Monday, September 28, 2015

Haunted Places To Visit in Baguio City After Summer

Summer is totally over and rains had already poured out into the city of pines. Rain may come but the excitement of being in Baguio City doesn’t stop especially now that Halloween is just a few months away, as there are known haunted places in Baguio City that scares us but thrills us to be there. We Filipinos are curious people that we tend to personally see and know things whenever we find intriguing matters.

One of the activities that Kwento Ni Toto experienced in Azalea Residences Baguio City’s group getaway is the Fright Tour. With some few personal experiences in some of the recent travels during college days Kwento Ni Toto is somehow equipped with the knowledge of what to do when in circumstances like the Fright Tour. Though of course the tour guide himself knows what he is doing, still, precautionary measures still needed and prayer is the one number shield.

There are places in Baguio City that is said to be haunted according to some chronicles of people who’ve seen and experienced it. Perhaps only the brave ones can take on the challenge of going through this specific tour and we can say that we’re the ones who are courageous enough to be part of the tour. Precaution if you’re going to visit haunted places make sure that you’re with experts who knows their ways about it, be prayerfully and have something to keep entities off like salt or something else.

So continuing on here are some known places in Baguio City that are haunted, the Cathedral Church which believed to have seen and heard entities roaming around the church; the Teacher Camp with stories of a woman who was believed to have scared a lot of visitors of the place and the lodge 101; the Laperal House which have sightings of the Laperal family; and the Loakan Road which have caused scares to motorist. These are just some of the few haunted places in Baguio City and three of which are the ones that we’ve visited. Goosebumps, scary eerie feeling and an odd weather makes the entire tour scarier than ever but it would have been more if we got more time to continue the tour. Unfortunately the time isn’t enough to cover all the places but what’s important is that everyone was brave enough to take on the challenge. Perhaps it would be more delightful to visit during the Halloween season where most of the scary costumes and house designs are prepared and displayed up.

Azalea Residences Baguio may be close to haunted places but it’s a good place to relax after that scary and troubling tour.


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