Thursday, February 7, 2013

Juan Dela Cruz Advance Screening

Few days before the first episode of Juan Dela Cruz, I was able to catch the advance screening of its first whole week. The advance screening was available in few places in the Philippines. One in Megamall, in Cebu, and in Davao.  All Coco Martin fans are very much eager to watch it. The screening in SM Megamall was packed with celebrities showing their support for Coco Martin come after the successful love story Walang Hanggang which was hailed by many fans and viewers as well as the fans and supporters of Coco.

For this teleserye, Juan Dela Cruz is in a different level for Coco Martin. It will be in a new genre and a new venue to showcase more of his talent as an actor. The TV series is an action series with some slight drama, comedy and of course love story as well, what is action without the leading lady.

The plot of the story is quite interesting, it is not just an action pack series but also a series that teaches the little kids and parents as well moral lessons to learn from. Another interesting about this teleserye is that it features some of the myths that Filipino Culture have. Aswang or monster is one of the myths that is very well known to Filipinos, it is a flesh-eating creatures. It is compared to the famous night creatures of different countries like the vampires, werewolves, and the likes. The series does not shows any gruesome scenes which is still okay for kids but of course with the guidance of the parents to explain things to them.

For a viewer who loves to watch action and fantasy, this TV series will be one of those series that will be watched and followed every night.

The first few episodes are already enticing to watch, it is like the story of the Arabian Nights, you'll definitely don't want to miss any episodes.

Together with the cast of Juan Dela Cruz, your nights will be as exciting as the journey of Juan.

“You choose your own destiny, it is up to you which path to choose.”

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