Friday, June 7, 2019

5 Questions Unanswered With Avengers: Endgame

I know that its been more than a month already since the story of Infinity Stones and Avengers ended with the EndGame. The hype of watching it first was something extraordinary for an avid fan of the story and the characters. It was a fulfilling experience especially if you have completed the whole story and how it begun.

The flow of the story is okay but if you're stuck in the comic book story you might have some unresolved issues, specially with the characters. You might expect more or less with how they portray the character. It's really disappointing if they didn't match picture you are familiar with and sometimes confusions of who the character is. So lets just accept that this is a different story with the characters and heroes that we are familiar with.

The Endgame tells the story of how the remaining heroes brought back other heroes banished by Thanos and how they ended the war then save humanity from the terror of Thanos. It is the contuation of the Infinity War. So, the story goes and ended. Now I just got some questions in my mind that still unanswered even though I read some of the explanations about the loopholes of the story.
  • With the removal of the infinity stones from the time line, how come the present isn't affected? 
  • What happened to Gamora if Blackwidow already sacrificed her life? Was she spared from dying in the hands of Thanos? 
  • How did Captain America returned the soul stone if they returned it on the same time they removed it from the timeline? Was Blackwidow spared from sacrificing herself? 
  • Captain America stayed in the past and lived his life with Sharon Carter. How come there's no anomaly in the timeline that affected the present? If he was in that timeline how will Sharon Carter do what she did when Captain America was gone? 
  • If Captain America returned to the past and lived his life how was he able to joined the Avengers? And why the timeline isn't affected? 
So, you think you can help me find answers? If you know some of the answers please comment below and let us share thoughts.

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