable is his innocence and simplicity,” says Jomari Angeles about Mario. “Not all of us are born with the right knowledge about life and love right away. He is a hopeless romantic and pag pag nakuha na ang loob niya or pagna-inlove na siya bibigay niya ang lahat sa kanyang partner.”

Andrew Gan, on being Jethro enthuses: “The most challenging part about being him is how to feel like him, to live in his shoes, and give justice to that feeling of falling in love with another young man. I want to be truthful lalo na pag naramdaman na niya na he is in love with Mario.”

“Well, his only fault is that he fell in love with Mario as well,” declares Ron Angeles who is Arnold. “I should say my being a pambansang third wheel is solidified and becomes a notch higher in this romantic BL drama. Ilalaban ko talaga yung feelings ko for Mario and my character has sincere and pure intentions.”

Director Jill Singson Urdaneta avers: “The process of love and loving, of being loved and in love, everyone who will give us their time and support, they will witness it in Limited Edition. The many discoveries about one’s self, insecurities exposed, that willingness to compromise and sacrifice, to make a relationship work because all relationships need a lot of work and commitment to make it work. All these and more, are in this drama about romantic connections and everlasting possibilities.”

Other cast members are Donna Cariaga (Chona, Mario’s best friend), Michelle Jhoie Ferraris: as Mamita, Mario's nanay nanayan Miss Iyah Mina: Ivory, Mamita's rival Miss Yayo Aguila: Jethro's mom Miss Ruby Ruiz: Mario's mom Introducing are Anton Arceo, Aaron Concepcion, Celine Dorado and Luke Hembling

Story by Bernard Umali, screen play written John Fontanos with Jill Singson Urdaneta as its director. Produced by world-famous shoe designer Jojo Bragais, with Michelle Jhoie Ferraris as co-producer.

“Limited Edition” starts airing on October 2, 8pm, Saturday, on BRAGAIS TV.

BRAGAIS TV is an online channel for fun and entertainment for Filipinos.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Where does Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson Love Begins?

2:01:00 AM


Finally, the revelation! Yes, after more than a year of intrigues and speculations, the truth has now come out. Is it because of the birthday, or they just want to admit it? It's hard to hide secrets, and eventually, time will have its ways to spill it out in the open.

It is just my wildest thought about what did they answered during the press conference held last 2019 in their movie 'Between Maybes?' Some answers are a bit double-sided in their meaning, and now it somehow created a bright picture of what they are saying at that time. So, if you want to know what it is about, you can watch the video below, especially the part where they answer the question about choosing 'Love or Career.'

Another video that somehow spiels some bits of intriguing clues. Watch the whole video.

So, what do you think? Does the relationship started here or not?

Saturday, January 2, 2021

New Happy Couples Who Welcomed the Year 2021

11:40:00 AM

While the rest of the world is celebrating the coming of the new year, there are some celebrities who are overjoyed ending the year 2020 and welcoming the year 2021. Yes, here are two couples who celebrated New Year with a big bang in their hearts, Angelica Panganiban with her boyfriend and Diego Loyzaga with Barbie Imperial. Hmmm... did we just saw Barbie in an online conference of Mang Kepweng? Anyway glad that there are less sad hearts in this world today, most especially in the showbiz industry. 

Angelica Panganiban posted on her Instagram account a picture of her kissing her special someone and in the caption says, "Kung isa kang pelikula, sana, wala kang ending." This made a lot of their celebrity friends react. 

While there's also a new couple who made the New Year celebration a bang, Diego Loyzaga and Barbie Imperial. Diego also made a revelation that he and Barbie are now in a relation. This shows in an Instagram post of Diego, "Happy new year to us đź–¤ thanks for making the end of my 2020 memorable, Lets gooo 2021!!:)"

So, how about you? How was your New Year's Eve celebration?

Friday, March 6, 2020

Nathan & Mercury Brings Two New Singles “Fools (Reprise)” and “Fake Love”

2:11:00 AM

Strengthening the music industry by having new music for the ears, makes it more interesting to hear, music to my ears. Let us hear more with their performances and single videos (if they have one).

