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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Mylo Speech Buddy, BCRemit, PAMMÉ awarded as top startups at ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program Cohort 3

11:11:00 PM

Excellence in Filipino entrepreneurship was displayed when the ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program Cohort 3, funded by the European Union (EU) and led by the International Trade Centre (ITC), in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry – Competitiveness Innovation Group (DTI-CIG) and QBO Innovation, recognized the most outstanding startups at its recently concluded Demo Day on June 25, 2024, at the Blue Leaf Pavilion, Taguig City.

Launched in 2021 and now in its third cohort, the ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program is a 14-week program aimed at providing internationalization support to youth-led startups.

Rene "Butch" Meily, President of Ideaspace | QBO Innovation, expressed his gratitude, stating, "I'd like to thank our partners, the European Union, the International Trade Council, and DTI for their support. Europe is an often untapped market for us. Through the ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program, we hope that Filipino startups can gain access to this crucial market and establish a foothold for exports."

The Demo Day, attended by a diverse audience of key partners, investors, and stakeholders, marked the culmination of the program for 12 business startups from various verticals.

The esteemed judging panel who evaluated the startups' pitches and shared valuable insights included Assistant Secretary Althea Karen Antonio, DTI Foreign Trade Service Corps (FTSC); Miguel Lopez, Youth Entrepreneurship National Expert, ITC; Shoraliah Macalbe, Head of Startup Development, Ideaspace | QBO Innovation; Dara Ever Juan, Head of PLDT Innovations Laboratory and Ecosystem Partnerships (INNOLAB), PLDT; and Rodrigo Alarcon, Studio Director, ThinkPlace.

Mylo Speech Buddy, the developer of a speech development app for children with autism and speech delays, clinched first place, securing a pitch prize of $2,500, or around PHP 146,000.

"Our experience joining the ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program has been great. The support provided by QBO Innovation and the insights from ITC have been invaluable. I believe our win underscores the importance of the service we provide to the market. Our winnings will play a crucial role in our efforts to further grow the company and help more Filipino families,” said Mylo Speech Buddy founder Vincent Rocha.

BCRemit, a London-based fintech company founded by Pinoys empowering Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with efficient money transfers, was awarded second place and received a $1,500 grant, or around PHP 87,000.

"Our focus has been on penetrating more markets geographically to reach more migrant workers. The grant we won will fund our expansion plans to the United States," said BCRemit co-founder and director Gio Calma.

Lastly, fashion brand PAMMÉ, which crafts sustainable accessories from recycled plastic made by women deprived of liberty, secured third place with a $1,000 pitch prize, or about PHP 58,000.

"The ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program has been remarkable. With its main focus on internationalization, I’m grateful that they have opened doors for us to explore global markets. At PAMMÉ, a fashion social enterprise, we take pride in this win," shared PAMMÉ founder Pamela Meija.

Other participating startups in the ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program Cohort 3 included: Capilli, a social enterprise creating eco-friendly products from upcycled human hair waste; Hibla Philippines, a social enterprise preserving Philippine weaving traditions; IndieCo, an SEO company blending human creativity with AI for business content; Nama Urban Farms, an urban agriculture startup cultivating nutritious produce; Nutricoach Inc., a platform aiding dietitians in building and scaling nutrition clinics; Prezenter, a company that simplifies presentations in under 10 seconds, helping teachers put their lessons on Smart TVs; Reelist8, a proptech x Shoppertainment marketplace for real estate transactions; REPAMANA, a circular fashion brand repurposing hotel textiles into new garments; and TERPCAP Inc., an accessibility solutions provider for inclusive workplaces..

In addition to the cash prizes, the program, under the strategic partnerships facilitated by QBO Innovation, ITC, and DTI-CIG, will provide the top three winners opportunities to build stronger networks with EU partners and investors to support their global market expansion.

QBO Innovation, a division of Ideaspace that consults for and engages with government agencies, academic institutions, international development agencies, and private sector enterprises, provided support and guidance to the participating startups throughout the program via workshops and mentorship sessions.

DTI unveils comprehensive mapping report to bolster youth entrepreneurship and innovation in the Philippines

The DTI, in partnership with the EU and ITC, has unveiled a comprehensive mapping report to identify and leverage growth opportunities for young Filipino entrepreneurs and ecosystem actors, such as Technology Business Incubators (TBIs), which offer specialized programs to propel the Philippine economy forward.

The report, "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Philippines - Network Analysis and Mapping of Institutions Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship," aims to foster an inclusive environment where young entrepreneurs can thrive, innovate, and contribute to sustained economic development.

In her video message, ITC Head of Youth and Trade Mayara Louzada highlighted the country's young entrepreneurship landscape:

"We have found that the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Philippines is young and rapidly developing, with an emphasis on economic development, inclusion, and innovation to attract investment. Both the government and private sectors actively support young innovators aiming to create jobs and stimulate economic growth, especially as many turn to entrepreneurship due to a lack of quality job opportunities."

However, she identified market gaps in the report, including confusion over the roles of different government departments, limited access to funding, and the lack of continuous and sustainable programs for youth-led businesses, especially outside Metro Manila.

The report's recommendations include creating a TBI info-sharing network to streamline access to relevant updates and content, establishing a country guide to support services for entrepreneurs, and expanding support beyond the tech sector.

The report also reiterates the government's critical role in supporting the continuous advancement of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and developing young entrepreneurs.

DTI Undersecretary Rafaelita "Fita" Aldaba stated, "We're working together with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), and other government agencies to ensure that our economic relationships are fundamental to our strategy, competition, innovation, and productivity. We cannot remain static—our industries cannot stay stagnant. Therefore, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of startups in the Philippines."

The Philippine startup ecosystem has shown continuous growth despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the country ranked 52nd globally, with thriving industries including fintech (19%), e-commerce (7%), education and healthcare (5.2%), and agriculture (3.1%).

