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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Fractured: Francine & Seth's Dream Getaway Turns Nightmare

10:40:00 PM

A dream vacation! A time to relax, chill, and enjoy! What happens when your dream vacation turns into a living nightmare?

In the exciting new iWantTFC original series "Fractured," Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin take the helm as they guide a group of seven individuals with fractured spirits through a gripping battle for survival on a secluded island.


“Fractured” is a mystery-thriller series that also stars Kaori Oinuma, Jeremiah Lisbo, Daniela Stranner, Raven Rigor, and Sean Tristan. It will stream for free beginning September 15 (Friday) on the iWantTFC app or website and on iWantTFC’s YouTube channel, with new episodes dropping every Friday at 8 PM.

The story revolves around a group of teenage influencers who are all invited to the paradise-esque remote island resort, Bella Vista. Despite their clashing personalities and hidden agendas, these clout-chasers’ desire to gain more online fame heightens as they compete in creating the best content that will go viral on social media.

Their dream vacation instantly turns into a dark tragedy as chaos ensues when they become the target of an unknown killer. Life-changing mysteries will slowly start to unravel, leaving each and everyone of them struggling for survival.

Who is the killer? Will their nightmare of a vacation help mend their fractured souls?

Directed by Thop Nazareno, “Fractured” also features Jennica Garcia, Mylene Dizon, Kim Rodriguez, KaladKaren, Majoy Apostol, and Vaughn Piczon.

Stream “Fractured” for free this September 15 on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website (, and on iWantTFC’s YouTube channel. In other select countries, watch iWantTFC on a larger screen with select devices, including VEWD, ROKU, and Amazon Fire streaming devices, Android TV, select Samsung Smart TV models, Telstra TV (in Australia), and VIDAA. Visit for a complete list of compatible devices, sign-in instructions, and account activation.


For updates, follow and @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send an e-mail to

Monday, September 19, 2022

"Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask" is Puregold Channel's First Romantic Comedy Digital Series

9:09:00 PM


Comedy despite the quarantine and lockdowns, is probably the genuine attitude of Pinoys, knowing when it is time to laugh after the hardships and tragedies. 

The kilig-tawa story of Malta, played by Herlene Budol, and her sweet but quirky romance with the incredibly handsome Sieg, portrayed by Joseph Marco, sent romcom fans in frenzy throughout the series. Many could relate to the twists and turns a woman’s heart goes through in learning to love herself and be open to the love of another.

“Ang Babae” increasingly appealed to young and young-at-heart viewers and morphed into a massive online sensation. After all, it was a feel-good series with cliffhanger moments, racking up more views and leaving heady fans wanting more after each exciting episode.

On top of their effusive support gleaned from each episode’s comments, fans also drove “Ang Babae” content to hit status on TikTok. As seen in all the videos labeled under the #angbabaesalikodngfacemask hashtag, followers expressed their own creativity and enthusiasm on TikTok.

Fan edits of lead characters Malta and Sieg, as well as clips of their favorite scenes garnered over 11 million views on TikTok, spreading the kilig and laughter to more enthusiastic fans and potential viewers who eventually latched on to the show.

The TikTok trend backs up the numbers as it shows the amazing dedication “Ang Babae” fans display. They might as well brace for a second season, considering the finale’s last scene: just when Sieg proposed marriage to Malta, her childhood ‘crush’ pops up in her life.

Vincent Co, President of Puregold Price Club, Inc., is justifiably proud of the company’s unique retailtainment initiative. “We are very happy with the success of ‘Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask,’ ” says Co.

“We could not have done this without the wonderful cast as led by Herlene Budol and Joseph Marco; the entire production crew; and the followers that viewed ‘Ang Babae’ week after week and spread the word about this mini series,” he affirms. “We hope to bring more panalo stories and entertainment to all our viewers and customers in the future.”

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

5 Friends Portray Millennial Characters in iWant's "Manilennials"

2:38:00 PM

Talk about Millennials, they are the ones born after Generation X. They  are often labeled as lazy, self-entitled, and conceited by older generations. If they’re not asserting their opinions online, they could be writing an essay’s worth of feelings for all too see. It has been said that they’re notorious job-hoppers who seem to always want more and are easily offended. That's how they are stereotyped, so what do you think are they too optimistic, too cynical, or too “woke”?

Whether they’re true or not, these so-called characteristics have been the subject of many thinkpieces and practical jokes. But is there more to these stereotypes than meets the eye? What does it mean to be a millennial living in Manila today?

Enter iWant’s ~unfiltered~ dark comedy original series “Manilennials,” which depicts the challenges and social issues that millennials in Manila get to face on a daily basis. Here, Fifth Solomon, Chai Fonacier, Nicco Manalo, Mela Habijan, and Ria Atayde star as five friends navigating their ambitions, identities, and values while finding themselves, with the busy and colorful rollercoaster ride that is Manila as their backdrop.

Written and directed by millennials for millennials and even produced by an all-millennial team, “Manilennials” is sure to enlighten viewers and will give you five new friends to root for.

Here are “Manilennial’s” five unique individuals that will make you say “ravern!” (“laban” in normal-speak):


Kiko, 29, is an openly gay man, frustrated with his career, and has a hard time motivating himself. He knows that he hasn’t amounted much in life, especially being almost 30 years of age. Always cash-strapped as he keeps refusing jobs he thinks are “below” him, Kiko doesn’t have a stable relationship and can be quite dishonest with himself.

Although he is a sweetheart on the inside, he uses anger and bitterness to hide his weaknesses and shortcomings and defend his point of view.


The anti-hipster hipster. Yeye may be a pansexual, drunkard chain-smoker, but she is also a talented artist full of wit. She tries hard to be politically aware but often forgets to factor in her privileges. And even though she seems self-assured, Yeye also secretly yearns people’s affection and approval.

Aside from her poetic slangs and philandering, her eclectic and quirky outfits are also to watch out for.


Empathetic and unassuming, Art is the one of nicest guys you will ever meet. He works in a call center and finds stability in his job, but on the side, he aspires to be known as a rapper online. He tries his best to improve his performances, but comes off as “trying hard.”

Regardless, he is a reliable and loyal friend, who surprisingly is also a romantic.


Conservative and old-fashioned Ruth is a pre-op transwoman who is a caterer by profession and always strives to be successful. Her driven attitude stems from her need to prove to other people her self-worth. This makes dating just an unnecessary distraction to her.

Self-motivation fuels her, but this trait also makes her susceptible to disingenuous influences.


Although she is the kikay-type, perky, and social media savvy, Missy is also vain and insecure about her looks. Although a brilliant pre-law student, she has this idealistic views on relationships and life in general, and the parameters she sets hinders her from fostering a healthy relationship. She’s at ease, unapologetic, and even protective of her “burgis” status.

In truth, she is haunted by the death of her dad, which affects her relationships, especially with her mother, whom she still lives with.

Grab your friends and binge-watch “Manilennials,” now streaming for free on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or

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