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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin, Zero Sparks?

11:34:00 PM


After the entertainment news and stories that came out about this past few months, Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin are they still a love team to enjoy watching? Do they still have that spark with them or both are just trying to finish what they started and gradually end everything. 

Even though, Andrea and Seth gift their fans with a new series as they sing and dance to the beat of their hearts while they strive to achieve their dreams in “Lyric and Beat.” Andrea plays Lyric, a bubbly and aspiring singer who will form a special friendship with Beat (Seth), a soft-spoken dancer. This is their first iWantTFC original musical series, which also stars Darren Espanto, AC Bonifacio, Jeremy G, Angela Ken, Sheena Belarmino, Awra Briguela, and Kyle Echarri, will stream for free on August 10.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


1:13:00 AM


Scary and thrilling, no matter what the story is as long as there's a jump-off-seat factor this kind of series will definitely be watched by many. So iWantTFC welcomes the New Year with its first original 2021 offering titled “Horrorscope,” an anthology series about how one’s astrological sign can bring misfortune and terror, which begins streaming worldwide on January 13. 

Starring Charlie Dizon, Elisse Joson, Patrick Quiroz, Fino Herrera, Iyah Mina, and Paolo Gumabao, “Horroscope’s” Zodiac-based chapters are a follow-up to Jake Cuenca’s “Scorpio” episode in “Sitsit,” which is also available on iWantTFC.

In the “Virgo” episode of “Horrorscope,” MMFF 2020 Best Actress Charlie Dizon takes on her first horror role as Ronalyn, an idealistic rookie police officer who is forced by her superiors to join a group of corrupt “ninja cops” in exchange for a promotion.

To be accepted, Ronalyn needs to extract information from and then execute a suspected drug runner held captive by the group, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend and first love Dado (Fino Herrera). Before her bosses find out about their real connection, Ronalyn then must choose between doing what’s right and saving her own life.

In the “Leo” episode, Iyah Mina plays the controlling fashion designer Leona, who is mourning the passing of her younger boyfriend Jonas (Paolo Gumabao). Her only wish is to be with him again, so she hires a necromancer to bring Jonas back from the dead.

But raising the dead has its own tragic consequences, and karma befalls the obsessed Leona as her dead boyfriend yearns for her to share his grave.

Patrick Quizon, meanwhile, plays the earnest sacristan Ponce in the “Libra” episode, where he helps a priest exorcise the devil from a mysterious lady named Clarissa (Elisse Joson). During the ritual, Clarissa becomes too strong and her womb swells to give birth to the prince of darkness.

As both of them become overpowered by Clarissa, the priest decides to kill her as a last resort. But Ponce is paralyzed by fear and his conscience, unable to decide whether to help the priest with his morbid solution or save Clarissa and her unborn child.

“Horrorscope” is created, produced, and directed by Ato Bautista, who also helmed the “Scorpio” episode in iWantTFC’s “Sitsit” movie series.

Standard and premium subscribers worldwide can watch the three episodes of “Horrorscope” on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) or on starting January 13. For updates, like, and follow @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send a message on iWant TFC’s Facebook page or e-mail

Friday, November 20, 2020

iWantTFC's Oh Mando Is Not Your Usual Love Triangle

7:04:00 PM


This is not your usual love triangle, the new iWantTFC original series “Oh, Mando” topbilled by Kokoy De Santos is something different from the common romcom series that you watch. For this particular series, it is something different that lets you relate to the story no matter what is your gender, but of course it is much relatable if you're in the same situation as the characters.  

In just a few days after it premieres its episode it has instantly captured fans and left them wanting more, as they praised its relatability, feel-good romcom take on the boys’ love genre, and “very Pinoy” flavor.

Since its pilot episode was made available on the platform, viewers have continuously shared positive reviews about the series on social media and YouTube, particularly about its sharp dialogue, witty jokes, and effective performances.   

Twitter user @ikkooza said, “Lemme say it's really refreshing to see a full production BL series in the Philippines, in a full 30+ minute episode. This series is so PINOY, from the scenes and locations, to humor, to the prod design/ music etc. Thank you @DreamscapePH for #OhMando.”

