Monday, February 27, 2017

Reasons Not To Miss "Destined To Be Yours" On Its World Wide Premiere

All #AlDub fans clamor has been addressed with this newest teleserye from GMA network that will air tonight. Take note it is tonight's worldwide premiere. So, AlDub fans around the world will definitely won't miss this milestone from the phenomenal couple.

After the hit of the All For Juan, Juan For all Kalyeserye created on the noontime show Eat Bulaga and after their very own movie together it is high time for the couple to make their fans even more giggly with their love team every day. Yes, fans will be seeing them together every night of the week in a very usual kind of love story with an unusual acting of the casts. The teleserye entitled "Destined To Be Yours".

Why "Destined To Be Yours" is a must see teleserye? Well, it got many of its firsts and other reasons.
  • You'll see the AlDub love team in a more convenient time of the day.
  • A teleserye that will have its worldwide premiere.
  • First teleserye of the AlDub love team.
  • The teleserye is on Primetime, so more fans and fans to be will be able to watch it.
  • It's the AlDub love team's irst time together on Primetime TV.
Are they destined to be with each other on this teleserye? Perhaps but will know it once we've completed the story. For now here's what we know about the story. It is about a girl named Sinag Obispo, which is played by Maine Mendoza. Sinag is a DJ in a community radio station at the town of Pelangi, her hometown. The place was formerly a well-developed municipality with its mining industry but then the mining firms was shut down. While others are leaving town to look for a better place to work, Sinag stayed behind because she loves her hometown. She wanted to preserve the culture, the tradition and the town through her community radio station whom she inherited from her grandfather.
Another character of the love story is Benjie Rosales, which is played by Alden Richards. Benjie is fresh architecture graduate who aspires to be one of the best architect in the Philippines. Solely raised by his mother, Amanda. Unknown to him, his father's family is known in the real-estate industry of which he was convinced to work in that real estate company. Benjie was assigned in a project in Pelangi where is destined to meet Sinag.

Will destiny have its coursed in both of their lives? Or are they destined to fall in love with each other?
Catch the answer starting tonight.

Network : GMA Network

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