Saturday, June 6, 2020

Dealing With The New Norm

Our lives have completely changed because of the virus. People are now considering the new ways we're practicing as the new normal. Well, it is indeed a new norm, and it's hard to face new things in life, but if it is for our safety, well, we all need to adapt to the situation.

So, what are new in the new norm? Well, I think it's quite a few, one the social distancing in transportation and establishments, and two is the wearing of masks whenever outside of your house. Some of which are in practice, the washing of hands, disinfecting of surroundings, transacting online, working from home, and online deliveries. These all are already in practice right before the outbreak of the virus, but some people are unreasonable.

Talking about online shopping, well, I'm thankful because it's much easier and more convenient to do your shopping online. You ease off with the hassle of going to the mall or the store, you won't have to face long lines when paying, and you don't have to feel scared because of the large amount of money with you. But of course, there are also the disadvantages of buying online, that is why buyers should be vigilant in reading reviews and other comments of the buyers. It needs to weigh in the various commentaries from customers who already bought from the seller.

Since home-based works and online schooling will be the new norm, I think laptops or desktops will be one of the necessities of every individual or every household. The good news is that there are plenty of online shopping sites where you can find an attractive desktop or laptop deals. Of course, with the situation we have now, the budget is one to consider.

So I did try to check other deals, from local to international. Locally, some stores did try to make sales up to the extend of bartering with some old units that people already have plus some additional cash. I also find this Rakuten site where they offer new and branded laptops or refurbished ones. That's really interesting.

So, are you ready to face the new norm?

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