Commending the pilot episode, @AngTerTer posted, “Kokoy de Santos really said ‘I'm one of the best actors of my generation’ as if we don't know that already. Also, #OhMandoEp1 is the strongest BL pilot to date. I said what I said.”

“Galing ni Kokoy De Santos. Equally as talented are the support too esp his friends - Vince and Leslie. Riot yong tatlong to. I can't stop laughing with their lines and how they deliver it. And Alex Diaz, uggghhh sir, pwedeng fishball buddies din tayo?” said @dar_winnnn. 


The first episode, now streaming on iWantTFC, finds college freshman Mando (Koko) dealing with sexual confusion and then heartbreak after he meets the dashing, out and proud gay basketball jock Barry (Alex Diaz).

YouTube reviewer Michael Carbon also found the series relatable, expressing his admiration for the element of fantasy and fairy tales used in the series.

“Again, I found a BL series that is really me, that hits home to vulnerable people like us… It shows a part of us because we fantasize. It shows our vulnerability. We tend to have fairy tales, we want to have a happy ending. Everything was just so on-point for me. The dynamic of stories is great,” he said in his vlog.

“We appreciate this kind of series that’s so feel-good. Very light. You laugh and then you get ‘kilig.’Dreamscape’s take on it is great because it has a mix of mature content, and shifts gears in other parts. It’s enjoyable, entertaining, satisfying,” he also added.

In the next episode, Mando deals with his first heartbreak after learning that Barry already has a boyfriend. To move on from Barry, he courts Krisha (Barbie Imperial), a liberated girl who has long set her sights on him.

Standard and premium subscribers can stream new episodes of “Oh, Mando” every Thursday, 9 PM on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) or on For updates, like and follow @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send a message on iWant TFC’s Facebook page or e-mail

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Here are Your Four (4) Reasons why iWANT's Filipino-dubbed “2GETHER” is a must-watch for Pinoy Fans

1:26:00 AM

Interestingly, movies and TV series are much more enjoyable to watch when it is described or delivered in local dialects or language. So if you're wondering what it would be like if it is dubbed in Filipino, well, we can start with how Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin’s ‘kilig’-filled bickering in “2gether” sounds in Filipino? If you didn’t already know, streaming service iWant is housing Filipino-dubbed episodes of the top-trending Thai series!

If the original version got you hooked or if you haven’t seen the top-trending series yet, we guarantee that the Tagalized scenes of Sarawat and Tine will get you even more fragile. It’s definitely a relatable must-watch for Pinoy BrightWin shippers and those who believe that love is love.

All episodes of the series will have been available by Friday night (July 10), so we recommend you binge-watch its episodes now! Here are four reasons why you should catch the Filipino dubbed version of “2gether”:

1. The voices match the characters' and are close to the actors’.
Ever met someone who ‘sounds how they look like’? The Filipino-dubbed version of Tine and Wat are just as adorable as their original—if not more. Tine is still as charming, innocent, and persuasive, while Sarawat is still captivating with his mysterious and nonchalant ways. No need to worry about their singing parts, they still sound like the same person. Aside from the two leads, fans are also raving about Green’s unstoppable ‘kulit’ and ‘lambing’ voice in Filipino.

2. Kilig scenes are much more swoon-worthy, and jokes are much more relatable in Filipino.
Even though the story is set in Thailand, it’s almost as if Tine and Wat were in the Philippines with their use of Tagalog. Tine’s choice of words when he expresses his frustrations with Wat is much more relatable in Filipino, while Wat’s “Lagkit mo makatangin ah. Halikan kita diyan, eh” is a major swoon.

3. Viewers can focus on the acting, facial expressions, scenes rather than the subtitles.
Reading subs can be quite distracting, and it might make you miss out on elaborate details such as certain props in the background or a small smirk on someone’s lips. If you watch the Tagalized version on iWant, you can finally ease up! This time around, you can stare full-time at both Tine and Sarawat while they’re in a heated argument or a love-filled moment.

4. Refreshing - It's like watching the series with a brand new set of eyes.
If you’ve already watched the original, you can always rewatch and enjoy this version with no problem. “2gether The Series” is like a time capsule that takes you back to a time in your life when going to school also meant seeing your crush. It doesn’t really matter which team you’re playing on – you will fall in love again with these two college boys!

