Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quezon City Celebrates Its 75th Founding Anniversary, #QCBlogventure What To See In QC

Did you know that Quezon City is one of the biggest city in the Philippines that is composed of six districts and what's interesting is that it is celebrating its 75th founding anniversary this year. This big city is known for so many places to visit, to enjoy and have fun. It also got historical places where you can learn about our past.

Glad that Kwento Ni Toto is one of Quezon City's proud and official resident. We're very excited to share stories about this city. If you're planning to have a tour of the city within a day, think again, because this city got so many interesting places that will not fit in a day. Aside from interesting places there are also historical landmarks that you can learn history and stories of the past.

Though Kwento Ni Toto is a resident of Quezon City there are still places in this city that we haven't been to. So for those who's starting to have an exciting adventure in this city you can start it from my list of places to visit at Quezon City.
  • Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. This place is just near the Quezon Memorial Circle so if you got tired of enjoying the view and want some few animal plus nature visit the place with a minimal fee. Take note it is for the maintenance of the park.
  • La Mesa Eco Park. It is one of the newest park and it is said to be the largest ecological park in a metro. This park bundle with so many adventurous activities like hiking, mountain-biking, boating and fishing.
  • Quezon Heritage House. The original location of the house is at 45 Gilmore Street, New Manila, Quezon City but now can be found at the Quezon Memorial Circle. It was said that most of the furniture's and fixture inside the house were all original and of course antique.
  • Bantayog Ng Mga Bayani. One of the places that we've during the #QCBlogventure and this is where we learn a lot. Taking out the activist in me as we made a tour of the entire place. The sculpture that can be found right before EDSA depicts a fallen hero being lifted up by a woman that represents Inang Bayan (Motherland), who looks at the future with upraised hand which is a symbol of hope and faith. This memorial is created in honor of the martyrs who sacrificed for the country's freedom and for justice.
  • Tandang Sora Shrine. This is built in honor of the kindness and humanity of the city's very own heroine.
  • People Power Monument. The where it all happened... the liberation from dictatorship. A revolution that does involve guns but flowers and rosaries.
  • Eton Centris. This is one of the newest place in Quezon City. A hub for work, games, food and just simply have fun. Located right where you get off from the Quezon Ave MRT Station.
  • Banawe Area. If Manila got their China Town, the Banawe area is also considered as China Town of Quezon City because of the presence of most Chinese establishments in the area. Also it is to note that this area is where you can get spare parts for your vehicles. 

These are just some of the places to visit in Quezon City. As Quezon City celebrates its Diamond Jubilee get to know more of the City and have an adventure in this city.

75th Founding Anniversary

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