Now leaning toward a more exciting sonic direction, Nathan & Mercury has raised the bar in terms of producing songs that combine a wide variety of music styles.

Fans will be elated to know that the pop/R&B outfit is back with two new singles, “Fools (Reprise)” and “Fake Love”—released on the very same day via Sony Music Philippines.

Written, composed, arranged, and produced by the band, both tracks update their foray into multi-genre experiments with newfound ambition and front-to-back confidence, discarding their inhibitions to make room for more past and present sonic convergence, soul and gospel influences, and shamelessly honest songwriting.

On Fools (Reprise)

The new iteration of “Fools” unpacks rare moments of emotional vulnerability and restraint. The reprise version, according to guitarist and vocalist Nathan Huang, includes a different set of lyrics and a more stripped-down arrangement, but manages to capture the moroseness of the original.

“We had a different vision in mind for Fools,” Huang shares. “However, we want to give off the same message, each line still sung with pain and yearning for better days. While Fools is already gospel-y as it is, we kicked it up a notch by adding in instrumentation and a much colorful play of the chorale. Short but sweet with a total running time of 1:28, Reprise, as we fondly call it, gives off a solemn and intimate vibe.”

On Fake Love

“Fake Love” sets the course of where Nathan & Mercury is headed as a musical group. “In as short as 3:34, we experimented on our usual repertoire by mixing in instruments we’ve never used before (i.e. brass),” Bassist Angelo Sison explains. “We mixed together several of our influences, particularly in pop and R&B, with hints of gospel and hip-hop. As a song, it speaks of not wanting anything less than real love—one that shouldn’t cost anything but is freely given.”

Guitarist Alex Samonte points out how difficult it is to produce and arrange “Fake Love,” which initially had 3-4 versions ended up getting scrapped at the very last minute. “We had to get a choir and brass players and the whole thingamajig, then took us a good while to gel everything together. But after a month or so of production, it all went well. I mean, I’d like to think it did.”

Both songs are intended to be released as a single track, given that it goes without saying that the two are connected: From being a fool to craving for real love. But according to Daniel Monong, the band’s drummer, they felt that “Reprise” and “Fake Love” can stand on their own individually. “So yeah, we’re releasing them on the same day because the two belong to each other.”

Fun fact: Nathan & Mercury spent a total of 30 studio hours for the whole production of both songs, not including the mixing and mastering. It’s also their first time to record for 13 hours straight in a single studio session.

Nathan & Mercury’s dual singles “Fools (Reprise)” and “Fake Love” are now available on Spotify and other music streaming/download platforms worldwide.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Ion Perez 'Nagtampo' with Vice Ganda?

12:45:00 PM

Ion Perez 'nagtampo' with Vice Ganda? Why?

We have seen how the relationship of Ion Perez and Vice Ganda progress through time. And the madlang people watching the noontime TV Show, It's Showtime, are the witness of that love story. They have this non-verbal communications that entices people to follow what's the story behind.

In one of the press conference, Vice Ganda shared that she's happy with her present situation.  She openly shared "Masaya ang puso ko, in love ako…. kasi marami akong nagugustuhang iba pero parang di naman ako nai-inlove  at maraming nagbago kasi this time yong taong in love ako mahal nya ko…. ngayon masaya kasi yong pinili ko pinili din ako."

MMFF - The Mall The Merrier

Without any particular with the names we all know that she's referring to Ion Perez.

Why did we come to a speculation that Ion Perez feels bad with Vice Ganda, well, there's one answer of Vice during the conference that probably made Ion feel bad or 'nagtampo' with Vice, it's the time that Ion asked Vice with the big WHY? Why couldn't they show and express their love for each other in public?

Here's what Vice said in the conference, "....nung nagtanong siya kung bakit hindi pwedeng sabihin…. yong tungkol sa 'ming dalawa. Ba't di pwedeng sabihin, ba't di pwedeng aminin.Hindi nya maintindihan, hindi nya matanggap na bakit hindi nating pwedeng sabihin?... na-realize ko kung hindi ako mahal ng taong 'to hindi sya masasaktan na tinatago naming ang isa't isa kasi kung wala lang naman to okay lang din itago natin…. siya hindi s'ya papayag. Dun ko na-realize na mahal ako ng taong 'to kasi kaya nya akong panindigan. Siya lang  yong may boses at dila na kayang ipagsigawan ang pangalan ko at sabihing may damdamin sya para sa akin. Siya lang yong may kamay na kayang humawak sa akin kahit maraming nakatingin. Siya lang din yong may kayang yumakap sa akin kahit maraming nakatingin at hindi kami nagtatago sa dilim. Kaya nong ginawa nya sa akin yong ay totoo na to....."