“2gether The Series” is the first Thai show on iWant after ABS-CBN announced its partnership with leading Thai content company GMMTV. The series concludes with its finale on iWant this Friday (July 10) at 10 PM.

Don’t miss the finale and get your SarawaTine fix in “2gether The Series,” streaming on iWant for free. For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial and @dreamscapeph on Instagram, and subscribe to

Sunday, May 10, 2020

"Love Lockdown," “Belle Douleur," and "Malaya" Sizzles The May Lineup of iWant

7:39:00 PM

Some interesting and worth watching this pandemic. iWant turns up the heat this summer season with romances featuring the pairings of Lovi Poe and Zanjoe Marudo, Mylene Dizon and Kit Thompson, and an ensemble movie led by Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman that will stream for free this May.

Lovi and Zanjoe pair up for the first time and play two wandering souls finding love in a romantic city in the original movie “Malaya,” shot in Italy and directed by “Glorious” director Concepcion Makatuno. It streams on iWant on May 28.

Mylene and Kit also push the boundaries of their May-December love affair in their acclaimed 2019 Cinemalaya entry “Belle Doleur,” which arrives on May 20. Here, Mylene plays a self-made woman in her late 40s, who falls in love with a younger antique collector named Josh (Kit) and discovers that there are no limits to life’s beginnings.

The sexy suspense film “Love Lockdown,” meanwhile, mixes three stories of lies, lust, and betrayal set in the present quarantine period. Shot via Zoom from their own homes, Angelica and JM lead the romance and thrill to prove that nothing can stop love, even in lockdown. The three-part film also stars Jake Cuenca, Kylie Verzosa, Sue Ramirez, Arjo Atayde, and Tony Labrusca and drops on May 13.

Filipinos can also continue getting reliable news and information by tuning in to the leading newscast “TV Patrol” live every night at 6 PM, DZMM TeleRadyo, and the ANC live channel on iWant, as well as watch their favorite Kapamilya teleseryes, talk, and variety shows on-demand after ABS-CBN went off the air early this week. Reflect on the daily word of God by watching The Daily Mass that streams from Monday to Sunday.

Meanwhile, keeping Filipinos company this quarantine season is the iWant original “Tawa Tawa Together,” hosted by Alex Calleja and features Alex Gonzaga, Melai Cantiveros, and Pokwang in its episodes.

Also boosting iWant’s library is the launch of its documentary section this month with three exciting offerings. Dive into underwater adventures and discoveries in “Wreck Hunters,” Matteo Guidicelli’s rigid and inspiring military training in “Ranger G,” and an eye-opening take at Imelda Marcos’s political career in “The Kingmaker.”

User engagement on iWant, meanwhile, reached its record high in April as users continued getting their movie fix with iWant’s catalog of more than 1,000 free movies. Just download the iWant app (App Store and Google Play) and register via Facebook, mobile, or email, and create a Kapamilya Account.

Stream these exciting new series and movies, coming soon on the iWant app or on For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial on Instagram, and subscribe to

Saturday, March 7, 2020

ROXANNE BARCELO in a Love Triangle Between Two Genders In iWANT’S “FLUID”

9:08:00 PM

How well did you know yourself? Roxanne Barcelo defies the societal boundaries of love and comes to terms with her sexuality as she is forced to choose between an ex-boyfriend and a confident lesbian woman in the laugh-out-loud romcom “Fluid,” which streams on March 13 on iWant.

“Fluid” promises to be just as riotously hilarious as “MOMOL Nights,” the most watched iWant original movie, which was also created and directed by Benedict Mique. With “Fluid,” iWant once again navigates the complicated aspects of love, modern dating, and relationships by using wit and laughter.

The series follows Mitch (Roxanne) and her journey to self-discovery that begins after her breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend Jacob (Joross Gamboa).

Despite never having been in a relationship with a woman before, Mitch agrees to date women upon the suggestion and encouragement of her friends.

Though unsuccessful at first, she eventually meets George (Ann Colis), an out-and-proud, confident lesbian who challenges Mitch to get away from her comfort zone. Mitch agrees to go on dates with George, and finds comfort and support in her.