To get full access to the report, you may download a copy via this link.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Globe GFiber Prepaid and Lalamove for Reliable Internet and Deliveries

10:18:00 PM


Globe At Home has teamed up with Lalamove, the premier on-demand delivery platform, to provide customers with fast and affordable connectivity at reduced rates.

From April 8 to July 8, 2024, customers who opt for Globe At Home's reloadable GFiber Prepaid internet service can enjoy a 10% discount on motorcycle and sedan deliveries via Lalamove. This offer aims to deliver both value and reliability to consumers seeking uninterrupted internet access.

This will especially help online sellers, who can streamline delivery processes and serve their customers more efficiently through Globe At Home’s Fiber internet connection at an affordable price and Lalamove’s reliable service that can instantly deliver products to your home at a promo.

"Globe At Home aims to provide fast and reliable reloadable UNLI internet connection for those who rely heavily on connectivity for their livelihood, such as online rakets. With this offer, such customers can potentially boost their daily income via online selling while also providing their families with connectivity essential for online learning, work from home, and entertainment and leisure,” said Abigail Cardino, VP and Head of Brand Management, Broadband Business at Globe.

Lalamove Philippines Managing Director Djon Nacario explained, “Just like Globe at Home, we offer convenience to every Filipino across Luzon and Cebu who need door-to-door delivery for their products straight to their customers. In Lalamove, we move things that matter so we’re happy to team up with Globe at Home to provide simple and affordable same-day delivery services from Baguio to Sorsogon, and even Cebu island-wide.”

GFiber Prepaid provides flexibility and convenience as it is reloadable, where customers can top up their accounts as needed and enjoy UNLI internet access with no lock ups and no monthly bills. It is available for only Php 999 on special flash deals.

It promises install agad in 24 hours, ensuring that customers can transition to their new fast internet service without unnecessary delays.

Globe At Home champions sustainable fiber connectivity, adopting green practices across its value chain to deliver a reliable and inclusive broadband service to Filipinos to enable their digital lifestyle. Last year, Globe At Home rolled out recyclable and upcyclable packaging in line with its circularity strategy. GFiber Prepaid was also launched to provide fiber-strong connectivity to more Filipinos at more affordable prices without a lock-in period.

Interested customers can apply for GFiber Prepaid through the dedicated portal at and GlobeOne App.

*Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-190270 Series of 2024.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Celebrate Wins Through Photography: It's Never Too Late to Achieve Greatness

9:31:00 PM

When was the last time you paused to celebrate your achievements? In the hustle of daily life, it's easy to miss the moments that shape our journey. Celebrating milestones helps us recognize that it's never too late to reach for greatness. Photography is a wonderful way to honor these victories. With Great Image, you can capture your accomplishments, preserving them as a lasting reminder of your journey and potential.

Reflecting the past triumphs

Each picture is a solid reminder of the challenges we've conquered and the victories we've celebrated. Think about your school years, from kindergarten to college. Every graduation photo tells a story of your struggles and successes. Even if you had to pause your education to work, that graduation photo, when you finally achieved your degree, symbolizes your grit and determination. It proves that it's never too late to reach your goals.

Capturing new beginnings

As we navigate life's ever-changing landscape, photography becomes a beacon of hope and renewal. It allows us to capture the excitement and optimism of new beginnings, whether starting a new career or pursuing a long-held passion. Even the simplest photographs, like your first ID picture for job applications, symbolize a fresh chapter as you transition into adulthood. Each photo affirms your readiness to embrace change and strive for greatness.

Immortalizing milestones

We all reach new heights at our own pace, and these milestones deserve to be celebrated. Photography lets us capture these special times forever. Think about the couples who finally take their wedding photos after years of being together or those who welcome a baby after trying for so long. These photos prove their patience and commitment, inspiring others to pursue their dreams, wherever they are in life.

Honoring personal growth

Looking back at ourselves can be a powerful tool for growth. Photography offers a unique way to see our journey of self-discovery. By capturing moments of reflection and self-acceptance, we celebrate how far we've come and the challenges we've conquered. For example, someone who has struggled with self-confidence might finally feel comfortable getting a professional portrait taken. This portrait becomes a symbol of their newfound acceptance and inner strength.


On realizing one’s greatness

Realizing that it's never too late to be great brings freedom. It shows that greatness isn't tied to age or circumstances but to our willingness to pursue dreams and embrace the unknown. As we navigate this journey, we can document our growth and victories, with Great Image helping every step of the way.

Great Image celebrates your journey with top-notch photography services. Using the latest technology and skilled photographers, they capture your milestones with precision and care. Whether it's a graduation, wedding, self-portrait, pregnancy, or even an ID picture, Great Image is there for you.

And now, you can let your greatness shine even brighter! Great Image is offering a special promotion: a FREE 3R PRINT using the promo code GI3RPR. This exclusive offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis at Great Image branches nationwide. Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to immortalize your achievements with a complimentary print from Great Image!

To explore more about Great Image and their photography services, visit their website at or connect with them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

COMCO Mundo Appoints Managing Directors in SE Asia & MEA Markets

10:51:00 PM

In its eighth year of operation, COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, a prominent communications group known for its global accolades, is reaffirming its dominance by appointing new Managing Directors for its ventures in COMCO Southeast Asia and the Middle East & Africa regions. Taking the helm are Joyce Yu for COMCO Southeast Asia, Rachel Syfargo for TARO AOX Inc., and Tricia Cusi-Jimenea for COMCO Middle East & Africa.

Reinforcing Leadership
A seasoned PR practitioner, COMCO SEA’s newest Managing Director Joyce Yu has close to two decades of solid experience in Public Relations, Advertising, Events and Activation, and Branding and Brand Communications. Part of her new role is to reinforce the group's flagship brand New PR and Smart Social and grow COMCO’s Experience+ division, the Agency’s service dedicated to Events, Advertising, Branding, and Special Media Executions.

