Wednesday, November 13, 2019

iWant's Bagman with New Season

The new season of iWant's Bagman will officially be released for streaming today at 12 noon. If you ask me Arjo Atayde is one good and versatile actor, he really knows his craft and you can find the passion in every character that he plays. This is what I always observe whenever he has new movie or TV series, he really knows how to make the character he plays stand out and you can't find any trace of previous roles that he portrays on the current. Always new, not as him but the figure of the person he is playing.

That is why a lot of different roles are being offered to him because of his passion and his dedication to the craft.

Catch Arjo Atayde plays his character as Benjo in the new season of BAGMAN. This time he plays the same character but a lot more. A more interesting level of the character a much more intriguing story about politics, society, family and more.

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