Monday, July 1, 2019

8 Affordable Combinationes To Try at Fiery Style

Whenever I see Mexican inspired restaurant or a Mexican hat or even a fiery decorations of a Tex Mex restaurants, there's only one word that registers into my mind - 'Spicy'. Perhaps that's the trademark and style of the Mexicanos that some of us now ador, their rich culture and their spicy signature dishes. Of course time flies and boundaries are breached and these Mexican dishes are now fused with some other cultures, thus, Tex Mex rose, Texas Mexican dishes.

Speaking of Mexican dishes, there are few of them that I enjoy, some that I like are enchalada, tacos, their spicy dishes and the assortment of salsa. Don't forget the drinks like margarita and tequila.

Just recently, I was invited to try the dishes of the latest addition of restos to visit in Eton Centris, the Fiery Style Southwestern Flaming Grill. This is the 10th branch of the restaurant and still, continuously growing. According to its owners, they'll be having 14 more stores to be open in different areas. The foods were great, and of course, the experience wouldn't be complete without the drinks.

This is different from most of the establishments in the area. To be precise, this is the first Tex Mex restaurant in Eton Centris. So if you like Mexican or Mexican inspired dish, explore this part of QC.

Of course there are plenty of dishes to enjoy and experience but the best way to try out almost everything is their combos. Yup, they 8 Combinationes or 8 Combinations that are very much affordable and easy on the budget. So if you're working in the area of Centris it's the right place with right budget.

Here are the 8 different Combinationes:

Combo Uno
Quartered Fiery Grilled Jerk Chicken with Jalapeno Side Salad and your choice of rice for only Php218.00

Combo Dos
5oz Rump Steak with Crispy Squid Rings, Half-Grilled Tomato and your choice of rice for only Php228.00

Combo Tres
Grilled Fiery Porkchop with Sauteed Chunky Tomatoes and Garlic in Mango Puree and your choice of rice for only Php238.00

Combo Quatro
Barbequed Beef Ribs with Cajun Fries, Grilled Corn and your choice of rice Php248.00

Combo Cinco
Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs with Grilled Corn, Onion Rings and your choice of rice for only Php258.00

Combo Seis
Sizzling Tender Beef Salpicao with Baked Bone Marrow and your choice of rice for only Php268.00

Combo Siete
Sizzling Baja Mixed Seafood with Southwest Chips and your choice of rice for only Php278.00

Combo Otso
Sizzling Sisig ala Mexicana with Chicken Strips, Southwest Chips and your choice of rice for only Php288.00

But before anything else better try their starters, one is Fiery Nachos which is dubbed as "the best nachos in town" and the colorful Flaming Super Healthy Salad.


If you're not yet satisfied with the 8 combos, you can also try their Lord of the Wings which a different flavored chicken wings from sweet to spicy ones. If you really have a big appetite better try the Galleon which is a mixed of Rice, steak, bbq, and chicken wings all together in one galleon ship-like-plate.

The drinks are also spiced up, from their mojito to paloma down to their margarita. You'll definitely enjoy the night with their live band. So foods, drinks and music.

All-in-all since I like spicy flavored dishes these combos are just right for me. So if you're into spicy treats, check them out. Experience the taste, love the ambiance and fill your tummies! That's at Fiery Style Southwestern Grill, Eton Centris.

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