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Friday, February 17, 2023

AQ Prime's 'Baka Sakali' heats up as April Gustilo turns up the heat in sexy scene, even felt it for real?

7:54:00 AM


AQ Prime's first BL movie, 'Baka Sakali,' is now exclusively available for streaming on the AQ Prime app as their Valentine's Day offering. The movie tells a non-traditional love story that conveys the idea that love is boundless and that everyone deserves to be happy and free. The film stars Drei Arias, Leandré Adams, Seon Quintos, and April 'Congratulations' Gustilo and is directed by Bong Ramos.

While the movie follows a typical love story narrative, what sets it apart is the intimate scenes involving the lead actors Drei, Leandré, and April, who confidently display their sexy bods on the screen.

During the film's media conference, Drei and Leandré revealed their sexual perspectives, generating curiosity among the present media. They emphasized the importance of educating people about the diversity of love, as it is not confined to gender. Drei identifies himself as gender-fluid, while Leandré is bisexual, but both believe that their gender preferences do not impede their professional pursuits.


Additionally, the film features the return of April 'Congratulations' Gustilo to showbiz, she became popular on the variety show Wowowin, and on this film she shares a daring intimate scene with her co-actor, Drei. When asked about the experience, especially the intimate scene, April simply laughed, and Drei responded that they are professionals.


Seon Quintos, who previously starred in "Mang Kanor," takes on a gay role in this film, which he finds challenging.

Overall, AQ Prime's BL film is an exciting viewing experience that is worth watching, especially if you're a fan of BL films. The AQ Prime app is available for download on iOS, Android, and Huawei devices, and the film can only be streamed exclusively on AQ Prime app.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Uncovering the Truth Behind the Mang Kanor Scandal: Watch the Shocking Story Unfold on AQ Prime

7:11:00 AM


The image of Mang Kanor left a negative connotation to all. For most of the guys, it's more admiration, while for the ladies, it's disgust.

Who wouldn't be, knowing that you're filming all your sexual acts? Worst, it was leaked and uploaded to the internet. And that's when he became famous and sensational, because the videos went viral. It was a scandal that made his name known.

According to stories, the videos on his phone were for himself only. Unfortunately, it was snatched, and that's where it all started.




According to stories on the internet, Mang Kanor was an ex-police officer, but it wasn't clear if he retired from the service. Or he went absent without leave, or was AWOL.

He was a generous man. He helped most of the students that he knew with their financial needs. And probably this sparked a few dark thoughts in him since some of the students are pretty.

At present, Mang Kanor is a name coined for a dirty old man dating young girls.

Though the act and name of Mang Kanor became a sensational story, only a few people knew the story. So, this 2023 AQ Prime streams his story to give a platform to describe who Mang Kanor was. Also, what had happened in his life, and the real story.

In this movie, Rez Cortez plays the role of Mang Kanor. Together with some of the sexy stars in AQ Prime, this ensemble is the whole cast of this movie.

We have known Rez Cortez, and throughout his career in showbiz, he has played plenty of roles. From kontrabida to sidekick, from drama to comedy, has nailed and concreted his acting skills in the industry.

Watch the stream on AQ Prime!

Sunday, October 2, 2022

AQ Prime Wins Big With New Face and Endorser Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

11:08:00 PM


AQ Prime wins big this year for the launch of its application and for scoring one of the biggest names in the boxing industry, the undefeated boxing icon Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.!  It's a season of good hope, faith, and the emergence of the right one. 

Last Thursday, September 29 at the Okada Manila Resort Casino in Paranaque City, the Philippines’ state-of-the-art entertainment streaming application introduced boxing’s pound-for-pound king as their newest brand ambassador.

AQ Prime is a streaming company that offers original and legacy Filipino movies. Founded and managed by its President and CEO, Atty. Aldwin Alegre and COO, Atty. Honey Quiño together with their Creative Business Partner, RS Francisco, the streaming platform aims to promote and uplift the local film industry. In addition to movies and shows, a subscription gives customers access to pay-per-view live sporting events, concerts, award shows, festivals, rent-to-view adult movies, and Filipino independent films.

Like Floyd's numerous wins under his belt, the newly launched AQ Prime Stream bolsters its repository of countless films and series across the globe.

“As online consumption continues to grow, A&Q Entertainment has decided to dive into digital media. This is why we launched AQ Prime Stream” AQ Prime COO, Atty. Honey Quiño said in a statement.

“This groundbreaking move of introducing Floyd Mayweather, Jr. as our newest ambassador is our way of further establishing our brand. We want to offer only the best!” Atty. Quiño added.

v Mayweather was delighted to be part of the growing A&Q Entertainment family. During the AQ Prime x Floyd Mayweather press conference, the 45-year-old boxer said that he believes that entertainment is more valuable in this time and age.

“I love to entertain and I love to be entertained. If you want to be entertained anywhere around the world, this new platform is unreal. I spoke about it, downloaded it and I love it! I'm sure that if you download it you're going to love it also!” Mayweather disclosed as he shared his newfound love for the streaming app.

