Sunday, November 27, 2016

Athlete's Aesthetic Look, #AxeBlackArjo

Black is the absence of color, the beauty and the strength. For Axe, the world's #1 Male Fragrance Brand it is the grandeur of style with less effort. Axe already launched the Axe Black Concept Store campaign this year. The concept was patterned after last year's Pop-up Bar Series, the Concept Store Series aims to invite guests into the Axe Black Man's world of understatement, showcasing his take less effort, more style.

The Concept Store Series was kicked off last August 26-28, with Axe Black Ambassador DJ Nix Damn P, at his Maharlike store, while fashion and lifestyle blogger David Guison took the spotlight last Oct 7-9 with his Aviation Axe store.

This November, Axe wraps up the series with Axe Black Ambassador, actor Arjo Atayde, as he shows his take on the understated lifestyle with Axe Park. Together with teammates Ria Atayde, Landon Leoncio, Martin Atayde, and Boys Night Out DJ Slick Rick, teh Axe Park will zero in on fashion, grooming, and fragrance, along with injecting Arjo's personal style of athleisure.

Always on the go, Arjo took his concept store's inspiration from his daily life,showcasing that despite a busy schedule, guys can always take their look with pieces that are both bold yet simple, much like the Axe Black fragrance.

According to Arjo, "In my line of work, I constantly have to juggle my taping schedule with football training and the gym.  Through my concept store, I want to be able to introduce guys to the world of luxury sports wear - showing them that being athletic can also be classy, if done the right way," He also added that "For the Axe Park, we wanted it to be a space where guys felt comfortable enough to shop and be themselves, even if their girlfriends were around."

Replicating the aura of a varsity locker room, the venue featured in-store stylists and grooming consultants to help customers mix and match different pieces. Arjo and his teammates were also present throughout the event to help guests finish up their look with a spray of Axe Black.

Media guests were toured around the concept store showcasing different apparel, exclusive pieces by local retail brands Rocca and Halo Halo, special jackets, Mist and Sip jugs, and special merchandise from Vans. Arjo showcased 10 pieces of mixed both local and foreign brands, but combined together to create a look that was just distinctive enough, Arjo's look.

If you want get Axe Park merchandise you can purchase it online through LAZADA.

Axe Concept Store

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