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5 Different Salads from Jar'D In Salad House That's Good For You

Stress and high blood pressure are just some of the health problems that we are experiencing nowadays, specially me. Yes, I'm already into that line and my food in take is now controlled, unless it comes from our garden or jardin. I'm not a picky eater but because of the condition it's really time to get something healthy to prolong not only life but the enjoyment of sharing it to others.

Just yesterday, I was able to see a post from Sir Migs (my wife Angie of is the one who knows him) that he was looking for bloggers to cover and review this new food establishment along Congressional Avenue. Fortunately, I was included and invited. Another reason that I took the chance is that it's about food, a healthy food that is great for my diet. The name is Jar'd In Salad House.

"Jar'd In" according to one of its owners, Paul Gan, it can mean two things - jarred in or the spanish term for garden which is jardin. All in all the concept is to bring fresh salad that is in a jar. So whether jarred in or jardin the sole purpose is to bring fresh salad to everyone.

Jar'd In Salad House just recently opened its door and are welcoming guests who would love to enjoy their salads taken at home or simply enjoy it freshly served inside the store. Their store can accommodate around 20 to 25 persons and it is located at MC2 Bldg. along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City and to be precise it's beside BPI Congressional Branch.

So, what's really interesting of this salad house? Well, what else but it's different kinds of salad to choose from. Honestly some of these salads are new to me and I haven't tried it at all. So let me share about the salads.

The Cowboy Crispy Chicken Ceasar Salad
Composed of Romaine Lettuce topped with different ingredients like the Cherry Ttomato in halves, hard Boiled Egg and a piece of Chicken Finger, plus bits of Corn and flavored with its Bacon Ceasar Dressing. It is also garnished with Croutons, Parmesan, and Bacon bits. Lettuce are really fresh with no bitter taste. Sliced in a portion that is just right for your mouth. The amount of chicken and the egg are just right not to over power the lettuces. And of course the dressing may go more or less which depends on your taste.

Cancun BBQ BurritoBowl (Mexican)
Its based vegetable is fresh Romaine Lettuce with different enticing and colorful ingredients like the Black Beans, Cherry Tomatoes in halves, sliced Red Onions, Corn, Red Rice, Roasted Chicken Breast tossed in BBQ sauce, Crumbled Nacho Chips, some Cilantro and of course with different choices of dressings like Pesto Yogurt, Bacob Ceasar dressing, or Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette. Appetizing and appealing to eye, one serving is just right to fill your hungry tummy.

Green leafy fresh Romaine Lettuce mixed with Arugula, Roasted Chicken or Tuna that's which ever you like. There are also Brown Sugar Walnuts,  Bell peppers (not really sure of this one) , Red Onion, Cherry Tomato, Grapes or Watermelon, which makes it colorful and inviting to eat. Plus it is garnished with feta cheese and flavored with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Now wouldn't you enjoy this fresh and juicy vegetables.

Vietnamese Banhmi Pomelo Salad
Another new salad variant that I haven't tried before but thankfully I was able to munch, taste and capture the flavor. This kind of salad doesn't only have Green Ice Lettuce but it also comes with red and green cabbage which I didn't felt that it was a cabbage. To add more color into it, it includes Cucumber, Carrots, Radish/Turnip and Pomelo. It is also garnished with crushed peanuts and crispy noodles. Drizzled with Hoisin Sauce.

Amazonian Grain PowerBowl (Peruvian/Brazilian)
This one is I don't have much experience with this but based on what I have seen and based on the line up salads I have tried well I'm sure it's another flavor to enjoy if you have a very adventurous taste buds. It's base vegetable is Lettuce with Black Beans, Cherry Tomato, Roasted Red Almonds, crumbled Feta Cheese with Basil Pesto Yogurt. Will try to have a full serving of this soon.

So, how will I rate Jar'd in Salad House offerings and concept? Well, first I like the concept of putting salad in a jar, it makes it easier to carry around when you have it for take out. The salad's ingredients are all fresh, nice and crisp, plus it's enticing and appealing just looking at those mix of colored veggies. With regards to its price range Php200 to Php300 per serving is competitive enough knowing that all are fresh. Over all, it's all thumbs up. I just hope they can have branches that is very near to our house so I can have that fresh salads from time to time.

Jar'd In Salad House is owned by three individuals who are into different business industries - Ed Paras who is the owner of the countries leading alter stations, Paras Alter Station and some other businesses; Paul Gan and Edmil Chan who are into franchising business. The three venture together after a meeting in a franchising convention.

Jar'd In Salad House is still in its early stage so they are placing bits of things to include in the business like the online food grabs, delivery options, other menus to offer and of course some of its branding collaterals like the differently mixed drinks they offer I love very much their Chili-Lemonade, the other two are Orange-Carrot-Ginger and Mango-Ampalaya.

To know more of what are coming to their stores and what they'll be offering you can check out their FB Page or their Instagram

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