AQ Prime also announced that a docuseries on Mayweather's life, which is set for release in 2023 wi
ll be available in their streaming application. AQ Prime's Atty. Quiño was certain that the heartwarming and motivational story of Mayweather. Jr. will encourage the Filipino people to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

“His life story will not only entertain people but will also inspire people to be like him.”

AQ Prime is now available on Apple and Android devices, including smartphones and smart TVs. Download and subscribe to AQ Prime Stream for as low as P100 for 3 months through Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, and Apple App Store.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

AQ Prime Brings More Entertainment with Originally Produced Films

6:58:00 AM


The newest and an aspiring film production company, AQ Prime, now ventures with the streaming platform where they showcase their original movies and shows.

AQ Prime Entertainment offers originally produced films, together with some legacy Filipino movies, rent-to-view on-demand shows, pay-per-view live events, and cable channel subscriptions.

AQ Prime provides thousands of movies and shows to stream on different devices, like smartphones and TVs across the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Korea, and North America.

AQ Prime uniquely offers classic Filipino shows and movies, as well as new and exciting independently produced films.

“We are excited to provide Filipinos across the world the most complete access to entertainment content a streaming platform has to offer,” said Atty. Aldwin Alegre, President, and CEO of AQ Prime. He adds, “This exciting undertaking will be aided by multi-cultural partnerships with the Korean entertainment industry and other foreign filmmakers for a unique and diverse programming experience.”

Atty. Mary Melanie “Honey” Quiño, Chief Operations Officer of AQ Prime Entertainment adds, “We are focused on delivering high-quality entertainment Filipino families know and love. With these tenets in mind, we at AQ Prime will also provide a talent development company in collaboration with our Korean film and entertainment partners. Our very own Filipino talents have a chance to showcase their talents in Korean films, K-dramas, and the like.”

As the Philippines’ new streaming platform, AQ Prime highlights topical and compelling content like LGBTQIA+, music, game, and talent show through reality programs.

As part of AQ Prime’s mission, it aims to promote and uplift the local film industry. In addition to movies and shows, a subscription gives customers access to pay-per-view live sporting events, shows, and festivals, rent-to-view adult movies, and Filipino independent films.

AQPrime also takes pride in another platform called Director’s Cut by AQ, which is a separate app dedicated for sexy and mature contents — both teeming with original titles produced by AQ as well as acquired titles from Korea and other territories.

A glimpse of some of the original films produced by AQ Prime.

AQ Prime and Director's Cut by AQ Movies

Director: Lester Dimaranan
Winwyn Marquez
Raymond Bagatsing
Ali Forbes
Shido Roxas
Juan Carlos Galano
Mon Confiado
Lloyd Samartino

Director: Jojo Nadela
Devon Zeron
Kristof Garcia
DJ Onse
Rob Sy
Marcus Madrigal
Carlo Mendoza

Director: Jojo Nadela
Aljur Abrenica
Soliman Cruz
Yana Fuentes
Zia Zamora
Elijah Filomar

Director: Greg Colasito
Cast: Krista Miller, Rob Sy, Nika Madrid, Andrew Gan

Director: Rosswil Hilario
Rico Barrera
Nika Madrid
Joni McNab
Jet Delgado

Director: Louis Archie Perez
Cast: Enzo Santiago, James Ramada, Dave Lawrence, Ayumi Takezawa, Kristine Hammond, Angel Dannah Cardoza, Tristan Mendoza, Kenneth Delloso, Rob Sy, Afi Africa and Mon Confiado

Director: Martin Mayuga
Teejay Marquez | Emmanuel Vera | Yana Fuentes | Shido Roxas| Cataleya Surio | Elijah Filamor |Apple Castro

Director: Neal "Buboy" Tan
Krista Miller
Drei Arias
Conan King
Rob Sy
Boogie Canare

Director: Greg B. Colasito
Cast: Brenda Mage, Kristof Garcia, Dj Onse, Mark Hernandez


Director: Alejandro "Bong" Ramos
Kristof Garcia
Kurt Kendrick
Mark Mcmahon
Grace Vargas
Jaycee Domincel
Mia Aquino

Director: Joven Tan
Lou Veloso
Marlo Mortel
Buboy Villar
Mira Aquino
Waki Cacho

Director: Niokz Arcega
Cast: Ara Mina
Marcus Madrigal
Yana Fuentes
Introducing: Jayden Bravo
Bench Manalon
Khiester Bernardino
Charles Temones
Draven Quiño

Director: Alejandro "Bong" Ramos
Drei Arias
Leandre Adams
April Gustillo
Seon Quintos

Director: Alejandro "Bong" Ramos
Cast: Brylle Mondejar
Joni McNab
Oj Arci
Ricardo Cepeda
Mia Aquino
Juan Calma

