Thursday, November 7, 2019

Possible Reasons Why Morisette Amon Walks Out of Kiel Alo's Birthday Concert

While everyone is celebrating and singing with Kiel Alo on his Birthday Concert entitled "Ako Naman", an unforeseen circumstances happened. One of the guests' manager appeared on stage and made an apology to everyone present in the venue. According to him, his talent won't be singing with Kiel due to an emergency. Apparently, it was announced that Morisette lost her voice, maybe got lost in the woods, that is why she won't be performing.

It was a saddening message and every one is somehow restless about the news. I know some of these guests were there to watch her sing together with Kiel but things happen. What's more intriguing is that when she was asked to make an appearance at least from the back of the crowd, we'll she ran and walked out without any gesture of apology.

With that, everyone was puzzled and intrigue of what Morisette acted. I'm one of the crowd so I somehow overheard some murmurs about that actuation of being unprofessional. There was also a matter of questioning why she needs to run out when she was asked by Jobert to at least wave and be apologetic.

So, what we're the possible reasons? First, these are news that we're shared online.

1. Probably she's still affected by the conflict in their family, particularly between Morissette and her Dad, Amay Amon. Maybe it was triggered when was interviewed before the concert.

2. Perhaps she's still troubled by the rant made by her dad about the alleged report that Morissette leaves her family because of her boyfriend.

3. Or maybe there is something else much deeper than what we know about her that still haunts her.

4. Maybe when she was interviewed together with Kiel Alo it might have touched a very sensetive part of her emotion.

5. Or she doesn't want to miss a very special moment or ocassion of her friend.

For whatever reasons Kiel Alo was kind-hearted enough to understand what she was going through. Like a true professional artist/singer " the show must go on".

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