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Thursday, December 29, 2016

AirAsia's Thank You Campaign, When Small Gesture Becomes a Big Thing in Life

11:48:00 PM

The phrase "thank you" was used in the 12th Century as to what most of the history book says but perhaps giving thanks or being grateful about the deed done to you is way earlier than that. No matter what the word or when was it started as long as the feeling is sincere and it comes from the heart it is something that we humans inherit through time. It is more likely of a virus that easily spreads to everyone.

This holiday season it is just right to make the season a time to be thankful and grateful. And to make the moment and the spirit spread even more, AirAsia, one of the airline companies, shares there #ThankYou campaign. Here's the video of the #ThankYou campaign video.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Give Thanks to Dads This Father’s Day with Villa Del Conte

7:39:00 AM

Dads are not the most expressive individuals in the world but behind those crossed eyebrows and stiff look is a soft Dad that made sure everything is okay and better for their little ones. Now that I’m a Dad I now understand the reason behind some of the things that he did when I was a child. And for that it made me who I am right now, a Dad that will do everything for their kids.

Friday, May 6, 2016

I Joined The Thank-A-Mom Movement At Century City Mall!

6:43:00 AM

A mom's life ain't easy because of the many hats that she performs. When at the house and cleans it she wore a MAID HAT, when taking care of the kids it's a YAYA HAT, when taking care of the husband it's the WIFE HAT and when attending to sick kids and husband she wore a NURSE HAT. So imagine that and it is just few of the hats that she wears everyday. And take note the number gets bigger when the mom also works.

So there are many reasons to give thanks to Moms and great that Century City Mall created a campaign that hails and give thanks to all Moms, most especially this Mother's Day with their "Thank A Mom Movement".

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