MMFF - The Mall The Merrier

MMFF - The Mall The Merrier

MMFF - The Mall The Merrier

Let us all feel the love this Christmas! Just like what Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis will be sharing this Christmas Day, December 25, their entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019 (MMFF2019). A comedy film titled as "The Mall The Merrier", it is definitely merrier when everyone shares the love around. Ion Perez is also part of this movie.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Get to Know the 5 Reasons Why “HELLO, LOVE, GOODBYE” Is Not Just Your Typical Love Story

5:50:00 AM

Ever wonder why the movie “Hello Love, Goodbye” by Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richard became a box office record-breaking hit even though it was the first movie team-up of the two? Well, There's a simple answer to that, the movie isn't just your typical love story and you read on to get the reasons why. Especially now that it is set to make hearts swoon once more as it makes its TV debut this December with its airing on ABS-CBN TVplus’ KBO.

Directed by the award-winning director Cathy Garcia Molina, it depicts the stories of the OFWs in Hong Kong and the love story of Joy (Kath), an OFW aspiring to migrate to Canada, and Ethan (Alden), a bartender awaiting his residency status.

As their lives intertwine, viewers will see how this film is more than just a love story. Here are some of the lessons Kapamilyas can pick-up from the film:

In the movie, Joy decides to take risks by taking on multiple jobs as she tries to balance sending helping her family and saving up for what she considers a better future into Canada. For her, selflessness must take over when her family’s future is at stake.


The film showed how working abroad is not always rainbows and butterflies as many would think. Like a lot of OFWs, Joy tried to make ends meet as she juggled doing household chores, caring for the young and the elderly, illegally selling online products, waiting tables and washing dishes in a bar. Our OFWs need our utmost understanding and concern because leaving their families to help them entails a lot of sacrifices.

Ethan is trying to fix his life after giving up his residency in Hong Kong to be with his ex-girlfriend and neglecting his familial duties. However, as he tries hard to regain his family, especially his brother’s trust, he also still blames himself for his wrong decisions. But with the help of Joy, he then forgives himself.

“Need a friend today,” was Ethan’s persistent messages to Joy when he was bugging her to be his friend. Sometimes a text message will suffice to comfort a friend who is coping up with a problem.

Not everyone who you meet will be permanent in your lives. Sometimes they are only instruments to make you better. They may not stay in your lives but the memories and lessons you learn from them can help you throughout your life.

Enjoy Ethan and Joy’s story and don’t miss the chance to catch the TV premiere of “Hello Love Goodbye” this December on KBO, simply register using any prepaid or postpaid SIM. For prepaid, just load up (Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, TNT) with P30; press the green / INFO button on your TVplus box remote to get your box ID; then text KBO30 DEC13 to 2366. Also, to enjoy 4 non-stop weeks of KBO, text KBO99 to 2366.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

6 Interesting Kapamilya Teleseryes With Characters That Show Sacrifice is the Ultimate Act of Love

9:12:00 AM

A kwento or stories of sacrifices, we give you the meaning of sacrifice for love as we delve into the different characters in different kapamilya shows that are all about the ultimate act of love. For us Filipinos, we never think twice when we are talking about sacrificing for our loved ones, for their happiness or even risking the lives for the families.

In Kapamilya teleseryes, we get to watch characters whose lives mirror our own – whether it’s prioritizing our loved ones’ needs above our own, giving up our own life to save someone else’s, or putting our dreams on hold.

Here are six examples from Kapamilya characters that show real love is an ultimate act of selflessness:


Despite her young age, Mikmik has already had a taste of the cruel life. But all her hardships only made her stronger, and her pure heart has always been her weapon in facing all obstacles head on. She even risked her life for her father Michael (RK Bagatsing) when she took the bullet to save him from Katrina (Cristine Reyes). Though she has all the reasons to hate on her enemy, Mikimik still found it in her heart to forgive Katrina and be thankful for having another chance to be with her family.