One of COMCO’s senior partners, pioneers and communications experts, Rachel Syfargo will now lead as Managing Director for TARO AOX Inc., the group’s specialist agency that offers Digital Max for Digital, Social and Emerging Platforms, Technologies and Innovations; ICOM for Integrated Communications and Digital PR; and Story Lab for Communications Audit, Research and Planning as well as Editorial and Publication Services. Rachel’s leadership in the practice encompasses more than two decades of experience in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Branding and Communications Research.


Bringing meaningful storytelling beyond Southeast Asia, COMCO’s senior partner and co-founder Tricia Jimenea continues as COMCO Middle East & Africa’s Managing Director opening more opportunities for COMCO in the region. Tricia is an award-winning PR professional with almost two decades of extensive experience in Media and Influencer Relations, Celebrity Marketing, Strategy Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Events Management, and Content Development.

Rising from the Ranks
As part of COMCO Mundo’s mission to Ignite Talent, numerous high-performing employees from the group’s various companies and units are also promoted. A homegrown talent from the Camp COMCO Mentorship Program Cycle 5 in 2017, Jam Bufi has demonstrated her leadership potential over the years and is now the Integrated Communications Manager of TARO AOX Inc. One of the first employees of COMCO Middle East & Africa, Rabia Yousuf has also given valuable contribution to the organization is now promoted to Account Manager.

Showing their excellence, potential and commitment to their craft, Narah Faigal and Hiacynth Ablanez of SEA Wave & Spice Multimedia Content Studio are both appointed to Senior Officers while Jaderick Buhay from TARO AOX Inc. is now promoted to Officer. With their excellent performance and unwavering dedication, COMCO Southeast Asia’s Hendrich Namoca and COMCO Mundo’s Ronette Tibay as well as TARO AOX Inc’s Joana de Guzman and Chloe Manalac are all promoted to Senior Associates. SEA Wave & Spice’s Multimedia Arts Associate Nicole Bamba is now the company’s newest regularized employee. All of them are graduates of the group’s industry acclaimed Camp COMCO Mentorship Program.


Mission 2024: COMCO in a Different League
Reinforcing its long-time commitment to excellence and unique brand of meaningful storytelling, COMCO marks another milestone in igniting brand love, social change, talent growth, and borderless collaboration as it celebrates its 8th anniversary.

Founded from the dreams of individuals to build a communications firm with a great team and unique agency culture, COMCO Mundo together with its more than 55 strong COMCOys creates collaborative experiences, attains shared goals together, and invests in inclusive growth. This unique agency culture is propagated across the group, from Southeast Asia to the Middle East & Africa, providing more opportunities for COMCOys to grow as individuals and as a team with a sense of mission.

Embarking on this milestone, COMCO Mundo is excited to announce the line-up of its flagship projects and activities prepared for 2024 including the COMCO Badminton Club, Camp COMCO Alumni Society Homecoming Cup, SEA Wave Contrbutors’ Assembly, Camp COMCO Kids, COMCO Mundo Away Days 2024, Movie Night with COMCOmigos, and COMCOlidays with Kids.

“My aim and passion to building a great team turned to a relentless goal to building a unique company that any amazing talent would dream to be part of – a creativity playground, a safe zone with a team that got your back, a craftsmanship vessel that will push forward our dreams and bring us to places, figuratively and literally.  And for you to have a great team, you need to have the right company, like a second home, for these talents to thrive and grow," said Ferdinand L. Bondoy, COMCO Mundo’s Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel / Partner and Co-Founder .


He added, “And as we enter our 8th year, we uphold our Mission 2024 battle cry and reinforce our unparalleled practice in a different league. We won't be constrained by the norms of the traditional practice or pressures of the dogmatic society as there's a bigger world out there and there are more compelling issues to dissect; there is a more progressive, complicated but necessary playing field to navigate, where we have a bigger mission to fulfill.”

COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, together with its companies, is now ready to fulfill #Mission2024 in a different league. To know more about COMCO Mundo and its initiatives, visit Follow them on social media: on Facebook,, and @comco_mundo on Instagram.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5: Delivering Flexibility and Versatility Without Compromise

11:48:00 PM


If you have been waiting for the announcement, well the news is out already!

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced its fifth generation of Galaxy foldables: Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5. The industry-leading form factors offer unique experiences for every user with sleek and compact designs, countless customization options, and powerful performance. The new Flex Hinge makes the foldable experience possible, while offering an aesthetically balanced and solid design. These unrivalled foldable devices unlock extraordinary camera capabilities such as FlexCam to take photos from creative angles. With strong performance and an optimized battery powered by the latest processor, the Samsung Galaxy Z series transforms what is possible with a smartphone – open or closed.

v “Samsung is revolutionizing the mobile industry with foldables by setting the standard and continually refining the experience,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “Every day, more people choose our foldables because they offer an experience people want that they can’t get on any other device. Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 are the latest devices that prove our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers through innovative technology.”


Samsung’s heritage of innovation and dedication to the foldables category has created incredibly versatile devices available. With a strong belief in the potential of the foldable format, paired with world-class R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Samsung has consistently refined and optimized the Galaxy Z series lineup. From content creation on Galaxy Z Flip5’s new Flex Window to seamless multitasking on Galaxy Z Fold5, this series of Galaxy foldables meets and exceeds the distinctive needs of today’s users.

Furthermore, both Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 are carefully designed to meet durability expectations. The main screen is equipped with a shock dispersion layer and a redesigned back for a more solid display. Along with IPX8 support, Armor Aluminum frames, and Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®2 applied to both the Flex Window and back cover, Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 provide the protection consumers expect, enhanced further by Flex Hinge. This new integrated hinge module features a dual rail structure, diffusing external impacts.

Galaxy Z Flip5: The ultimate pocketable self-expression tool without compromise
The Galaxy Z Flip5 delivers a stylish, unique foldable experience from a pocket-sized device built for self-expression.

