Friday, August 23, 2019

Mina-Anud Praised by Viewers From Cebu and Cinemalaya Screenings

The closing movie of the Cinemalaya that is highly-praised by movie viewers and critics will be showing in cinemas this August 21. It is a movie that will surely let ride the waves of different social issues in smooth and funny way of showing it.

Viewers who were able to watch the movie from Cinemalaya and Cebu screening definitely gave an interesting critic about the movie and applauded how it was portrayed. It is funny, dark, an eye-opener, socially relevant and worthwhile that it tackles the certain issues.

The movie Mina-Anud is interestingly not a work of fiction as the story and its charactes are based on real-life events and people.

Perhaps it is told in funny way because the topic is somewhat serious and dark that it requires a hint of comedy to make the whole flow of the story interesting enough to watch and at the same time teaches the truth about the topic of the social issues it portrays.

the film is a collaboration of Regal Entertainment, Inc., Hooq originalmovie and epicmedia. This is starred by multi-awarded actor, Dennis Trillo, Jerald Napoles, and Matteo Guidicelli.

The story is based on real-life events that happened in 2009 in Easter Samar, where bags of cocaine drifted to the shore of a fishing village.

In the movie, these illegal drugs become the catalyst of events that change the lives of the island's residents.

The characters in the film get involved in drug-selling to earn instant cash to experience the luxuries of life, such as flat screen televisions, motorcycles, cars, and jewelries.

Dennis plays the character of Ding, the leader of Borongan surfers, who is also a family ma with issues with his wife Gin, the breadwinner. While Jerald portrays the character of Carlo, a great surfer, who seems to fail at becoming the best. Just like most of his fellow surfers, Carlo dreams of joining an international surfing competition and marrying a Caucasian girlfriend.

With dreams that they have yet to realized, Ding and Carlo see an opportunity to make their lives better through selling illegal drugs for money. But the thing is, in my opinion, that instant money from illegal activity isn't worth it in exchange for one's dignity.

Joining them is Matteo Guidicelli, who portrays Paul, an aspiring celebrity and TV show host who deals party drugs to Manila's elite and showbiz circles.

An interesting fact: director Kerwin Go, has witnessed with his own eyes the true events, which the film is based on.

Kerwin explains, "I was there and witnessed this first hand. The characters in the film are all based on friends and acquaintances who gave in to the temptation of easy money. Some made it out with their wallets heavier, some weren't lucky and would end up in jail."

One of the awards that Mina-Anud bagged is the Basecamp Colour Prize at Singapore's Southeast Asia Film Financing (SAFF) Forum in 2017.

Watch it now!

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