When their relationship seems to be progressing nicely, Jacob comes back to ask for forgiveness and woo her back.

Will Mitch choose to forgive and go back to Jacob or will she take a risk and pick George?

“Fluid” is produced by Lonewolf Films and written by Carlo Baltazar Ventura, Benedict Mique at Benjie Mique. Its cast also include Janice de Belen, Al Tantay, Zar Donato, J-Mee Kantayag, and Emmanuelle Vera. Episodes 2 to 4 drops on March 16.

Celebrate all kinds of love on iWant and watch “Fluid,” streaming on March 13, for free on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial on Instagram, and subscribe to

Sunday, February 23, 2020

JULIA BARRETTO Plays Two Roles in iWant's "I AM U"

1:08:00 AM

Not unusual twin or look-a-like story but probably this one from iWant is something unusual or out of the comfort zone of telling story about twins being separated. This particular story is quite interesting judging from the trailers that are being played on commercials and what was presented during the press conference.  So, whatever the story will be let us read more according to what they can share and expect to see to it as it airs.

Julia Barretto finds herself tormented by one unfortunate event after another after she crosses paths with a doppelganger, a girl who looks exactly just like her, in the mystery psycho thriller “I AM U,” streaming on iWant starting this February 26 (Wednesday).

The iWant original series features Julia as two identical yet vastly different girls—Elise, who has the best of everything in life, and Rose, who has close to nothing.

The two unexpectedly meet when Rose saves Elise’s life. Both thankful and in awe of the their similarity in looks, Elise invites Rose into her world, treats her as her twin, and shares everything she has—including her house, family, and friends.

As soon as Rose becomes comfortable, however, Elise sees her as a threat and suddenly wants her out of her life.

In a party that changes everything, Elise bullies Rose into hiding inside a closet during a game of “Truth or Dare.” While inside, an accidental fire ensues, leaving Rose locked in.

Elise and her friends cover up the tragedy and think everything is behind them--until one by one, they fall to their mysterious deaths.

How are the deaths linked to Rose’s demise? Who will be left unscathed?

The digital series is helmed by iWant’s “Past, Present, Perfect?” and “Uncoupling” director Dwein Ruedas Baltazar, and produced by Dreamscape Entertainment in partnership with The IdeaFirst Company. Its cast also include Ina Raymundo, Richard Quan, Cedrick Juan, Kokoy De Santos, Adrianna So, Claire Ruiz, Lander Vera Perez, Yayo Aguila, Jenny Miller, and Tony Labrusca.

Meet two Julias in “I AM U,” on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or for free starting February 26 (Wednesday). For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial on Instagram, and subscribe to

Sunday, February 2, 2020

"The Last Manilaners" Shares The Stories of Holocaust Survivors Rescued by Philippines

1:32:00 PM

It's interesting that there are part of our history that is being told by different nationalities, how our country and leaders of this country saved them during the time of world crisis. I'll be sharing my insights soon but for now catch this stories of the last living Holocaust survivors who sought refuge in the Philippines after fleeing Nazi Germany – known as Manilaners – are opening up about growing up in Manila in a new original documentary series that is now streaming on iWant.

Titled “The Last Manilaners,” the documentary features the perspectives of Margot Pins Kestenbaum, Max Weissler, and Lotte Hershfield, who were children when their families suffered persecution in their homeland for being Jews. They are three of the 1,300 Jews who found a safe haven in the Philippines through Pres. Manuel L. Quezon’s open-door policy – a little known story in history depicted in the film “Quezon’s Game.”

Lotte recalls travelling for four weeks with her family from Germany to the Philippines – “basically the only country that permitted us to come in.” To this day, she can still sing “Bahay Kubo” and remembers Filipinos as friendly and “very, very musical.”

“You can go to the beach every day. You can pick up shells, go swimming, and you don’t have to wear any shoes, you can wear these wooden bakyas. It was terrific. It was paradise in many ways, because we were free. Because the Filipinos very were very accepting,” she says.

Margot, a cousin of Lotte, had finished a year of college in the Philippines when she had to leave for the United States. She says that her stay in the Philippines molded her into what she is today, as she dedicated her life to helping immigrants, people dealing with trauma, children in need, and homeless women in different countries.

