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Polaris Sportsman Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

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You're hyped for a weekend of off-roading, strapping on your dirt bike riding gear and jumping on your Polaris Sportsman. It's fun, but you feel like it's just a little short of perfection. Installing a few aftermarket mods can take your machine's performance to the next level. These are a few Polaris Sportsman aftermarket parts and accessories that can upgrade your quad.


When you ask ATV owners about their favorite mods you always get a chorus of "new tires." This is one spot that even quality manufacturers consistently skimp on their OE parts. They figure that tires need multiple replacements over the life of a machine anyway, so why should they foot the bill? Get more out of your engine by installing high-performance rubber on your Sportsman. Better traction means better speed and acceleration. AMS, Duro, Maxxis, and Interco are just a few of the manufacturers making outstanding tires for your quad.

Skid Plates

Even if you're a careful rider, you're going to run over a hazard eventually. It's not easy to see roots and rocks, especially when your goggles are dirty. Skid plates help you stay prepared for anything. They armor your quad against damage to axles, brake lines, and other vital parts. Made from durable but lightweight materials such as aircraft aluminum, they don't weigh down your ATV. Warn is one company that makes exceptional skid plates.


Your machine's stock headlights aren't great and proper illumination can save your life. Aftermarket models are more powerful and focus their light better for improved range. Even if you don't intend to do much riding at night, there's less light when you're out in nature. Headlights not only help you see around you they help other riders see you. Candlepower is a manufacturer known for high-powered lights at reasonable prices.


No matter how tough you are, riding fatigue catches up with you after a while. A windshield helps keep you fresh by reducing the wind whipping into you. It's also excellent for keeping roost out of your face and providing an extra layer of protection against flying debris. Typically made from sturdy polycarbonate or acrylic, they're difficult to damage but easy to see through. National Cycle, Quadboss, and Powermadd are among ATV riders' favorite windshield brands.

Thumb Throttle

A high-quality aftermarket thumb throttle gives you more responsive acceleration and a more comfortable ride. With a flick of your thumb, you can easily control your ATV. Cheap thumb throttles are less robust and provide a smaller surface on which you can make contact. If you're wearing gloves, make sure to buy a long, broad throttle. Moose Racing is one of the most trusted names in aftermarket parts, including their thumb throttles.

Customize your quad by choosing the best aftermarket parts from the top manufacturers. It's easy to improve the looks, performance, and comfort of your Sportsman with a few adjustments. Online shopping is a smart way to pick up superior equipment for less money. Shop for everything from your favorite mods to motorcycle helmets and get them delivered right to your door.

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