The new Flex Window, now 3.78 times larger than the previous generation, offers a wide range of existing and new capabilities. It provides more customization options, including informative and graphical clocks that can match the face design of a user’s Galaxy Watch6 series, as well as stylish frames. In addition, Galaxy Z Flip5’s new Flipsuit Case provides device protection with a changeable NFC card, so users can match their Flex Window design and case design for even more personalization options. Closed, the Galaxy Z Flip5 offers more usability than ever before. From the Flex Window, quickly and effortlessly access useful information. With Widgets, users can check the weather, control music playback and listen to their favorite music with Media Controller, or catch up on the latest global stock market updates with the Google Finance widget. Simply view all Widgets at a glance and switch between them instantly with a pinch of the screen to activate Multi Widget View. Plus, easily check notifications and access Quick Settings for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Without ever opening the device, browse through call history to return missed calls, and reply to texts on-the-go using Quick Reply with a full QWERTY keyboard and visibility of chat history.


With its unparalleled design and form factor, Galaxy Z Flip5 also offers the most versatile camera experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Take high-quality selfies with the rear camera thanks to the larger Flex Window. Users can capture stunning hands-free photos from creative angles with FlexCam. It’s quick and simple to view and edit shots in Flex Mode too. Users can review, adjust the color tone, or delete images easily with the Quick View in the Flex Window. When taking a photo of a friend, Dual Preview lets them see themselves in the Flex Window so they can make adjustments in real time for the perfect shot. Users can get a smooth shot on the go with camera-stabilizing Super Steady, while Auto Framing ensures that no one is left out.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 adds AI solution improvements to the powerful camera experience, bringing every photo to life. Get creative, even in low light, with improved Nightography capabilities that optimize photos and videos in ambient lighting conditions. The AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm corrects any visual noise that typically spoils low-light images while enhancing details and color tone. Even from a distance, photos are clearer with the digital 10X zoom.


Galaxy Z Fold5: The ultimate productivity powerhouse with a large screen
Offering an immersive, large screen and a long-lasting battery in the thinnest, lightest Fold yet, Galaxy Z Fold5 is easy to take anywhere, while delivering the most powerful performance in the Galaxy Z series.

The Galaxy Z Fold has been a pioneer in transforming everyday productivity through a robust, big screen experience, evolving from Multi Window and App Continuity to a wide range of features including Taskbar, drag and drop, and optimization of third-party apps. S Pen Fold Edition introduced in the third generation Fold in 2021, has also been fine-tuned to deliver a superior writing experience on Galaxy Z Fold5. These features and tools come together to deliver powerful productivity on a large screen and enable users to complete important tasks from anywhere.


The improved Taskbar enables dynamic productivity by allowing users to quickly switch between frequently used apps. Now up to four recent apps are at the ready for more efficient working. Newly enhanced two-handed drag and drop can also ramp up productivity when moving content between apps and screens. Simply touch and hold an image in Samsung Gallery with one finger and use another finger to open the Samsung Notes app to drag-and-drop the image. With hidden pop-up, an app can continue running in the background, allowing users to watch video content in full screen and chat with friends in a floating pop-up on the side of the screen.

The new slimmer and more compact S Pen Fold Edition makes real-time annotating and ideation easy while being able to fit more comfortably in the pocket. The Slim S Pen Case is nearly the same thickness as a regular case for the Fold and available in a variety of styles and colors so users can carry their S Pens in style.

Helping users do more on the go, the 7.6-inch Main Screen provides expansive and uninterrupted viewing so users can enjoy their favorite movie in portrait or landscape. Plus, peak brightness has increased by more than 30%, up to 1750 nits, for an optimal viewing experience outdoors even under bright sunlight.

Providing users with an immersive gaming experience on the largest Galaxy smartphone screen, the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy enhances graphics and uses AI to enable dynamic gaming and multi-game functionality. The Galaxy Z Fold5 can comfortably handle marathon gaming sessions with its advanced cooling system that dissipates heat more intelligently for less lag and no drop in performance.


Delivering a positive impact for the planet
Samsung continue to demonstrate progress toward the company’s environmental vision and accelerate actions that help achieve its goals, including reaching net zero carbon emissions by the end of 2030 for the Device eXperience Division.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5 feature a wider variety of recycled materials than their previous generations, including pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum and post-consumer recycled plastics, sourced from discarded fishing nets, water barrels and PET bottles. Even the paper used for their packaging box is made using 100 percent recycled material.

These innovations have also been purposefully designed for optimized longevity. Each device comes with five years of security updates and four generations of OS upgrades, helping to extend the product lifecycle.


Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy Z Flip5 lets users express themselves with colors including Mint, Graphite, Cream, and Lavender, as well as a range of accessories including a Clear Gadget Case, Flap Eco-Leather Case, Flipsuit Case and easy-to-carry Silicone Case with Ring to create a more personalized look. The Galaxy Z Flip5 retails for PHP 64,990 for the 256GB variant, and PHP 71,990 for the 512GB variant.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is available in Icy Blue, Phantom Black, and Cream, along with a variety of cases that offer practicality and style including a Slim S Pen Case, Clear Gadget Case, Eco-Leather Case, and a Standing Case with Strap.The Galaxy Z Fold5 is available at PHP 98,990 for the 256GB variant, PHP 105,990 for the 512GB variant, and PHP 119,990 for the 1TB variant.

From July 26 until August 17, 2023, customers who pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 will enjoy discounts through will enjoy discounts of up to PHP 43,000, including a FREE double-up storage worth PHP 7,000. With this offer, customers will instantly get the higher storage variant for the price of the lower variant within the same model lineup. On top of this, they will also get a FREE Original Samsung case, 30% off on the new Galaxy Watch6, PHP 10,000 off on the new Galaxy Tab S9 Series, and 50% off on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. In addition, Samsung is committed to giving customers peace of mind with Samsung Care+, a support service for accidental damage, repairs, and more. Customers can enjoy one year Samsung Care+ for free during pre-order period.