“I think my career choice has very much to do with my experience in the Philippines. It is—it has to do with—giving people a chance… And giving a person his self-worth is what I think one of the most important values we got by the way we were treated (in the Philippines). And so, that was part of what I try to do when I then continued my career,” shares Margot.

Max, who says he learned to speak Tagalog before knowing English, fondly remembers playing on the streets with his friends, and how his family made a living in the Philippines – he helped his mother sell muffins made from old bananas.

“My identity? I grew up with the Filipinos. Pareho naman kami. I ate with them. I worked. I got paid. That’s my life that will never leave me. My heart is still there. Manila will never leave me. My Manila memories,” he shares.

Aside from the Manilaners’ stories, the docu also offers historical insights from Dr. Sharon Delmendo, Dr. Jose Tirol, and Dr. Ricardo Jose, Filipino scholars who are subject-matter experts on the topic, and Lee Blumenthal, executive director of The Jewish Association of the Philippines.

Shot in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York, USA and directed by Nico Hernandez, “The Last Manilaners” dropped on iWant on January 27 to join the rest of the world in commemorating the 75th year of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Watch uplifting stories of courage and compassion in “The Last Manilaners” now streaming on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or for free. For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial on Instagram, and subscribe to

Sunday, January 19, 2020

4 Reasons To Watch Jodi Sta. Maria's Latest iWant's "My Single Lady"

2:23:00 PM

iWant features a lot of series and movies these days, and it's releasing one series or film after another. One of its upcoming releases is "My Single Lady," which is produced by the star of the series herself, Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria.

This iWant series features a charming and enlightening take on the life of a single mother with a romantic twist in a modern family comedy setting. The comedy series stars Jodi Sta. Maria, Ian Veneracion, and Zanjoe Marudo. My Single Lady will start streaming on January 22, 2020 (Wednesday).

The comedy series will give you four (4) reasons why watch it and not miss its stream.
  1. Ian Veneracion - yes, his character Mayor Chester will sure get your attention. Not only the hunk dad actor but the role that he portrays. Intriguing assumptions as to why he left Chona.
  2. Zanjoe Marudo - perhaps you have seen him paired with other stars and played the role of a father, which is, by the way, a great addition to this series. It creates a more complicated situation for the lead character Chona. He plays the role of BG, who is a sweet, reliable electrician.
  3. Ynigo Delen - plays the role of Red. The son of Chona who takes much of the attention and the main reason of Chona's being a working single mom.
  4. Jodi Sta. Maria - of course, the main character of this comedy series Chona. An intriguing title to why it is called My Single Lady. 
To have a brief background. Jodi is a hardworking and devoted single mother to a six-year-old Red and an avid Regine Velasquez fan.

My Single Lady

Amid various jobs and PTA meetings, a spark starts when she meets sweet, reliable electrician BG, who then vies for her affection. The situation becomes more complicated as running mayor Chester - Red's Missing In Action (MIA) father - returns to the picture and wants to be involved in his son's life. Although adamant at first, Chona eventually allows father and son to bond upon seeing how Red wants to get to know his dad.

Chona further becomes conflicted as Chester also attempts to woo her back. In her confusion, she finds comfort in her three best friends.

My Single Lady

Torn between two handsome men, how will this single mother choose?

The six-part original series features original Regine Velasquez songs and is directed and co-written by Carlo Catu, written by Janina Gacosta, and produced by Jodi Sta. Maria, B617, and Dreamscape Digital.

"My Single Lady" is the comeback project of the well-received Jodi-Ian tandem since "achy Breaky Hearts," and is the first team-up of Jodi and Zanjoe.

The Cast also includes Iyah Mina, Brenda Mage, Vitex Paguirigan, and Carla Martinez.

My Single Lady

Find out how Chona's love life unravels in "My Single Lady," streaming for free on iWant starting January 22, 2020 (Wednesday).

More Movies, Series, Docus and Sequels to Watch on iWant this 2020

2:00:00 AM

iWant explores the pains and joys of falling in love as a single mom, the tortures of unrequited love, and the experiences of Holocaust survivors who found home in the Philippines this January, as the streaming service jumpstarts another year with original offerings this 2020.

