Sunday, February 23, 2020

JULIA BARRETTO Plays Two Roles in iWant's "I AM U"

Not unusual twin or look-a-like story but probably this one from iWant is something unusual or out of the comfort zone of telling story about twins being separated. This particular story is quite interesting judging from the trailers that are being played on commercials and what was presented during the press conference.  So, whatever the story will be let us read more according to what they can share and expect to see to it as it airs.

Julia Barretto finds herself tormented by one unfortunate event after another after she crosses paths with a doppelganger, a girl who looks exactly just like her, in the mystery psycho thriller “I AM U,” streaming on iWant starting this February 26 (Wednesday).

The iWant original series features Julia as two identical yet vastly different girls—Elise, who has the best of everything in life, and Rose, who has close to nothing.

The two unexpectedly meet when Rose saves Elise’s life. Both thankful and in awe of the their similarity in looks, Elise invites Rose into her world, treats her as her twin, and shares everything she has—including her house, family, and friends.

As soon as Rose becomes comfortable, however, Elise sees her as a threat and suddenly wants her out of her life.

In a party that changes everything, Elise bullies Rose into hiding inside a closet during a game of “Truth or Dare.” While inside, an accidental fire ensues, leaving Rose locked in.

Elise and her friends cover up the tragedy and think everything is behind them--until one by one, they fall to their mysterious deaths.

How are the deaths linked to Rose’s demise? Who will be left unscathed?

The digital series is helmed by iWant’s “Past, Present, Perfect?” and “Uncoupling” director Dwein Ruedas Baltazar, and produced by Dreamscape Entertainment in partnership with The IdeaFirst Company. Its cast also include Ina Raymundo, Richard Quan, Cedrick Juan, Kokoy De Santos, Adrianna So, Claire Ruiz, Lander Vera Perez, Yayo Aguila, Jenny Miller, and Tony Labrusca.

Meet two Julias in “I AM U,” on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or for free starting February 26 (Wednesday). For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial on Instagram, and subscribe to

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