Chico (JM De Guzman) is a dependable brother to his family, especially to his siblings as he tries to attend to each of their needs. However, the tragic death of his brother Jack, which his mother Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) indirectly blames him for, has caused him to be an outcast in his own household. However, this did not hinder Chico from reaching out to his family as he continues to endure the pain of not belonging just to be with them. He learned about his father Fernan’s (Joey Marquez) infidelity, but chose to bear the pain himself instead of revealing the well-kept secret in order to keep his family intact.


Blood may not always thicker than water. Fabio (Miko Raval) is a great father to Emma (Janella Salvador), despite the two not being related by blood. He made her feel the love that Emma did not get from Camila (Maja Salvador) and became her source of strength. When Fabio discovered Camila’s plans of using Emma to seek revenge on Las Espadas, he instantly confronted Camila and tried to take away their adopted daughter from the forthcoming danger. However, as he listened to Camila’s plea, he decided to stay in Las Espadas, putting his life on the line not only to ensure his family’s safety, but also to help Camila finally close the darkest chapter of her life.


While her father Greggy (Joel Torre) was doing time in prison for saving the life of a stranger, young Teresa (Heaven Peralejo) was left to take care of her sick mother. Struggling with balancing school and working to earn money for her mother’s treatment, Tere had to give up her life as a normal teenager for the sake of her mom’s well-being. While she pleaded for help from neighbors who shunned her away, Tere learned to stand up on her own and sold ‘balut’ even during school hours. Even with blooming feelings for kindhearted Philip (Brace Arquiza), she instantly told him off and explained that her time was only dedicated to her dear mother.


Cardo (Coco Martin) is a symbol of patriotism, having sacrificed his life countless of times to save people in need. He became a police officer who busted the biggest gangs and modus operandi that victimized the public, a member of the vigilante group Vendetta who seized some of the most corrupt officials, and now the leader of Task Force AGILA who just ended the life of one of the country’s most wanted criminals. It is a tough job, but Cardo never once lost his fire to be of service to his fellowmen.


To what lengths can a mother go just to provide for her child? “Sandugo’s” chaotic story began when Joan (Cherry Pie Picache) gave up her son Aris in exchange for money to save the life of her other sickly son, JC, who was running out of time and was in dire need of an operation. Her heartbreaking decision did not sit with her well, and she came to regret what she did and ran after Aris. But in “Sandugo,” the story of parents sacrificing even their values and principles to give their kids a better future is the outstanding theme – Cordelia (Vina Morales) even got into stripping and entertaining just to make ends meet and send her son to school.

Get more of these heart-tugging stories on ABS-CBN.For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or

Saturday, October 12, 2019


10:00:00 AM

Here's a piece of interesting news that you might want to know, most especially if you're a big fan of the movie "Hello, Love, Goodbye".

“Hello, Love, Goodbye,” the romantic drama movie that holds the record of being the highest-grossing Filipino film, is heading to Cannes, France for the 2019 MIPCOM, as ABS-CBN aims to showcase the movie among producers and film industry practitioners all over the world.

The Filipino blockbuster, which earned a worldwide gross of P880.60 million, follows the story of two young overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong who find comfort in each other while trying to hurdle personal challenges in the bustling metropolitan.

Critics have lauded the movie for being relatable and for putting the spotlight on the plight of OFWs. The performances of the film’s cast, particularly its main stars, Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards, also garnered glowing reviews.

Also in ABS-CBN’s showcase lineup are three of the network’s most-watched TV series. These include “The Killer Bride,” “Sino Ang May Sala: Mea Culpa,” and “Kadenang Ginto.”

MIPCOM is an annual trade event in France, where content producers, buyers, financiers, and distributors in the fields of entertainment and advertising, from all over the world, can connect, make deals, and learn future trends in the industry.

