Friday, April 5, 2019

AlDub is Out, ArDub is in, Is There Really a Chemistry?

AlDub is out, ArDub is in. The question of compatibility goes on. Is there really a chemistry between these two actors, Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza, who crossed the borders of their rival home TV Networks?

From two different TV station, the Kapuso and the Kapamilya, these two actors was able to find a string that pulled them both together. The string called love.

Love conquers all and the struggle of finding true love is real. From friends to exclusively dating. These two are the content of most social media platforms. Of course, them, dating is something different for an avid AlDub fan. Some are still in denial that Maine is dating other than Alden. There are some also who happens to hope for a love team comeback. And there are other fans who saught happiness for Maine Mendoza. Great for Maine!

As for the side of Maine, well she's really putting up and telling through her post to give respect to them and to the family.

As for Arjo Atayde, well it's a family affair. Family members are in full support of Arjo pursuing Maine. Also in full support in replying to all bashers, most especially Ms Sylvia Sanchez who is most likely willing to see face to face all Arjo bashers.

Well, you can really tell that Arjo is with pure intention. Mostly in his social media posts are all directing to someone that maintly atttcy likshows that he's attention points to the direction of Maine expressing how he feels. It's oerhaps Arjo's Maine reason for being happy.

So, is AlDub gone or a new name just come up, ArDub or ArMaine.

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