Saturday, January 11, 2020

Richard Jewell, A Critically-Acclaimed Film of Clint Eastwood on Ortigas Cinema

Watching movies and films give us a sense of belongingness to the story we are watching. It is an experience that most films ought to give to their audience as if it is real, and we are part of that story.

Ortigas Cinema welcomes moviegoers to its brand new movie theater with a hint of luxury and elegance. The cinema just opened last November 2019 it gives a distinctive experience for everyone.

Movie buffs will enjoy watching blockbusters form this first every Ortigas Cinemas, with ultra-comfortable seats, and world-class facilities. With Bold golden accents and a hint of class and modernity, it houses a total of 4 regular cinemas and 2 premier cinemas called The Screening Room. Even the snack bar aptly called Rell Bites veers off the traditional quirky look and instead employs a sparkly look that is just as modern, blending seamlessly into the overall glam of the interiors.

All cinemas are equipped with world-class seats to offer the comfort that elevates the movie experience. For "The Screening Room," seats are extra luxe with plush recliners with adjustable foot and backrests. Truly, these were designed to go beyond style and cater to movie patrons and provide maximum comfort for the ultimate movie experience that's truly distinct to Estancia.

This January, a week before its Philippine Release, Ortigas Cinemas housed the advanced screening of the critically acclaimed Clint Eastwood-produced and directed film, "Richard Jewell."

Eastwood wanted to honor Richard Jewell's life as an everyday hero, even after being publicly thrown to the wolves by the public in 1996. Working as a security guard during the Atlanta Olympics, it was Jewell who found a suspicious bag that contained an incendiary device. With little time to spare, he helps evacuate the area, saving many lives and minimizing potential injuries. He is hailed a hero. But just three days later, the humble savior's life unravels when he - and the world - learn he is the FBI's prime suspect in the bombing.

What might read as the makings of a suspense thriller are not the imaginings of a creative mind, but were, in fact, the life-shattering reality for the real Richard Jewell. Ironically, thanks to his selfless act, for 88 days, Jewell lived with an invasive FBI investigation, public scrutiny spurred by unrelenting press coverage, and the uncertainty that his name would ever be cleared, or his life ever be the same.

Critically acclaimed and currently has a 75% Fresh Rating at Rotten Tomatoes, "Richard Jewell" has been chosen by America's National Board of Review as one of the Ten Best Films of 2019. The same organization has honored "Richard Jewell" cast members Kathy Bates with a Best Supporting Actress prize, and Paul Walter Hauser with a Breakthrough Performance Award.

Kathy Bates has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the recent Golden Globes Awards.

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