Saturday, September 17, 2016

Movie Review: Camp Sawi, An Island that Gives Hope To Brokenhearted Ones

Where do brokenhearts go?.... I'm very much sure you've read or heard of this line already because it is part of a song that most brokenhearted ones sings... perhaps.

One of the movies about comedy, drama, love and break ups that we've recently watched was the movie "CAMP SAWI". In Filipino language and more particularly in a colloquial term 'sawi' means brokenhearted, so by the title itself it connotes of a place which is by the way the camp where brokenhearted ones went to mend their broken and shuttered hearts.

The location of the story is a fictional place created inside the story to provide a venue to answer the phrase "where do brokenhearts go?" Just like what Bela Padilla's character, Bridgette, did when she founds out that there's a place for the 'sawi' or brokenhearted. An island that gives hope to brokenhearted ones. No phones and no instant foods, just all natural. From the scenery the foods that they eat are all natural and organic.Who wouldn't want to stay in this kind of place?... well for me I would stay long here but of course not too long.
Why "Camp Sawi" is a movie to watch over and over again? Well, for one love your own because it is a movie created by great Filipino directors that we have of this generations, two it is a movie that captures the stories of every individuals who have learned to love and get hurt and worst lose the person they love in a very bad separation, and lastly it is a movie that cooked up a good ingredients of love, comedy, drama, breakups and life's lesson.

In the movie there were five (5) different characters that depicted five (5) different stories of love and breakups or most probably the best description is 'sawi' stories. All are different but all leads to one situation... all of their hearts are broken. And Camp Sawi is the place where they can mend their broken hearts and much more find themselves to become much stronger in facing the reality of life.
Bela Padilla really shows how great of an actress she is. She's not only great in drama she even good in delivering her comedic lines. She's one of the actress that is gifted with beauty and brain.
Arci Muñoz delivers very well her character perhaps because she's a rocker type of individual herself and she also has a band. She's also good in her comedic lines but even more effective when she has someone to throw her lines.
Yassi Pressman, as young as she is and a well-spirited character in which by the way matches her character (Jessica).
Andi Eigenmann's character Clarisse was portrayed quite well though there is something else that should be added to it.
Kim Molina did a well played character of a woman who lost her beloved boyfriend just right after proposing to her. It may looks easy but playing it requires deep emotional of which Kim Molina is the best for the character because of her theatrical background.

So, all in all whether you're 'sawi' or not you can find a character that you can learn life lesson in this movie. What do you think, does this movie answers the question 'where do brokenhearts go'?

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