Users who are looking for highly relatable love stories laced with ‘hugot,’ disappointment, and bitterness can count on the new anthology series “Ampalaya Chronicles,” based on the popular spoken word poetry “Ampalaya Monologues,” with Khalil Ramos and Elisse Joson starring in its pilot episode streaming on January 17.

Jodi Sta. Maria also brings on the ‘kilig’ as a single mom who is struggling to choose between Ian Verenacion and Zanjoe Marudo in the “My Single Lady,” which drops on January 22. In it, Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez makes an intriguing cameo as Jodi’s adoptive mother and a Regine impersonator.

iWant also deep-dives into the stories of hope during a time of need in the docudrama “The Last Manilaners,” about the last living Jewish refugees in the Philippines. It will be available on the platform beginning on January 27 to coincide with the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.

In one sitting, users can also enjoy the original series “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 3” starring Eugene Domingo with its movie cut version that is now streaming on iWant.

After releasing the second season of the acclaimed “Bagman” series, iWant is also gearing up to extend the adventures of the well-loved characters in the star-studded “Call Me Tita” and HIV advocacy series “Mga Batang Poz,” with their respective second seasons already in the works.

More original content also means new pairings and daring narratives for iWant, which is scheduled to release this year Julia Barretto and Tony Labrusca’s “I AM U,” Zanjoe Marudo and Lovi Poe’s “I,” Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby’s “The Tapes,” and Diether Ocampo and Nathalie Hart’s “Sunday Night Fever.”

After dropping “The Last Manilaners,” iWant will also stream the award-winning biographical drama film “Quezon’s Game” about President Manuel L. Quezon’s rescue of over a thousand Jewish people seeking refuge from the Holocaust.

To enjoy these originals, more films, and ABS-CBN shows, users may download the iWant app (App Store and Google Play) and register via Facebook, mobile or email, and create a Kapamilya Account.

Stream these exciting new series and movies, coming soon on the iWant app or on

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

5 Friends Portray Millennial Characters in iWant's "Manilennials"

2:38:00 PM

Talk about Millennials, they are the ones born after Generation X. They  are often labeled as lazy, self-entitled, and conceited by older generations. If they’re not asserting their opinions online, they could be writing an essay’s worth of feelings for all too see. It has been said that they’re notorious job-hoppers who seem to always want more and are easily offended. That's how they are stereotyped, so what do you think are they too optimistic, too cynical, or too “woke”?

Whether they’re true or not, these so-called characteristics have been the subject of many thinkpieces and practical jokes. But is there more to these stereotypes than meets the eye? What does it mean to be a millennial living in Manila today?

Enter iWant’s ~unfiltered~ dark comedy original series “Manilennials,” which depicts the challenges and social issues that millennials in Manila get to face on a daily basis. Here, Fifth Solomon, Chai Fonacier, Nicco Manalo, Mela Habijan, and Ria Atayde star as five friends navigating their ambitions, identities, and values while finding themselves, with the busy and colorful rollercoaster ride that is Manila as their backdrop.

Written and directed by millennials for millennials and even produced by an all-millennial team, “Manilennials” is sure to enlighten viewers and will give you five new friends to root for.

Here are “Manilennial’s” five unique individuals that will make you say “ravern!” (“laban” in normal-speak):


Kiko, 29, is an openly gay man, frustrated with his career, and has a hard time motivating himself. He knows that he hasn’t amounted much in life, especially being almost 30 years of age. Always cash-strapped as he keeps refusing jobs he thinks are “below” him, Kiko doesn’t have a stable relationship and can be quite dishonest with himself.

Although he is a sweetheart on the inside, he uses anger and bitterness to hide his weaknesses and shortcomings and defend his point of view.


The anti-hipster hipster. Yeye may be a pansexual, drunkard chain-smoker, but she is also a talented artist full of wit. She tries hard to be politically aware but often forgets to factor in her privileges. And even though she seems self-assured, Yeye also secretly yearns people’s affection and approval.

Aside from her poetic slangs and philandering, her eclectic and quirky outfits are also to watch out for.


