Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ellen Adarna Pregnant?

When rumors got out, all ears are twitching to hear the truth behind it and what's interesting is that this doesn't just goes one way gender but most of the genders are some what curious. Just like this recent news that got out in one of the broadsheets, headlining that "Is Ellen Adarna Pregnant.?"

Well, I got some few words to say about this. First, if and granting that Ellen Adarna is pregnant.... so what? It's her life and everything that she does is her own decision and action, so what? Just what I usually hear from friends who stands with what they do... "walang basagan ng trip." Another thing, with her beauty and seductive figure men would definitely cross the ocean and climb the tallest mountain just to be with her. In other words if she say yes men will surely have a priest on his side instantly.

So my take on this news whether Ellen Adarna is pregnant or not she's still a celebrity. Things wouldn't change if they noticed  her belly is getting bigger as long as everything is good.

This is just my reaction. And just like what one of the 3 Idiots says 'all is well'!

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