As a exclusive offer, the Galaxy Z Flip5 is also available in Gray, Blue, Green, and Yellow colors. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Fold5 in Gray and Blue colors are also up for pre-order exclusively on the site.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 are also available for pre-order through Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop, and Customers who pre-order through these channels from July 26 to August 17, 2023 will enjoy as much as PHP 42,000 worth of discounts. This also includes the FREE double-up storage upgrade, up to 50% off on select Galaxy Wearables, along with additional savings for traded-in devices.

General availability for the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 starts August 18, 2023.

You can pre-order by visiting:

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ride to commemorate Bataan Death March heroes slated on Araw ng Kagitingan

1:05:00 PM


The Ride for Valor is a cycling event aimed at raising funds for the maintenance of the Bataan Death March markers and other World War 2 heritage sites. The event is scheduled for April 9, 2023, which is also known as Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) and marks the 81st Anniversary of the Fall of Bataan and the start of the Death March. The Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) first vice president for marketing and communications, Mike Villa-Real, stated that the event is a joint effort with the Department of National Defense, Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, Provincial Government of Bataan, and Wartime Heritage Guild-Philippines. The main goal of the event is to honor the legacy of Filipino and American soldiers who fought for freedom and democracy during World War 2 by preserving important historical sites.

"The Bataan Death March is a somber reminder of the bravery and selflessness of Filipino veterans during the Second World War. It is an essential part of Philippine history and culture, and the Ride for Valor is an important way of honoring the veterans and preserving their legacy. Plus rider get to learn more about this historic event as they will be be traversing the actual route of the Death March," he said.

The ride is open to fully vaccinated cyclists and all types of bikes with brakes. Villa-Real said the event will start at 2:30 a.m. from the Kilometer Zero in Mariveles, Bataan, to Capas National Shrine in Tarlac.


The non-competitive bike ride will have four pitstops: Mt. Samat, Balanga Provincial Capitol’s The Bunker, San Fernando Train Station, and Angeles Museum. Giveaways will be given in selected pitstops. Villa-Real said participants may ride at their own pace, adding there will be a 12-hour cut-off during the event.

He noted that the event will also implement a "No Helmet, No Ride" policy to ensure the safety of the participants. Villa-Real also said a mechanic will be available to help those who encounter mechanical difficulties, while roving marshals will be present to keep track of the riders' progress. Support vehicles are allowed, but riders should only ride in the vehicle if they choose to drop out of the event.

The Bataan Death March is one of the darkest chapters in Philippine history, where around 80,000 Filipino and American soldiers were forced to march more than 100 kilometers in grueling conditions by Japanese forces in 1942. Thousands of soldiers survived but many also died due to starvation, dehydration, diseases, and the brutality of Japanese captors. The markers serve as reminders of the tragedy and heroism that occurred during that period.

PVB is a private, commercial bank owned by World War 2 veterans and their families. With Its new Charter signed into law, the Bank's ownership now includes Post War Veterans and AFP Retirees.

Ride for Valor 2023 is supported by Without Limits PH, Traqs Philippines, OneLGC, AIR21, Panahon.TV, and the Integrated Waste Management Inc, Neo Zigma PH, Hotel Sogo, The Oriental Hotel-Bataan, AFAB, Booster C Energy Shot, and Fitbar.

For more information about the event, follow Ride for Valor on Facebook at

Monday, November 7, 2022

With 5G and 4L, Will A Driverless Port Far Away?

2:44:00 PM


During Christmas season, dispatching different goods and commodities from all over the world on time for a port is always important. At the end of last year, port congestion caused severe disruptions in global supply chains, and most stores were out of stock during the Black Friday and Christmas, the peak selling season. To experience less dilemma like this, the innovation case from Tianjin Port might help.

Tianjin Port is one of the world’s largest ports. It has a 300000-ton-class wharf with a channel depth of -22 meters. It has 192 berths of various types and 128 berths above the 10,000-ton-class.

By the end of 2021, the port’s cargo throughput reached 435 million tons, ranking ninth in the world, while the container throughput exceeded 18.35 million TEUs, ranking the eighth port in the world. The cost of manual operations at this scale is exuberant, both in terms of money and efficiency.

A typical port usually deals with vessel arrivals and departures, shoreside operations, horizontal transport, yard operations, manual tractor trailer transport, and gate operations.

One of the key steps in port digitalization is automating horizontal transport, that is, handling cargo within the port.


The Smart Port Solution uses the latest tech — intelligent twins, autonomous driving, 5G, cloud computing, and IoT — to create a better connected, smarter, and more autonomous system.

This smart terminal was built by Tianjin Port Group (TPG), together with Huawei and other partners, as part of its efforts to build a smart and green port. One of the key innovative applications to address this is Huawei's self-developed, truly AI-based intelligent horizontal transportation system, which has achieved a series of "world firsts": Large-scale commercial use of ultra-L4 driverless, the world's first "5G+BeiDou" integration of ubiquitous intelligence, the world's first self-sufficiency in green electricity and zero carbon emission, etc. This achievement provides a blueprint for other parts of the world to build intelligent and low-carbon ports.

The results speak for themselves. On the port's visitor platform at the container terminal at Section C of Tianjin Port, container cranes operate automatically and unmanned electric container trucks come and go. At the port, remotely controlled quay cranes stably pick up containers that are loaded with cargo from cargo ships, and load these containers onto unmanned electric container trucks. Under the guidance of the BeiDou navigation satellite system, the container trucks go to the automatic locking/unlocking stations, according the optimal driving route calculated in real time, to unlock the containers, and then drive to the container yard. The whole process is completed in one go.

The intelligent and digital transformation of the port has led to tangible benefits. Previously, transporting containers to container yards within ports requires a large number of container trucks. Using human drivers is very costly. Tianjin Port currently has 76 container trucks. To ensure 24/7 operations, each container truck needs three drivers working in three shifts every day. The port needs 60% fewer staff than before. In addition, it is exhausting for truck drivers to drive on fixed routes in three shifts, posing an obvious safety hazard. Now, Drivers (who are in high demand) now operate trucks remotely and no longer have to face dangerous, unhealthy working conditions. And each container now consumes 20% less energy, cranes are 20% more efficient on average, with each crane operating 39 container units per hour.


