Sunday, January 15, 2017

Perception, Perspective, Idea and Random Thoughts

This is just a random thoughts running through my head and I would like to let it out.

With the past commotion my post made online it leads me to an understanding that no matter how positive you want things to be people reacts easily to certain issues and your attempt to put that positive thought will only place you to a more uneasy situation. That's how this world reacts and that's how some people perceive things. An orange to others may look like an apple to some.

I remember few years ago I attended a seminar/workshop that talks about stereotyping, judgementalism, generalizing and the like. We as human and an individual that most of the time is bounded by the rules and norms of the society, tend to generalize, having our basis depends in the norms of the society we are in. The thing I've learned is that there's always the stages before making a word of action but sometimes you have to be brave enough to face something in order to have a change.

Changing your perception of things or individual requires great convincing strategy and one way is trying to persuade by not persuading, of which most likely to fall short of it. The intention was good but the effect is damaging, for some maybe.

So with this, at least I have put into words what my mind would like to shout out in the open. It may give a lesson to some and it may be just another none sense to others.

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