Thursday, December 29, 2016

AirAsia's Thank You Campaign, When Small Gesture Becomes a Big Thing in Life

The phrase "thank you" was used in the 12th Century as to what most of the history book says but perhaps giving thanks or being grateful about the deed done to you is way earlier than that. No matter what the word or when was it started as long as the feeling is sincere and it comes from the heart it is something that we humans inherit through time. It is more likely of a virus that easily spreads to everyone.

This holiday season it is just right to make the season a time to be thankful and grateful. And to make the moment and the spirit spread even more, AirAsia, one of the airline companies, shares there #ThankYou campaign. Here's the video of the #ThankYou campaign video.

The video is just inspiring enough to make everyone do small deeds to others. The AirAsia's #ThankYou campaign shows everyone that no matter how small and how insignificant it is to others, these small deeds always rewarded with a big smile and followed by a sincere "Thank You". Deeds, whether big or small, always brings a satisfying feeling of doing it and warms the heart even more when responded of being grateful and thankful. I remember doing a little deed for the elderly by giving my seat to him and what I received was the most beautiful big smile and a thank you. This makes me proud of what I did and longed to do more.

This may sounds like a typical fairy tale but remember the usual story of an old lady asking for help but was realized later on that it was the fairy of the forest that rewards those who wholeheartedly helps. The only difference with this is that the reward isn't material but the satisfaction of being human.
This campaign video from AirAsia made me realized how lucky I am that I have parents who have taught me to be grateful to the things that comes in my life. This is to proudly broadcast whom I am thankful and would love to gesture my #ThankYou to them, not only this Christmas but the entirety of my life.
Of course before anything else I would like to give thanks to the LORD our GOD for the wonderful life he has given to me and for my parents who's been there and taught me everything.

#ThankYou to my family who's always been there to cheer me up when I'm feeling down, stressed and disoriented. They are my strength, my reason for living and light bulb of my soul .
#ThankYou to my fathers's doctor who have used his expertise to make my father's health not as good as before but well enough to make our family spend the last two Christmas together. Though it may not as likely as the Christmas of our past years but still thankful that the celebration of Christ's birth gives us more reason to be strong and to be patience in taking care of our father.
#ThankYou to all my friends and relatives who've always been there to help and to enlighten me and taught which way to take. They are my teacher in this line we called life.

What is great about #ThankYou is that it only have two words and one syllables each that is easy to say and express. If you have not watched the video better watch it and understand that a small gesture of saying thank you or expressing thank you is a big thing in life because you make the person realize how important he is to this cycle of life.

How about you who would you be saying #ThankYou this Christmas?

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