ABS-CBN’s content, popular for their heartfelt Filipino stories, are available across other territories through ABS-CBN International Distribution, recognized in the global arena as a reliable foreign content provider. It has been a premier source of high-quality Filipino programming in over 50 territories all over the world and has sold over 50,000 hours of content worldwide. Living up to this recognition, ABS-CBN International Distribution commits to add to its line-up of high-caliber programs and movies with cast and storylines that appeal to various cultures. Visit its website

Sunday, July 28, 2019

5 Signs that You're Still Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love with Your Ex

10:48:00 PM

Being in love and falling in love is a blissful feeling. The surge of emotion whenever two people find compatibility with their feelings. That is love, the feeling that binds us two people.

Sometimes when we're in love we go beyond our limits, we go crazy and we tend to be selfish. Too much love that at certain moment we tend to forget ourselves and we deeply devote our life to that person. That is what I call "I give my all". Been there done that.

What happens when the other part of that relationship fell out of love and you, the one who gave it all, is still madly in love? Well, that's sad but life goes on and you need to move on. Life doesn't give you what you always wanted.

So, what are the signs that you're still, truly, madly and deeply in love? You might want to read this and check yourself.

1.  You always write his/her name on paper or you unintentionally type it on your laptop.

2.  You get emotional whenever you visit places that both of you have been to.

3.  It has been months but your still hoping that you'll be together again.

4.  You always stalk his/her social media account or you try to call and doesn't answer, you just want to hear his/her voice.

5.  You stalk him/her and follows around wherever she/he may go. From home to work, from work to gimmick.

Now that you've read it, do you think you're still in love? If you are, well you're more likely end up like the character of Kris Bernal in the latest chilling TV series on the Kapuso Network that will give you a scare on a dull afternoon. This new teleserye is titled as "Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko".

Friday, December 14, 2018

GMA's 2018 Chirstmas Station ID "Puso Ng Pasko" Applauded by Netizens as it Celebrates Love

11:38:00 PM

With the season of sharing, loving and giving, it is great that love is shared in different ways. GMA Network's Christmas Station ID "Ipadama ang Puso ng Pasko" which was unveiled last November 18 did flourished the #PusoNgPasko around the world and netizens applaud it.

GMA Network received several praises from netizens after its Christmas Station ID was unveiled last November.

The Kapuso Christmas Station ID, which has breached the 1-million mark on YouTube, also gained over 1 million Facebook views in less than 24 hours. #PusoNgPasko was likewise a top trending hashtag on Twitter and the Christmas SID proceeded to be the number one trending video on YouTube for almost 24 hours.

Viewers from different online platforms expressed their appreciation to the Kapuso Network for the inspiring message that anyone, no matter the circumstance in life, has the ability to also touch lives in a positive way.

On Facebook, Dennis P Abrigo said “[Ang] sarap sa pakiramdam kapag yung maliliit na tao at simpleng empleyado ay nabibigyan nila ng pansin at halaga tulad namin na mga gwardiya na mababa ang tingin sa amin ng ibang mga tao, kaya sobrang saya kapag naa-appreciate nila yung ginagawa namin, mas lalo kaming na-iinspire at mas lalo pang pagbutihin ang aming mga trabaho. Salute to Kapuso. Thank you.”

Facebook user Juliano Betalia also said “Ang pasko ay hindi lang sa pamilya kundi sa lahat ng tao sa mundo. Walang pinipili mahirap man o mayaman ang mahalaga maipadama mo ang diwa ng pasko. Kaya I love GMA CSID sobrang ganda, lahat masaya lahat nagbibigayan.”

On YouTube, Rol Dan said “GMA at its finest! They always give a new flavor of their CSID each year, at ramdam mong di nakikipag kumpetensya, gusto lang ipadama ang #PusoNgPasko taon taon.”

“When we say GMA, the first thing that comes to mind is their genuine sincerity to help others. This is their best CSID for me, the message was clearly executed! And the song is quite catchy! Congrats GMA, you did great,” jairinealexa also commented.

Twitter user @dncrkerbs mentioned, “Ang ganda ng CSID ng GMA. Yung beat ang saya nakakaindak. And syempre goosebumps. ‘Sabay-sabay sa buong mundo, ipadama ang puso ng Pasko’ Ang ganda ng linyang to. #PusoNgPasko nice one @gmanetwork!”

