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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Uncovering the Truth Behind the Mang Kanor Scandal: Watch the Shocking Story Unfold on AQ Prime

7:11:00 AM


The image of Mang Kanor left a negative connotation to all. For most of the guys, it's more admiration, while for the ladies, it's disgust.

Who wouldn't be, knowing that you're filming all your sexual acts? Worst, it was leaked and uploaded to the internet. And that's when he became famous and sensational, because the videos went viral. It was a scandal that made his name known.

According to stories, the videos on his phone were for himself only. Unfortunately, it was snatched, and that's where it all started.




According to stories on the internet, Mang Kanor was an ex-police officer, but it wasn't clear if he retired from the service. Or he went absent without leave, or was AWOL.

He was a generous man. He helped most of the students that he knew with their financial needs. And probably this sparked a few dark thoughts in him since some of the students are pretty.

At present, Mang Kanor is a name coined for a dirty old man dating young girls.

Though the act and name of Mang Kanor became a sensational story, only a few people knew the story. So, this 2023 AQ Prime streams his story to give a platform to describe who Mang Kanor was. Also, what had happened in his life, and the real story.

In this movie, Rez Cortez plays the role of Mang Kanor. Together with some of the sexy stars in AQ Prime, this ensemble is the whole cast of this movie.

We have known Rez Cortez, and throughout his career in showbiz, he has played plenty of roles. From kontrabida to sidekick, from drama to comedy, has nailed and concreted his acting skills in the industry.

Watch the stream on AQ Prime!

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