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Saturday, January 2, 2021

New Happy Couples Who Welcomed the Year 2021

11:40:00 AM

While the rest of the world is celebrating the coming of the new year, there are some celebrities who are overjoyed ending the year 2020 and welcoming the year 2021. Yes, here are two couples who celebrated New Year with a big bang in their hearts, Angelica Panganiban with her boyfriend and Diego Loyzaga with Barbie Imperial. Hmmm... did we just saw Barbie in an online conference of Mang Kepweng? Anyway glad that there are less sad hearts in this world today, most especially in the showbiz industry. 

Angelica Panganiban posted on her Instagram account a picture of her kissing her special someone and in the caption says, "Kung isa kang pelikula, sana, wala kang ending." This made a lot of their celebrity friends react. 

While there's also a new couple who made the New Year celebration a bang, Diego Loyzaga and Barbie Imperial. Diego also made a revelation that he and Barbie are now in a relation. This shows in an Instagram post of Diego, "Happy new year to us 🖤 thanks for making the end of my 2020 memorable, Lets gooo 2021!!:)"

So, how about you? How was your New Year's Eve celebration?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Angelica Panganiban is the New Face of Silka Green Papaya and Shares Her Reasons Accepting the Endorsement

10:40:00 PM

Angelica Panganiban is the new face of Silka Green Papaya! She was officially introduced to the members of the media and special guests during the celebration held in Las Casa Filipinas de Azucar Quezon city together with the launch of Silka's White Weeksary campaign. The campaign gives users a moment to celebrate white weeksary using Silka.

With the Philippines being both the social media and selfie capital of the world; coupled with the country’s economy becoming more heavily reliant on customer-facing, service-led businesses – Filipinas today have come to recognize the personal and professional advantages of looking their best, and feeling their best all the time. In light of this reality, a great number of Filipinas have made a personal decision to use skin whitening products to help them achieve their beauty goals.

But achieving these skin care goals often comes at a high price. While some women have come to accept the inconveniences attached with the goal of achieving fair skin (for e.g. high costs, skin dryness, and harshness), Silka, the brand at the forefront of producing affordable and effective beauty products, believes that this should not be the case.

The new and improved Silka Green Papaya with VitaRich Actives have been further enhanced with green papaya enzymes that treat dead skin cells; and vitamin E with antioxidant properties that help condition the skin. These formulation changes help Filipinas experience puting walang hapdi, in as early as just 7 days -- proving that accomplishing fair skin can be fast and convenient without the dryness and stinging associated with other whitening product brands.

During the event, Angelica Panganiban shares some of her insights about her reason accepting the endorsement and her thoughts about being beautiful.

These are her reasons why she accepts the endorsement. She can

1. Empower women through sharing tips about being beautiful. 
2. To inspire women to be beautiful. 
3. To give an understanding of the importance of women. 

She also shared that being the present Angelica
1. Tiis ganda no more. 
2. Self care
3. About the wellness. 

Just as Angelica's reason it's all about empowering women and beautifful.

During the program, it was revealed that Angelica is a firm believer of Silka’s mission to help women achieve their skin goals and recognizes that Silka is a trusted brand because of their quality products that help women feel and be their best.

“Angelica Panganiban has gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout her life and career. Because of her experiences, she knows when to take time for herself and avoid issues that can affect her” said Jane Co, Silka’s Marketing Head. “As a Silka lady, Angelica embodies tunay na alaga, and chooses those that will not hurt her. Beautiful and smart, she is an inspiring example for Filipinas” Co added.

Experience puting walang hapdi in as early as 7 days and celebrate a White Weeksary with Silka Green Papaya soap to look and be your best all the time.

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