More than the presence of the Kapuso celebrities, the Christmas campaign featured the Network’s heart for genuine public service via GMA Kapuso Foundation and Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko, as well as its collaboration with various organizations.

To watch the full version of the GMA Christmas Station ID “Ipadama ang Puso ng Pasko”, visit or GMA Network’s official social media accounts. (30)

Sunday, August 27, 2017


11:56:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Parents are wired to keep a watchful eye over their children, making sure they are healthy and safe. Kids, on the other hand, would always want to go out, explore, and play with their friends. A child’s desire to explore out of arm’s reach usually sparks a semblance of fear in parents, prompting them to become restrictive of their little one’s day-to-day activities at times.

The reality is parents cannot be with their kids 24/7. There are times when they simply need to be away from their children to fulfill other responsibilities, like going to work and attending to household chores. The new NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ helps give them the confidence to do so, without having to worry about their little ones.

NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+, Love That Protects
Loving protection like no other NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ has Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, with the probiotic strain L. Rhamnosus, which not only helps protect children’s tummies but also helps support their defense against pathogens in the upper respiratory tract.

In every 45g serving (4 tablespoons) of NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ and NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 5+, there are at least one billion colony forming unit (cfu) of L. Rhamnosus present.

#LoveThatProtects in action
In a recent event held at The Atrium, SM Megamall, NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ showcased how it helps moms show their children a love that protects through an aptly heart-shaped activity booth headlined by interactive parent-child activities.

For kids, moms, and even dads to join in the fun, they simply need to buy one (1) 370g pack of NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ or 5+ from the nearby selling booth to get a set of three (3) wrist tags. Inside, they can win special prizes by evading the dangers of the forest through the sound-controlled game Shout for Love, hugging to catch yellow hearts at Catch the Love Bug, expressing their creativity by coloring templated artworks at Color Me Love, and stating their commitment through a mom and child handprint and answering the question “How do you show your love that protects?”
The different activities allowed the participants to demonstrate their creativity and teamwork, and at the same time, provided parents and their kids with an educational, fun-filled family bonding day with NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+.
Catch the NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ Love That Protects booth at SM Megamall until tomorrow, 13 August. Watch out for announcements on Cebu and Davao legs.

For more information, visit

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Angeline Quinto and Jake Cuenca Went Foolish with Foolish Love The Movie

10:49:00 PM

What does "foolish" means? According to Meriam-Webster "foolish is defined as 'having or showing a lack of good sense, judgment, or discretion', so by the means of lack of good sense it only says that the movie is all about love without good judgment at all. For Angeline Quinto and Jake Cuenca, "Foolish Love" made them went all out with their characters to the point of getting foolish and invibe it.

"Foolish Love" is Regal Entertainment, Inc.'s pre-Valentine offering this 2017 and it is directed by one of the best director in the industry, Direk Joel Lamangan. The movie is about the character played by Angeline Quinto who is obsessed to meet the guy of her dreams. She then meets the character played by Jake Cuenca, who shares a name with the guy in her dreams. Thinking he is indeed her destiny, Angeline falls madly in love with Jake. They had a happy relationship until Angeline realizes Jake is not the man in her dreams.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Do You Know Your First Love?

10:00:00 PM

Who is your first love?  Just like a question on slam books this question pops out of this video and the guys here are asked and who are their first love?  One by one they shared the traits of their first love and one by one they shared their feelings for their first love.  Since it's Heart's month it is just right to know who is your first love. You can share it here or simply comment below.

Fall In Love More with The CompanY this Valentine’s Day

7:46:00 AM

Kwento Ni Toto shares another great show to go with this Valentine's Day.

The CompanY, composed of Moy Ortiz (Bass), Annie Quintos (Soprano 2), Cecile Bautista (Alto), Sweet Plantado (Soprano 1), Jay Marquez (Tenor 1), continues to be the country’s Premiere Vocal Group with endless singing engagements and hit albums. This Valentine’s Day, let The CompanY serenade you with international-calibre musicality in the show “ValenTunes with the Company,” 8:00 p.m., Crowne Plaza, Ortigas.

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