Monday, February 4, 2013

Kisstory With Mister Donut's Bavarian Doubles This Valentine

Not so long time ago there were two individuals with different personality met in a not so ordinary day and a not so ordinary place, it was Valentine's Day.  Though with differences they both collided in a good manner.  It's like a magnetic attraction, opposite ends attracts.  A mixture of two personalities complimenting each other.  It was a new haven for both of them.

There were rumors they will not last but with God's blessing their relationship grew more.  Even stronger with every trials they face.  Through heat and through rain they endured everything just to be together in each others arms.  It took time before they finally decided to settle the long yearning of their soul.  The screaming of their heart, shouting their love for each other.

Finally together in just one roof, in just one place completing each others void....

Perhaps I could go on telling more of the story but I think it's much sweeter if we will creating the story ourselves and in fact I already have a great idea on how to make this coming Valentine's Day a much more special than the usual.  Perhaps a little bit of a tease in the morning with my usual poetic verses sending it to her email! 

Alone and thinking of you
This sweetest day of the month,
Glued on my chair
Busy with letters and font.

Like the old Bavarian donut
Single filled, tasty but alone.

I remember when I was still courting her.  I'm not a guy who impresses a girl with fancy gifts but more with how I feel and most of these are expressed in things I personally made.  Continue with my surprises, during launch I will send a text message in codes and let her decipher what it means.  It goes something like this....

A-4, B-13, D-17, E-3, F-7, G-9, H-20, I-1, K-19, L-11, M-16, 
N-14, O-10, R-12, S-8, T-15, U-2, V-5, W-6, Y-18

18 10 2   4 14 17   16 3   4 12 3   11 1 19 3   13 4 5 4 12 1 4 14   17 10 2 13 11 3 8'   7 1 11 1 14 9
17 10 2 13 11 3   15 20 3   7 11 4 5 10 12,   17 10 2 13 11   15 20 3   8 6 3 3 15 14 3 8 8.

You and me are like Bavarian Doubles' filling
Double the flavor, double the sweetness. 

Hmmm... I just don't know how long will she going to decipher it.  I know she'll get thrilled about it.  You can try it as well if you want.

Then the final surprise for the day of heart will be the afternoon delights where I'll be coming home with a box of 10 of Mister Donut's New Bavarian Doubles and a 6 pieces Belgian Bites in a tin can with cute and cuddly bear plus a red heart shape balloon.  Quietly tip-toeing as I look for my beloved wife. Then kneeling down to my knees, offering the gifts and saying in husky romantic voice "You Complete Me... this Valentine!"

Now how's that for a little something this Valentine?  You can do that as well with the latest offerings of Mister Donut, the New Bavarian Doubles which is 10 pieces per box for only Php130.00 and their Valentine Gift Set which composed of 6 pieces Belgian Bites in a tin can, a small cuddly bear and a red heart shape balloon for only Php165.00.  So hurry and be creative this Valentine's Day!

*note if you want to decode the message just highlight the space above the picture of a box of Mister Donut's Bavarian Doubles

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