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Friday, February 17, 2023

AQ Prime's 'Baka Sakali' heats up as April Gustilo turns up the heat in sexy scene, even felt it for real?

7:54:00 AM


AQ Prime's first BL movie, 'Baka Sakali,' is now exclusively available for streaming on the AQ Prime app as their Valentine's Day offering. The movie tells a non-traditional love story that conveys the idea that love is boundless and that everyone deserves to be happy and free. The film stars Drei Arias, Leandré Adams, Seon Quintos, and April 'Congratulations' Gustilo and is directed by Bong Ramos.

While the movie follows a typical love story narrative, what sets it apart is the intimate scenes involving the lead actors Drei, Leandré, and April, who confidently display their sexy bods on the screen.

During the film's media conference, Drei and Leandré revealed their sexual perspectives, generating curiosity among the present media. They emphasized the importance of educating people about the diversity of love, as it is not confined to gender. Drei identifies himself as gender-fluid, while Leandré is bisexual, but both believe that their gender preferences do not impede their professional pursuits.


Additionally, the film features the return of April 'Congratulations' Gustilo to showbiz, she became popular on the variety show Wowowin, and on this film she shares a daring intimate scene with her co-actor, Drei. When asked about the experience, especially the intimate scene, April simply laughed, and Drei responded that they are professionals.


Seon Quintos, who previously starred in "Mang Kanor," takes on a gay role in this film, which he finds challenging.

Overall, AQ Prime's BL film is an exciting viewing experience that is worth watching, especially if you're a fan of BL films. The AQ Prime app is available for download on iOS, Android, and Huawei devices, and the film can only be streamed exclusively on AQ Prime app.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Kyle Velino on BL Series, Gameboys

11:39:00 PM

It's a different kind of story and an unusual affair. It is probably one of the love stories that are flourishing in the country or some parts of the world and not one hundred percent sure, yet, if it is already okay with the current society. The one I'm talking about is the BL or Boys Love. Well, we cannot judge people if they find love from a different perspective other than the usual.

Speaking of BL, just recently, one of the characters in a BL series entitled "Gameboys" gave a little bit of his time in an 'Online Conference and Chikahan.' The celebrity I'm referring to is none other than Kyle Velino.

Kyle Velino is one of the actors under the management of ABS CBN Star Magic. Some of his projects and appearances on TV are Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK), Ipaglaban Mo, The Good Son, Play House, and his latest is Killer Bride. Now, he's doing the "Gameboys," which is the talked-about series of this generation. We all know that it is something unusual.

During the online conference, Kyle Velino shared that it was a privilege for him to be part of the series that opened the doors for several BL stories in the country today. He also shared that with Gameboys, they were doing the shoot differently. Before, they were doing it on-site with the camera crew and director, but this time it's different because all shootings are on their own. But of course, it is all based on the script and with the guidance of the director online.

Playing the role of Terrence, the Third Wheeler, according to Kyle, is hard because of the character. With his inclusion in the Gameboys, it was hard for him at first. Not only with the group but also because of the established fans of the main characters. He even shared that he also experienced being bashed. One of the memes created was the "Anti-Terrence Bill." As an actor, he took it lightly because, for him, he's doing his role effectively.

I haven't seen much of the series but I can say that Kyle is truly promising and with the way he reacts to the attention he is receiving right now, well, that's one attitude of an artist.

Watch more of the online conference and chikahan.

Gameboys is a Filipino BL web series that is under IdeaFirst Company, which is produced by Perci Intalan and directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal. The series is shown every Friday on IdeaFirst's YouTube Channel. Starring Kokoy De Santos, Elijah Canals, Adrianna So, and of course, the third wheeler Kyle Velino.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Here are Your Four (4) Reasons why iWANT's Filipino-dubbed “2GETHER” is a must-watch for Pinoy Fans

1:26:00 AM

Interestingly, movies and TV series are much more enjoyable to watch when it is described or delivered in local dialects or language. So if you're wondering what it would be like if it is dubbed in Filipino, well, we can start with how Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin’s ‘kilig’-filled bickering in “2gether” sounds in Filipino? If you didn’t already know, streaming service iWant is housing Filipino-dubbed episodes of the top-trending Thai series!

If the original version got you hooked or if you haven’t seen the top-trending series yet, we guarantee that the Tagalized scenes of Sarawat and Tine will get you even more fragile. It’s definitely a relatable must-watch for Pinoy BrightWin shippers and those who believe that love is love.

All episodes of the series will have been available by Friday night (July 10), so we recommend you binge-watch its episodes now! Here are four reasons why you should catch the Filipino dubbed version of “2gether”:

1. The voices match the characters' and are close to the actors’.
Ever met someone who ‘sounds how they look like’? The Filipino-dubbed version of Tine and Wat are just as adorable as their original—if not more. Tine is still as charming, innocent, and persuasive, while Sarawat is still captivating with his mysterious and nonchalant ways. No need to worry about their singing parts, they still sound like the same person. Aside from the two leads, fans are also raving about Green’s unstoppable ‘kulit’ and ‘lambing’ voice in Filipino.

2. Kilig scenes are much more swoon-worthy, and jokes are much more relatable in Filipino.
Even though the story is set in Thailand, it’s almost as if Tine and Wat were in the Philippines with their use of Tagalog. Tine’s choice of words when he expresses his frustrations with Wat is much more relatable in Filipino, while Wat’s “Lagkit mo makatangin ah. Halikan kita diyan, eh” is a major swoon.

3. Viewers can focus on the acting, facial expressions, scenes rather than the subtitles.
Reading subs can be quite distracting, and it might make you miss out on elaborate details such as certain props in the background or a small smirk on someone’s lips. If you watch the Tagalized version on iWant, you can finally ease up! This time around, you can stare full-time at both Tine and Sarawat while they’re in a heated argument or a love-filled moment.

4. Refreshing - It's like watching the series with a brand new set of eyes.
If you’ve already watched the original, you can always rewatch and enjoy this version with no problem. “2gether The Series” is like a time capsule that takes you back to a time in your life when going to school also meant seeing your crush. It doesn’t really matter which team you’re playing on – you will fall in love again with these two college boys!

“2gether The Series” is the first Thai show on iWant after ABS-CBN announced its partnership with leading Thai content company GMMTV. The series concludes with its finale on iWant this Friday (July 10) at 10 PM.

Don’t miss the finale and get your SarawaTine fix in “2gether The Series,” streaming on iWant for free. For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial and @dreamscapeph on Instagram, and subscribe to

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