Sunday, November 10, 2019

Kwento Ni Toto's 1st KAMPANA Awards : Recognizing PR Practitioners and Agencies

KAMPANA Awards is an initiative of KWENTO NI TOTO to recognize the hard work of Public Relations (PR) Practitioners and Agencies in bringing the campaigns and promotions from different brands and companies to the public through various platforms. Particularly, through the digital sphere where bloggers, influencers, and content creators, like us, share opinions, stories, and observations.

It's about time to appreciate their dedications as PR Practitioners and PR Agencies by the partners - the bloggers, influencers, and content creators - who have worked with them in moving the campaigns and promotions to its success.

With this, Kwento Ni Toto is launching today the KAMPANA Awards. Derived from two prefixes of two Tagalog words which are 'KAMpanya' and 'PANAwagan', thus, creating KAMPANA or bell in English.

The KAMPANA Awards embodies the feature of a bell, creating noise to call attention, this is the personality of every PR Practitioners and Agencies. Equipped with creativity, working attitude, and dedication that leads to the success of every campaign from different brands and companies.

Through this award, we can create a sphere of a good and harmonious relationship with the practitioners and the online media community. Together we can communicate with the public and share outstanding campaigns.

So, nominate your choice for this year's KAMPANA Awards with the following categories.


Bloggers and Media Partners Pili (Choice) Award
  • KAMPANA Bloggers and Media Partners Pili Award for PR Person
  • KAMPANA Bloggers and Media Partners Pili Award for PR Agency
For these categories, we will have 2 processes, nomination and voting. On the list of nominations, we will pick the Top 5 Finalists. Then we will have the voting period where agencies and practitioners can campaign with the bloggers, influencers, online media, and vloggers.
  • KAMPANA PR Agency ng Taon
  • KAMPANA PR Person ng Taon
  • KAMPANA Kalimbang ng Taon (campaigns or activation created by PR agencies that interest your readers and followers)
  • KAMPANA Malikhain Awards (campaigns or activation created by PR agencies that made an impact because of its uniqueness and creativity)
Of course, since Kwento Ni Toto also shares entertainment stories we also have categories for celebrities and TV Stations.
  • KAMPANA Celebrity Endorser ng Taon
  • KAMPANA Batang Celebrity Endorser ng Taon
  • KAMPANA Kwelang Endorser ng Taon
  • KAMPANA Ingay Istasyon ng Taon (TV Station that created a buzz through their campaigns)

  • PR Practitioners/Agencies residing in the Philippines. 
  • Has worked and practiced his/their expertise for a minimum of 5 months (for new practitioners and agencies) and have created or participated at least one project or campaign. 
  • Created an impact not only on the brand but also on its online partners (influencers, bloggers and vloggers). 
  • Delivered the campaign and made online partners very much involved and active. 
  • The uniqueness and creativity stand out in making the campaign.

  • The nomination is from Nov. 10 to 30.
  • The release of the Finalists is December 2.
  • Voting is from December 2 to 12.
  • The announcement and release of KAMPANA AWARDS winners will be on December 15, 2019.


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