The terminal of Section C in the Beijiang Port Area of Tianjin Port is the first smart terminal of its kind to deploy an intelligent horizontal transport system. Looking ahead, Huawei will continue working with partners to deploy and replicate this experience in more ports, building smart ports together.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Shopee Promotes Safe Online Shopping Experience with Shopee Cares PH

12:18:00 AM


With more Filipinos relying on e-commerce to get their essentials, this has also increased the need to protect them due to the growing number of fraudulent activities happening in the digital space. In a Consumer Pulse Survey conducted by TransUnion in February 20221, of the over 1,000 Filipino adults polled, 53% said they were targeted by fraudsters in the previous 3 months. From the same survey, 42% said they were scammed by Phishing, 38% were victimized by money and gift card scams, while 30% were scammed by third-party sellers via online retail shops. While businesses in different industries are continuously upgrading their platforms, fraudsters also search for ways on how they can adapt to the ever-changing landscape and discover new vulnerabilities.

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, recognizes the need to enhance user protection and security by educating customers on vulnerabilities, and how they can avoid being a victim of fraud. With the recently launched Shopee Cares PH – an online community platform where Shopee provides customer education and support – the goal is to empower consumers with proper know-hows and tips on how they can protect themselves from phishing scams, money and gift card scams, and third party seller scams.

Martin Yu, Shopee Philippines Director, said, “Shopee has always been committed to ensuring that every Filipino’s online shopping experience is safe and reliable, and Shopee Cares is a testament to that. Through this platform, we aim to equip them with knowledge on how to shop safely and combat these online scams together so that they can continuously enjoy shopping online.”


With Shopee Cares PH, users are also encouraged to seek help for any product inquiry or concern, and inspire other users through their memorable Shopee finds and experiences. Sale tips and tricks are also provided to ensure online shopping is made enjoyable with exclusive deals and promos.

“As more Filipinos rely on e-commerce, we continuously ensure that measures are in place to make their experience with Shopee more secure. What we want is for our shoppers to continue enjoying the benefits of online shopping, as this has become an essential part of their daily lives,” Yu added.

Be part of the community and visit or

Friday, July 29, 2022

SM Supermalls welcomes you into a new era of change

6:43:00 AM


Change is inevitable! The only permanent in this world is change. 

The honest truth: No one came out of the COVID-19 pandemic in quite the same way. The pandemic was an isolating period of self-discovery, emotional growth, and life-altering realizations. It changed people, and in the process, it shaped the way so many of us view ourselves and the world around us.

Because of this, consumer tastes and behaviors have shifted. Where in a pre-pandemic world, people often spent on luxuries and experiences that allowed them to celebrate their accomplishments, studies show that consumers now want a different experience, one that is kinder and more embracing of the changes that each individual had gone through in the past 2 years. People are now prioritizing their personal wellness and supporting products and services that champion growth.

As consumer tastes have shifted, brands are starting to adapt to these changes. And true to its foundational commitment to make people happy, SM is ready with a host of new offerings as the entire brand is poised for a refresh this year.

“The history of SM Supermalls is one that has been built on innovation and change to serve the needs of millions of Filipinos,” says SM Supermalls President, Steven Tan. “We’ve been with our customers through their every milestone for almost four decades. And we are committed to always changing, always growing with our customers in the years and decades to come.”

SM Supermalls: Welcoming Every Change in You

SM continues to stay true to its mission to provide Filipino families with a fun and engaging in-mall experience so they can go home with a smile on their faces.

There will always be a plethora of experiences for each person who comes through SM’s doors. This is true for the various personalities that emerged during the pandemic; from eco-warriors and Plantitas to health buffs and sports personalities who embraced biking, healthy eating, and home gyms, and bakers and homemakers who turned their passion projects into small businesses.

“I believe that now more than ever, it is important to recognize the new changes to our world,” adds SM Supermalls President Steven Tan. “And people are continuing to grow as they invest in experiences that uplift their lives.”

Ushering the Future with the Transformation of SM Supermalls

In the next few months, Filipinos across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will get to experience the wellness-oriented and sustainability-driven transformation of SM Supermalls with a host of new and exciting activities. These include paw parks for pet moms and dads, al fresco dining areas for hangout groups, plant hubs for eco-enthusiasts, bike facilities for the growing cycling community, co-working spaces, experiential retail, blockbuster and larger-than-life cinema escapades and so much more.

As SM’s brand refresh campaign ushers in a newness to the Philippine mall experience, curious visitors, foodies, friends and families will have much to rediscover. So come on in, you’re always welcome here!

For more information, follow SM Supermalls on Facebook: to experience what’s new in any SM Supermall near you today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Ace Banzuelo's "Walang Himala" embraces a darker, more melancholic turn on breakup song

11:11:00 PM


Following the chart-topping success of “Muli” and the release of its viral music video starring ABS-CBN stars Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin, Ace Banzuelo returns with another potential hit that is guaranteed to whet the appetite of music fans across the country.

Released under Sony Music Philippines, the Filipino recording artist’s new single “Walang Himala” carries the inherent weight of dealing with a partner’s betrayal. The melancholic synth-pop track serves as antithesis to Banzuelo’s earlier song Himala: a sad little tune that reduces listeners to a pool of misery, written as if he hibernated for months in his own mancave— devoid of light, and completely immersed in the grieving process.

“Walang Himala’s emphasis on betrayal can be interpreted in multiple ways,” shares the Laguna-based singer-songwriter and producer. “It’s not afraid to embrace a darker, more lamenting turn. Coming from ‘Muli,’ this particular track reeks of angst and frustration in the most human way possible. Some people have experienced it at some point in our lives. It’s my way of comforting them as a songwriter/musician.”

