Friday, November 8, 2019

Highlights of Kiel Alo's Birthday Concert "Ako Naman"

Kiel Alo - Hugot King

We sing, we dance, and we cover! Yes, may it be something new or something old as long as it makes a story, then we are there. Just recently, Kiel Alo, one of the rising talents in the music industry celebrated his birthday through a concert that was dubbed as "Ako Naman" (a HUGOT KING Birthday Concert). The event happened at the Music Museum, with a number of celebrities and artists present.

It was a memorable night not only for Kiel but also for the audience who stayed and watched him do his numbers and some unexpected treats, plus of course the performances of his guests, which tremendously good. Some legends in singing were also. Well, we can really see through his eyes after the show that "yes I made it" moment.

In this concert, I can share some of the highlights that you might want to check for yourself. So what are these highlights that happened at Kiel Alo's Birthday concert...

Kiel Alo Birthday Concert

1. Kiel made an interesting number that surprised everyone. I think this the first time that he did something like it but what's a hit that the audience loved it very much. Kiel made a dance number with a sensual theme type of song and dance number. It was a club-like look but Kiel and his dance crew managed to made it as elegant as possible.

2. Performances of his guests like Orville who really made everyone laughed with the "Dahon Song" and the "Nissin Song". It was hilarious and fun.

3. Oldies but goodies! Performances of two veteran singers with Kiel is sure a keepsake as well. Mr. Jun Polistico who still sung like Frank Sinatra is probably something to cherish. Another singer is Ms. Eva Eugenio, who still, through the years managed to make her voice as interesting as it sill be.

4. The dance number that made everyone shocked. According to Kiel, this was his first time to perform something like it. It was a dance number like the Moulin Rouge male version.

5. Of course, everyone also expects the performance number of his guests, Morissette Amon and Janno Gibbs. Unfortunately, something happened that night and shocked everyone. For Morisette, she was perhaps dubbed as the "Walkout Singer" while for Janno probably "No Show Man". The biggest news was the walkout of Morisette which garnered different reactions.

What I like about the reaction of Kiel with all the things happened during the concert was that he's very thankful and appreciative of everyone who came to the concert. Even though there was an epic thing that happened still he calmly responds that we have different issues in our life so for that matter it might be big.

Kiel Alo Birthday Concert

Congrats Kiel Alo for a wonderful Birthday Concert!!!

Watch the interview

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