Director: Greg B. Colasito
Cast: Rez Cortez, Nika Madrid, Rob Sy, Seon Quintos, Emelyn Cruz, , Joni McNab, Via Veloso, Rain Perez

Director: Jojo Nadela
Snooky Serna
James Blanco
Richard Quan
Alessandra Trinidad
Angel Marquez
Sky Alvarez
Princess Magnaye
Denzel Guiao
Renzo Ruiz
Vhinz Gabriel
Joni McNab
Draven Quiño

NUN ASSASSIN (working title)
Aljur Abrenica
Mon Confiado
Yana Fuentes
Marie Priezcer
Shido Roxas
Richard Quan
Marcus Madrigal

HOST: RS Francisco & Rob Sy


AQ Prime is available this June 2022 on Apple and Android devices, including smartphones and smart TVs. Download and subscribe to AQ Prime Entertainment service for as low as P99 per month through Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

A&Q Entertainment Level Up and Ventures Into Streaming Through a Filipino-Korean Partnership

7:42:00 AM


Great news for the entertainment industry, A&Q, a neophyte in the Philippine Entertainment industry has leveled up. Here's the story. 

Philippines’ A&Q Entertainment and Prime Stream, Inc. has announced a groundbreaking link with South Korea's Sun Mobile Commerce (SBT) as the two companies signed an agreement on April 6 at their newly opened headquarters in Quezon City.

Atty. Aldwin F. Alegre, CEO and President of A&Q Entertainment and Prime Stream, met with Seo Byung-yul, head of the Philippine corporation of SBT, along with key personalities, to seal the deal of launching a new OTT (Over-the-Top) media service called AQ Prime.


This marks another step forward for A&Q as it aims to be the most recognized brand in handling Filipino entertainment, not just in the Philippines, but also around the world. A&Q Films Production is the company behind the successful 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry ‘Nelia,’ top-billed by Winwyn Marquez and Raymond Bagatsing.

For its latest venture into the online world, ‘AQ Prime’ is more than geared to operate the entertainment and media streaming platform and online distribution of movies, live events, as well as series, news, sports, and online entertainment shows through free-to-watch titles apart from its premium contents under affordable subscriptions.

“The newly launched OTT service in the Philippines is AQ Prime, which competes with world￾class OTT services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Apple TV, and plans to provide unique services by organizing movies and TV programs that are unique to the Philippines,” wrote News Korea, an online news publication in Korea.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Filipino actors, film directors, and broadcasting officials.

AQ Prime has completed principal photography for four full-length feature films: 'Huling Lamay,' a horror film directed by Joven Tan, starring Marlo Mortel, Buboy Villar, and Lou Veloso; 'Z Love' a horror-romance-drama helmed by Jojo Nadela, and led by Devon Seron, Kristof Garcia, Marcus Madrigal, and Rob Sy; as well as the Boys' Love (BL)-themed films ''Sosyal Medya,' with Brenda Mage, DJ Onse, Kristof Garcia, and Mark Aaron Hernandez, under director Greg Colasito; and 'Bingwit,' featuring Krista Miller, Drei Arias, Conan King, and directed by Neal "Buboy" Tan.

Other titles will be revealed on the grand launch of AQ Prime on June 4, 2022. For this investment, SBT targets on investing $2 million in the future along with the initial investment as it continually discovers contents to air on AQ Prime.

“Through SBT’s OTT investment in the Philippines, we want to create a synergistic effect that can be linked to Philippine culture. And our goal is to help make it easier to use OTT services,” said SBT CEO Lee Kwang-rok, who will join the rest of the team on the upcoming launch. This statement is seconded by Atty. Alegre as he believes in the power of OTT. “We want to bring Korean culture in the Philippines' wide landscape of entertainment industry. Moreover, our mission is to also put the Filipino entertainment in everyone’s media.”

For AQ Prime's Chief Operating Officer, Atty. Melanie Honey Quiño, AQ Prime has gained collaborative advantage in order to become more competitive in the business of online streaming. “This partnership is more than just an investment partnership,” Atty. Quiño explained. “It is a collaborative relationship—an agreement to get together and explore streams of opportunities. Our companies shared common goals and visions and we wanted to provide people here and abroad a broad range of entertainment and informative shows.”

The soon-to-be-launched app is expected to be released initially in the Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and in the United States. For collaborations and further inquiries, they can be reached via email at

Follow their social media accounts on Facebook at, Twitter at, Instagram at, and Tiktok account at

About A&Q Entertainment and Prime Stream Inc.

AQ Prime is a streaming company that offers legacy and upcoming movies to Filipino audience in and out of the Philippines. The company will be operating into a paid subscriber basis focusing to target the whole of Philippines and Filipinos living overseas – as an initial target and eventually focusing on other subscribers to expand its subscriber base. The production of original content is one of the major thrusts of the company. This will not be restricted to movies, but also open to other contents that will add value to the product offering including pay-per-view live shows, such as concerts, pageants, sport events, plays, and more.

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