Channeling ‘80s synth-pop with modern R&B textures and brooding themes, Banzuelo reflects on loss and loneliness with a more matured perspective. Sonically speaking, “Walang Himala” retains his signature glossy synth production on top of a playful storytelling that connects his past and present releases. “My music provides a strong multiple set of stories, and this new track follows the storyline of Himala,” the Muli hitmaker points out.

According to the young multi-hyphenate, the most memorable moment for him during the recording process is coming up with the introduction and a first verse. The line “ang hirap,” which means, “it’s difficult” really stuck with him; hence, playing around with it as part of the song’s main hook. “Another memorable moment was coming up with the chorus because I didn’t have to revise it. I knew it had to be those words: Walang himala, mali ako pala (translation: There’s no miracle; it’s my fault),” shares Banzuelo, putting more context to the lyrics’ poignant rough spot.

“Walang Himala” is written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Ace Banzuelo himself. The song is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

Listen here:

Friday, November 12, 2021

PRSP Launches First-Ever Virtual, Interactive and Nationwide Students’ PR Con

6:35:00 AM


The gathering of influential persons in the industry, the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) is inviting public relations, communication, marketing, and advertising students all over the country to learn more about decoding the content we consume and preparing in the journey to PR for Good through an informative virtual adventure to the different stages of the content journey in the PRSP Students’ PR Con 2021.

The PRSP Students’ PR Con 2021 is the first-ever virtual, interactive, and nationwide edition of the Students’ PR Congress, the organization’s annual event for students to learn more about the public relations industry from leading practitioners in the field. With the theme “Decoding Content: The Journey to PR for Good”, this year’s Students’ PR Con aims to help participants navigate the new media landscape and tackle the three different stages of the content journey, which are: (1) Capture and Consume, (2) Curate and Converse, and (3) Create and Care.

The first segment, Capture and Consume, aims to address how we contextualize the content that we come across in everyday life to mindfully capture and consume information from different media platforms. The second segment, Curate and Converse, will discuss curating content from reliable sources and starting conscientious and fruitful conversations about topics that matter as a way to fight misinformation and become responsible communicators. The third and final segment, Create and Care, collates all the learnings gained from the previous segments by talking about why creating our own PR for good can show that we care, not only to communicate our messages for self-serving purposes, but to push forward ideas, advocacies and causes that benefit society.

Ferdinand Bondoy, Chairman of PRSP Students’ PR Con and Grand Prix 2021, Board Trustee of PRSP and Regional Integration & Chief Executive Director of COMCO Southeast Asia said, “With shifts in mainstream media and social channels and the emergence of game-changing digital platforms rapidly affecting the behavior of various publics, we could say that the PR landscape has also drastically changed. And with this change, our next gen practitioners must be well-equipped with the necessary new knowledge as they eventually enter the field and the workforce. And PRSP is bringing this groundbreaking virtual conference to Filipino students from all over the country to serve as one of the biggest venues available for them to gear up for the challenge.”

Joining the PRSP Students' PR Con 2021 are thought leaders and renowned professionals from the communications industry who are set to share their expertise as speakers for the online event. For the Capture and Consume segment, Lynda Jumilla-Abalos of ABS-CBN News Digital will tackle “The News and Information Media” while Peach Natividad of Google, Neil Trinidad of Lazada, and Toff Rada of Tiktok will talk about “Social Media and the Emerging Platforms”.

The Curate and Converse segment will include Yvonne Chua of Vera Files and Luz Rimban of Asian Center for Journalism to discuss “Dissecting Fake News, Trolling, Propaganda and Demolition”, and Dr. Randy Dellosa of Pinoy Big Brother and Carlo Ople of PLDT and Unbox for “Being Digitally Ready and Responsible”. Finally, joining our “Create and Care” segment will be Caroline Veronilla of World Vision, Anna Meloto-Wilk of Human Nature and Cat Trivino of MindNation for the “Forwarding Your Advocacy and Giving Voice for Social Good” discussion. Next set of speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Norman Agatep, President of PRSP and President and Managing Director of Grupo Agatep shared, “Students of Communication have always been a significant sector that the PRSP has been reaching out to over the years. As such, we have designed pillar programs that aim to supplement their classroom learning, fuel their interest in public relations, and ignite their desire to pursue careers in our industry, This year's PR Con will give all participants an exclusive glimpse of what their lives as PR professionals could be like.”

Students’ PR Con 2021 is also set to kick-off the upcoming Students’ Grand Prix in January 2022. The upcoming Students’ Grand Prix will be PRSP’s first hack sprint edition of the annual student event and competition. More details will be announced during its launch in the upcoming PR Con.
v The PRSP Students’ PR Con 2021 is supported by Jobstreet as platinum sponsor; Maynilad Water Services as gold sponsor; Converge ICT Solutions as silver sponsor; and Jollibee Foods Corporation, McDonald’s Philippines (Golden Arches Development Corporation), Meralco and SM Supermalls as bronze sponsors. Staging and creative partner is COMCO Southeast Asia while media partners are Adobo Magazine, Class A Magazine, and When in Manila. Entertainment partners are Warner Music Philippines and PhilPop Musicfest Foundation.

Student organization partners are PRSSP (Public Relations Student Society of the Philippines) from University of the Philippines - Manila, ADPROS from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila, Mass Communication Students’ League from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila), Journalism Guild from Cavite State University, HAU Communicators' League from Holy Angel University in Pampanga, SWU Junior Communication Designers Guild from Southwestern University in Cebu, Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators from Siliman University in Dumaguete, Josenian AdComm Guild and Josenian Communication Society from San Jose Recoletos University in Cebu and The Society of Student Communicators from Negros Oriental State University in Bacolod.

The PRSP Students’ PR Con 2021 will be happening this November 20, 2021 and students are encouraged to take part in the timely issues and conversations to be discussed in the event. Everyone can register by going to until November 8, 2021 to secure their slots. PRSP’s Students’ PR Con is free but registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, based on allocation per location (NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao) and per school, so register early and don't miss out on the biggest virtual event for students this year. Confirmed registrants will receive an email with a link to access the virtual platform for the event.

