Friday, April 15, 2016

Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA Last Leg of Selection, A Success Not Only for The Kids but for The Parents Too

Basketball, one of the sports that we Pinoys have always loved and looked upon to play with. From the covered court in sports complex down to the very streets of the neighborhood, you can definitely see people playing basketball from all ages. I think basketball is basketball and what makes it more interesting is that there are great players that made their names and a mark on its history. Perhaps not only the players but also the established names of the organization like the NBA and WNBA, of which that brings the Jr NBA and Jr WNBA locally.

On its 9th year, the Jr. NBA Philippines as presented by Alaska made its way again to the court of different locations in the Philippines. With its tip off scene in Manila up to the north in Baguio and down below to the south in Bukidnon and finally on its last leg of the selection camp back to Manila at Don Bosco Technological Institute. This is to complete the participants for the National Training Camp of Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA All-Stars.

The last leg of the selection camp in Don Bosco brings a lot of participants that really tested the patience and endurance of the coaches. As early in the morning the line were already extending nearly out of the gate of Don Bosco showing how enthusiastic kids and their parents are.

Don't you ever wonder why kids are very eager and enthusiastic when it comes to basketball and why this Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska was a success? Well, one factor was the parents. Basketball wouldn't be interesting for kids if they are not taught as early as they are. Perhaps basketball is to be considered as one of the fundamentals in the development of kids. They learn to catch, dribble and shoot at their early age and with the help of parents this is further develop as they grow. With the care and boost of the parents kids learn more and further progresses the interest in this kind of sports, basketball. That's why the Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA is a success as hundreds of youngsters participate in the selection camp eyeing to be one of the chosen kids.
You can see it during the selection camp how parents go through the line and bear the tremendously hot weather. Documenting every move of their kids really shows that they support their children all the way. I remember one of parents sharing what they've gone through just for their kid to be part of the selection camp.
All the selection camps was a success and the chosen participants are proud of what they did and I am sure that their parents are even more proud that their youngsters made it through the selection camp and will be participating to the Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA National Training Camp.

For the proud parents, here are the names who qualified for the National Training Camp from the last leg of the selection camp.

Girls: (8)
Dianne Camille Nolasco
Lalaine Gonzales
Carly Monreal
Lindsey Nacional
Magda Lioui Flores
Ma Cecilia Quilenderino
Princess Marie Villarin
Jonalyn Bongalos

Boys: (16)
Mark Glenn Gabon
Luis Gabriel Aguila
Anjelo Raphael Argente
Jhondhel Austria
Jearico Nunez
Kai Zachary Sotto
Andrei Philip Lechoncito
Mark Nicole Lucban
Reich Randell Villegas
Prince Junnell De Belen
Pauloh Villarin
Patrick Lance Inting
Jericho Ross Paglinawan
Miguel Rey Luis Tan
Devon Dein Diez
Russel Ducanes

If you missed this years selection camp better follow their pages to get updates on what's coming and and their next events, just check their site or visit the page at

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