Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Pwera Usog" A Movie with Superstitious Belief, Believe It Or Not

How many times have you heard of the term "Pwera Usog"? Well, for those who've live in the provinces or still with grandparents (lolos or lolas), I'm pretty much sure you were able to hear the term "Pwera Usog" from them.

In a more traditional and spiritual sense, "Pwera Usog" is a term used by people in revoking curses or other harmful intent to the person.

This early summer Regal Films, one of the best producers of horror movies locally, will definitely put you on the edge of your seats as Director Jason Paul Laxamana take on the challenge of scaring movie goers who have seen a lot of horror movies. Fortunately, he might have did something unusual and out of the ordinary.

The movie "Pwera Usog" stars Joseph Marco, Sofia Andres, Devon Seron, Albie Casino, Kiko Estrada and Cherise Castro plus a whole lot of veterans stars that will create your movie night scarier than before.

It is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and according to him this is his first time to create a horror movie. It is a big challenge for him convincing and scaring horror movie goers who has watch a different type of horror films.

According to the three female leads, Sofia Andres, Devon Seron and Cherise Castro, this movie is their biggest break on the big screen. 
In "Pwera Usog", Sofia plays Jane, a millenial with a prank channel on the internet. Hatred for her father and insecurity with a sibling lead her to whip up a prank of the net which eventually ends up in total disaster.

According to Direk Jason, Sofia is a confident actress whose admirable talent can take her to places. Devon, meanwhile was a Pinoy Big Brother housemate who finished Teen Big 4th Placer on the finals night. She was part of Haunted Mansion which was a blockbuster fright film. Devon was last seen in the TV series "Be My Lady" and is now part of the "It's Showtime" Girltrends.

In "Pwera Usog", Devon play the character Luna, a rugged beggar (taong grasa) possessed by Catalina played by Eula Valdes. She roams the streets day in and day out and only gets help from good friend Quintin (Kiko Estrada).
Jane pulls a video prank on her one day which exposes her real identity. "Wala syang arte sa katawan. Nandoon ang dedication niya upang pagbutihin ang kanyang craft. Napabilib niya ako sa role niya," Direk Jason said of Devon.
Regal baby Cherise, on the other hand, is not just a singer. Producer Roselle Monteverde particularly lauded her performance in "Pwera Usog"

Cherise has appeared in other Regal movies and has done an episode for the TV drama "Ipaglaban Mo".

In "Pwera Usog" Cherise is Val, Jane's supposed camerawoman. She and Jane are responsible for the prank videos which resulted in their nasty encounter with the occult.
As for the more senior actress Eula, Direk Jason said it has been his dream to work with her in a project. He gushed, "She's a terrific actress!".

Also in the cast of this year's biggest horror movie are Joseph Marco, Albie Casino and Kiko Estrada. Other senior cast includes Aiko Melendez and Rommel Padilla.

Pwera Usog will cetainly sit well with today's millennial crowd whose love affair with moden technology makes them forget all about Pinoy superstitious beliefs.

"Pwera Usog" teaser and trailer already earned 5M views, shares and likes on inittal days of posting.
Pwera Usog hits theather nationwide on March 8. Follow Regal Entertainment, Inc. official Facebook -Regal Entertainment Inc Twitter-@regalfilms, Instagram - @regalfilms50, Youtube - Regal Entertainment Inc. for updates on Pwera Usog.

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