To learn more about the PRSP Students’ PR Con 2021, follow or For inquiries, please email

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Grab launches Salamat sa Ani initiative to encourage more Filipinos to give thanks to loved ones and frontliners, and support local farmers

10:32:00 PM


Furthering its commitment to leveraging its technology and platform to create a positive social impact on the lives of many Filipinos, Grab Philippines, together with Zagana - the Philippines’ leading agri-social enterprise is launching its Salamat Sa Ani initiative on 17 March 2021.

Through the Salamat Sa Ani initiative, Grab is leveraging its technology and platform to encourage more Filipinos to show care and gratitude to their loved ones and frontliners who have been helping them to cope with the challenging times. At the same time, the initiative will also provide support to the farming communities that Grab helped digitalize since the Enhanced Community Quarantine phase, as contents of the Salamat Sa Ani gift sets are sourced directly from Zagana farmers in Benguet, Pangasinan, and Cavite. Each Salamat Sa Ani gift set - which includes fresh corn, bananas, and lime, is exclusively available on GrabMart for only PHP 299.00.

Salamat Sa Ani is one of the latest GrabForGood initiatives led by Grab Philippines where Grab’s technology and platform are leveraged to support the needs of the Filipino communities and help improve their lives and livelihoods. During the height of the pandemic, one of the key GrabForGood initiatives led by Grab Philippines is GrabBayanihan - a program that leveraged Grab’s technology and platform to provide much-needed support to driver-partners, frontliners, displaced individuals, farming communities, and local governments.

Leveraging Grab’s technology and platform to help local farmers overcome supply chain challenges

As highlighted in the June 2020 Report of the World Bank, the supply chain of fresh produce and agricultural products in many parts of the Philippines was greatly impacted since the implementation of the lockdowns. With limited logistics options for transporting the produce from the farms to the public markets and groceries and the sharp decline in customer foot traffic in physical marketplaces, the livelihoods of Filipino farming communities - as well as the food security across many households, were at risk to certain points that farmers were forced to throw away their produce.

Through Grab’s technology, platform, and its partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Zagana, fresh produce from farming communities were given wider market access through the Grab app through the Department of Agriculture’s 2020 Program Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita. Now, with a few taps on the app, Grab consumers get to enjoy fresh produce from local farmers, delivered straight into their doorsteps in as quick as less than an hour and at the same time supporting the local farming communities.

For Benguet-based farmer Ardan Copes, the partnership between Grab and Zagana provided new technology to farmers like himself who are used to traditional models for distributing and selling their produce. His main challenge when the pandemic hit was that there were too many vegetables wasted due to the absence of buyers brought by the quarantine. Copes shares that “through Grab’s technology and platform, Zagana farmers like himself were able to better reach and serve new consumers.” The partnership also gave farmers like Copes “a good market price for their produce which is why they did not hesitate to join the platform.” Copes adds that they “were able to continue with their livelihood despite the challenges of ECQ, which gave them a huge relief.”

Co-creating positive social impact within and beyond the Grab platform

Committed to contributing towards the Philippines’ longer-term socio-economic recovery and development, the Grab platform not only provides its consumers with the everyday value and convenience, but it also allows its users to co-create a positive social impact - within and beyond the Grab platform, with every transaction made on the Grab app.

With every order of fresh produce made on the Grab app, users are able to support the livelihoods of tens of thousands of driver-partners, MSMEs, and local farming communities who are also facing the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has truly impacted a lot of lives. Our partnership with Grab has allowed us to continuously serve our customers and support our local farmers, by leveraging Grab’s platform and technology to provide our kababayans access to fresh produce, delivered right at their doorsteps while providing livelihood for both the delivery partners and local farmers during these uncertain times,” said Zagana Chief Executive Officer Joshua Aragon.

“Using our platform and technology to help improve the lives and livelihoods of many Filipinos is what differentiates Grab as a community partner. We are grateful to have made a difference in the lives of millions of Filipinos through our GrabForGood program and we will continue with our commitment of using technology and our platform to encourage meaningful collaboration within our communities and help our kababayans overcome their daily struggles,” says Grab Philippines Country Head Grace Vera Cruz.

To know more about Grab and Zagana’s Salamat sa Ani initiative, visit:

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Finalists for the 1st KAMPANA AWARDS

3:57:00 PM

The list of nonimees are out for our KAMPANA Awards before the end of 2019 we will be recognizing Public Relations (PR) Practitioners and Agencies for their works. Also we will recognize the Celebrity Endorsers of have created buzz with their endorsements.

So, nominate your choice for this year's KAMPANA Awards with the following categories.



PR Agency ng Taon Nominees

Geiser Maclang Network
Lorem Ipsum Inc.
M360 PR + Activation Agency
Ripple 8

PR Person ng Taon Nominees

Ma. Chele Mendoza, Lorem Ipsum, Inc
Millet Liberato-Simeon, M360 PR + Activation Agency
Ana Liza Reyes, PenserQ
Amor Maclang, Geiser Maclang Network
Michelle Ople, Ripple 8

Kalimbang ng Taon Nominees

Shopee 11.11
FWD Life Insurance Campaigns
Kwentong Jollibee
GSM Calendar Girl 2020
Lazada 11.11

Malikhain Awards Nominees

Island Girl - GSM Calendar Girl 2020
Bounty Fresh World Chicken & Egg Day
CoCo Anniversary
Alaska Dementia Awareness

Celebrity Endorser ng Taon Nominees

Sarah Geronimo
Vice Ganda
Anne Curtis
James Reid
Marian Rivera

Batang Celebrity Endorser ng Taon Nominees

Scarlet Snow Belo
Xia Vigor

Kwelang Endorser ng Taon Nominees

Vice Ganda
Anne Curtis
Vic Sotto
Alex Gonzaga

Ingay Istasyon ng Taon Nominees


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