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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Reliving An Old Age Trekking Experience

1:40:00 AM

When was the last time you had an outdoor activity that is pack with a thrilling and exciting adventure? Well, the last one that is memorable for me was my college days, where we (my organization) did a mountain trekking in a nearby province. It was a real adventure where we stayed up the mountain area for five straight days. We set up a campsite where no one has ever visited. We eat, sleep, and enjoy the trees for five days. We look for water and other food necessities. Our only time was the sun and the moon.

It was like experiencing a tactical training where you need to survive for some time and where you are required to survive only with your tactical gears. Though in our case, we had a few gears with us that is basic enough to go through that five days in the mountain.

It was an unusual experience, but of course, there were few downsides. At that time, we don't have gears like Salomon Outdoors Footwear to protect our feet. There are quite few Tactical Distributors back then. If ever that I'll do it again, I would prefer to use a Salomon Tactical Boots, it is much safer when doing a trek in the mountain. You can avoid hurting yourself with sharp and pointed stones. You can enjoy the view with less worry.

I hope I can do it again and enjoy the adventure, but probably this time, I would love my kids to join me in this kind of journey. I'm planning to be more equipped, with the right gear to protect ourselves at the same time enjoy the views and Plantshed sceneries of the place. I'm sure they will look forward to this kind of activity.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Block Z Opens the Year 2020 for Star Cinema

5:09:00 PM

We have seen a lot of zombie films and TV series lately, most of them are interestingly good while some are so so. From animated series to games to theme parks, the zombies are just one of the many attractions. Not sure what do these particular creatures have, they are gory, they are scary and worse they love to eat your brains, but we all love to watch them. Thus, a Pinoy zombie brand is born in this upcoming movie entitled "Block Z."

The "Block Z" movie opens the year 2020 for Star Cinema. After a long wait, this movie will bring you a Pinoy brand of a zombie film. This is a thriller-adventure film that will break all of your senses. So get ready for the outbreak and join the "Block Z" barakada of Julia Barretto, Maris Racal, McCoy de Leon, Yves Flores, and Joshua Garcia.

The story revolves around the pre-med students who encounter the death of a patient that exhibited symptoms of rabies. Little did they know that will soon face an even bigger problem as the patient comes back from the dead and infects the people inside the campus, causing a lockdown and trapping other students inside.

So, what do you think will happen? Will they be able to get out and survive? Will each of them run for his or her life or stay for the others? Whatever it will be, the answer lies within the movie, which we all need to watch this coming January 29.

Completing the stellar cast of "Block Z" are Ian Veneracion, Dimples Romana, and Ina Raymundo. Director Mikhail Red, the one who directed the awarding-winning films 'Birdshot' and 'Eeire,' and the most recent Netflix original film 'Dead Kids,' created the film "Block Z" under Star Cinema.

"Back in high school, I used to make zombie movies with my classmates, using ketchup blood and a mini-DV camcorder," shared by Red.

"Now I get to fulfill my lifelong fantasy and make a full-scale zombie movie with the biggest local studio," he adds.

Run this January 29 as "Block Z" outbreaks in theaters across the Philippines.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quezon City Celebrates Its 75th Founding Anniversary, #QCBlogventure What To See In QC

6:43:00 AM

Did you know that Quezon City is one of the biggest city in the Philippines that is composed of six districts and what's interesting is that it is celebrating its 75th founding anniversary this year. This big city is known for so many places to visit, to enjoy and have fun. It also got historical places where you can learn about our past.

Glad that Kwento Ni Toto is one of Quezon City's proud and official resident. We're very excited to share stories about this city. If you're planning to have a tour of the city within a day, think again, because this city got so many interesting places that will not fit in a day. Aside from interesting places there are also historical landmarks that you can learn history and stories of the past.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Haunted Places To Visit in Baguio City After Summer

8:00:00 AM
Summer is totally over and rains had already poured out into the city of pines. Rain may come but the excitement of being in Baguio City doesn’t stop especially now that Halloween is just a few months away, as there are known haunted places in Baguio City that scares us but thrills us to be there. We Filipinos are curious people that we tend to personally see and know things whenever we find intriguing matters.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kwento Ni Toto’s After Summer Group Getaway Adventure at Azalea Residences Baguio Part 3

12:04:00 AM

When the Americans made their retreat during the 2nd World War it follows with the famous quote “I shall return”, and that’s what lingers in my head after waking up on my comfy bed in Azalea Residences Baguio on our last day. As what most of us feels, it’s hard to say goodbye but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of it but only the beginning of something new and more Kwento Ni Toto’s after summer group getaway adventure at Azalea Residence Baguio.

Since it’s the last day we all get time to visit parts of Baguio City for our ‘pasalubong’ but before that we were toured around Azalea Baguio Residences to get to know more of what the hotel offers to their guests. Here are some photos of the rooms that you can comfortably enjoy your stay and cherish some great moments with your friends or love ones.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kwento Ni Toto Conquered Alviera's Sandbox... Almost

6:11:00 PM

Last week Kwento Ni Toto experienced another great outdoor adventure. Another first mark in Kwento Ni Toto's experience.

If you're one of the many strong-willed person and willing to experience a different kind of thrill and action, then you'll probably need to be on this place. As Ayala Land Inc and in partnership with Leonio Land build an awesome getaway this summer. Covering the vast terrain in Porac, Pampanga redefines outdoor fun and experience. Sandbox the new gateway to a great getaway is located in the new Alviera township development.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Juan Dela Cruz Advance Screening

5:53:00 PM

Few days before the first episode of Juan Dela Cruz, I was able to catch the advance screening of its first whole week. The advance screening was available in few places in the Philippines. One in Megamall, in Cebu, and in Davao.  All Coco Martin fans are very much eager to watch it. The screening in SM Megamall was packed with celebrities showing their support for Coco Martin come after the successful love story Walang Hanggang which was hailed by many fans and viewers as well as the fans and supporters of Coco.

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