Saturday, March 28, 2015

Things That You Can Do For the Environment and Be Cyburban Adventurous

Just right before the Earth Hour Kwento Ni Toto would like to share some of the things that we all should be doing in saving the environment. Not much of a number but perhaps we consider it as the top things to be done for the environment.
  • Be an environmental activist. Being an activist isn't just shouting, rallying and asking for reforms but it is doing what is best to achieve the purpose. And for the environment matter, moving and calling out everyone to be part of the solution of the increasing environmental problems. Be a mover not just a speaker.
  • Trash it or keep it. Always think that all big things start from small things and by keeping tiny trash like candy wrappers in your pocket helps reduce the problem in garbage. Yes, these small acts can mean so much for the environment. If you can’t find any trash can to throw your garbage keep it inside you pockets and wait till you find one.
  • Help in campaigns and awareness program. Endangered species need protection and the least that we can do is to help in the awareness campaign run by different organizations. Spreading the information to everyone that we know makes a different. Since it is the digital era sharing information makes it easier and faster, it reaches the farthest regions that we can’t.
  • Plant trees and live a green living. If you don’t have any bigger space to plant a tree you can still participate in the call for a green living by planting different plants in area even if it is the smallest area. As long as there’s sunlight, air, water and a green thumb there’s no big or small area to plant. You can join in different organizations that conduct tree planting activities.
  • You need to commit. All the activities can easily be done but having a commitment to save the environment and do your part as member of this community, is really hard to do. Most people fail on this but with the willingness to do it and of course with the help of friends and relatives things can be done. We all need to do our part and be part of the solution not of the pollution.
In the upcoming Wildlife Adventure of Cyburban on May 2, 2015 at 7AM you get to know more things in saving the wildlife and the environment not only physically but digitally as well. As Cyburban is the first ever app-based adventure race you’ll definitely enjoy the app-venture.
You get to enjoy spending your Saturday at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center for 4 hours with competitive challenges. So if you’re in for the challenge get ready to have a team (2-3 players per team) and register online at to reserved a slot, of course get ready with your payments of Php1,000 per player. By joining this Wildlife Adventure you’ll be helping Greenpeace in protecting wild life and saving the environment.

Participants will get Wildlife Adventure singlet & badge, waterproof mobile pouch, first issue of event magazine and a lifelong memories and experience to tell your grandchildren that you’ve been part of this adventure and you've conquered it.

Visit to know more about adventure and the union.

"Wildlife Adventure"
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