Monday, November 25, 2019

5 Point Process of How Arjo Atayde Creates An Effective Character Specially Benjo Malaya in Bagman's New Season

I'm not an actor and not even a very known movie critic but I'm just a blogger who loves movies and series very much. I'm not very keen on remembering the names of the stars and directors, but when heard of the movie title or a plot of the story that gives me the idea of what it is or what it was. I like seeing artists create effective different characters or different personas. Knowing how they were able to do that is something that ordinary people or fans would love to know. Me, I'm really eager to know their process on how they do it.

One of the best parts of being an entertainment blogger is that you get to come to press conferences and interviews that are somehow exclusive. Glad that I, together with some other bloggers, were scheduled to have an interview with one of the interesting actors from the Kapamilya Network, Arjo Atayde. So, it's a great opportunity to ask the question that has been lingering in my head.

How does an actor like Arjo Atayde be able to create an effective role without seeing any traces of nuances and other personalities in his previous characters, knowing that he moves from one teleserye to another? This is my piece that I was able to ask from Arjo and he gladly gave his reply.

So here are some of the points that he does to make sure that the nuances and personalities of the previous roles he played are not be seen in his current character and how he does his acting so good.

1. He doesn't watch himself on the monitor or doesn't watch the preview during the shooting.
2. He tries to remember the established nuances of the character that he plays and he does that after watching the pilot episodes.
3. He firmly holds on to the character together with the nuances and personalities throughout the season of the teleserye.
4. He doesn't read the script and watch himself through the monitor during the shoot. He watches everything after and tries to learn his mistakes.
5. He studies and tries to have a deeper understanding not only himself, his character, but everyone around him.

In the new season of Bagman, Arjo Atayde continuously plays the character of Benjo Malaya. Still, a bagman but this time it comes with a different level of being a bagman, it now comes with power, being the governor of the province. From 'barbero' to 'politiko'. This is one good example of Arjo's transition of characters. Though the character that he plays is the same, it somehow changes in appearance and personality. From a barber with less knowledge about politics to a governor that stirs everyone possible loopholes in the government system just to make a project be done.

Arjo, having no knowledge about how politicians or politics go around made an interesting portrayal of a governor that rose from the lower class of the government to a more honorable and respectable politician.

If he has convinced you with his character Benjo Malaya then you'll probably be more hooked on his new personality.

Like I mentioned earlier I'm not a good reviewer or critic but I find Bagman comparable with the series in that are flourishing online. It's dark, interesting, eye-opener, and something to be proud of, not only with Arjo but with the whole casts of Bagman. It wouldn't be a good series if it wasn't for the actors who played their characters very well. Like what Arjo said in the interview, he doesn't only study his character but also the characters of his co-actors in order to understand deeply their roles.

If I made you interested in this simple review about Arjo and the series Bagman, better have iWant on your phone and watch it. It is now streaming on iWant.

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