Empathetic and unassuming, Art is the one of nicest guys you will ever meet. He works in a call center and finds stability in his job, but on the side, he aspires to be known as a rapper online. He tries his best to improve his performances, but comes off as “trying hard.”

Regardless, he is a reliable and loyal friend, who surprisingly is also a romantic.


Conservative and old-fashioned Ruth is a pre-op transwoman who is a caterer by profession and always strives to be successful. Her driven attitude stems from her need to prove to other people her self-worth. This makes dating just an unnecessary distraction to her.

Self-motivation fuels her, but this trait also makes her susceptible to disingenuous influences.


Although she is the kikay-type, perky, and social media savvy, Missy is also vain and insecure about her looks. Although a brilliant pre-law student, she has this idealistic views on relationships and life in general, and the parameters she sets hinders her from fostering a healthy relationship. She’s at ease, unapologetic, and even protective of her “burgis” status.

In truth, she is haunted by the death of her dad, which affects her relationships, especially with her mother, whom she still lives with.

Grab your friends and binge-watch “Manilennials,” now streaming for free on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or

Friday, December 20, 2019

6 Mayaman-Mahirap" Romances To Watch on iWant, Love Beats All Odds

1:39:00 PM

How many of this type of love story we have seen on the big screen or on our TV sets? Well, probably this one of the most watched type of love story, poor boy meets rich girl, and together they fall in love and beat the odds. It’s a familiar trope we have seen again and again, but can’t seem to get enough of. After all, who doesn’t love a great romance story?

In the iWant original movie “Wild Little Love,” “Kadenang Ginto” co-stars Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin or SethDrea star in their first digital movie as a love team. Here, they play spoiled Sam and playboy Jake, who are paired together by fate as they try transcend the bounds of their socio-economic classes.

If you’re craving to watch stories of wildly different people proving their love for each other, here are modern love stories with a Cinderella twist you can watch on iWant:

1. Sam and Jake in “Wild Little Love”

When spoiled rich girl Sam (Andrea) is forced to go to a public school, she finds a savior in Jake (Seth). Even with her “maarte” demeanor, Jake finds a soft spot for Sam, who only wants to impress her father. Sam is also inspired by the hardworking boy who never lets his confidence falter. The two work on their own dreams and support each other only to be tested by the difference of their statuses in life.

2. Ella and Alex in “Basta’t Kasama Kita”

In one of the best Pinoy romcoms ever, Aga Muhlach plays a jeepney driver who accidentally meets Princess Ella (Dayanara Torres), who gets tired of security personnel monitoring her every move 24/7 and yearns for independence. But their “langit-lupa” situation is not what will threaten their budding relationship, but the fact that Ella keeps her real identity from him.

3. Sasa and Nico in “Babe, I Love You”

Nico (Sam Milby) is an architecture professor who is focused on his career, while Sasa (Anne Curtis) is a promo girl whose line of work is not exactly “acceptable” to him. They let each other go after their differences cause an overwhelming setback they can’t get behind, but unexpectedly reunite after a year in their second romantic meet cute in Quiapo.

4. Eya and Cross in “Diary ng Panget”

Who could forget the movie that showed JaDine had on-screen chemistry? “Diary ng Panget” features independent orphan Eya (Nadine Lustre), who works for rich bad boy Cross (James) to make ends meet. At first, the two squabble like cats and dogs, but eventually end up having feelings for each other. Cross only makes his romantic confession with the help of Eya’s diary.

5. Via and Gabriel in “Mula sa Puso: The Movie”

That spectacular bus explosion scene! And Princess Punzalan’s evil laugh! But seriously, we’re here for Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan’s soap opera film version. Via (Claudine) is a rich debutante who runs away from an arranged marriage and becomes – literally –a damsel in distress saved by her prince, taxi driver Gabriel (Rico). It’s not only their statuses that thwart their romance, but their parents’ secrets and complicated past.

6. Sean and Wendy in “The Prenup”

After a whirlwind romance, Sean (Sam Milby) and Wendy (Jennylyn Mercado) decide to tie the knot, but their overprotective families threaten to tear them apart. Distrustful of their future daughter-in-law’s intentions, Sean’s wealthy parents demand that the couple sign a prenuptial agreement.

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