Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Quarantine Exercise Wears that Can Shape Your Body

The three (3) months of lockdown has indeed made an extreme impact on our lives. It has made our daily routine different from the usual ones that we had. It even put us in a situation where we almost had nothing more to do because of the state we have. From baking to cooking, and to even more advance like painting and hydro-gardening. And unfortunately, we're taking less priority of the exercise. That is why, presently, groups are encouraging other people to join them in an online workout to keep their body fit and healthy. Since we're supposed to do to keep off that dreaded virus we're facing right now.

Some of these workouts are on Facebook or YouTube channels. Individuals or groups do a recorded video where then, later on, upload it on YouTube or do it in real-time by doing a live stream. Sometimes it involves much connection with the viewers or participants if it is on live stream rather than video then upload later.

In doing these exercises, of course, people need to wear the right outfit for the workout. We need to be comfortable while doing the movement. It's either you wear a white shirt that is not too loose of not too tight. Just right and proper for you to do the exercise. You can wear shorts or have cycling shorts. Any of these two would be great as long as you can move freely without the discomfort.

If you're an extremist when it comes to working out, I think there are specialized gears that you need to wear to get that body shape that you want to have.

If you still remember, when you go to the gym, there are trainers or gym buff people who wear a specialized outfit. Those are workout equipment, like the workout waist trainer, where you get more than one benefit. One is that you are protected, in a way, and two, you get to shape your body accordingly but I usually see workout wears that are for the ladies. Probably most of the ladies use it for curving their bodies in the right places.

Talking about body shape, we should not forget that other figures need shaping. Interestingly, some stores provide these kinds of sizes, plus size shapewear is also available for those who want to lose more weights and too many curvy figures.

I'm not that big, and I'm not skinny either. What is important is that I try to find time to do some exercises to keep my body fit and healthy. Two of the many fitness and health coaches that I know will be conducting a 20-day workout where they will use the internet to convey that pocket exercises. According to the two, it is a small pocket exercise that will boost up their body.

I think I'll be doing it as well. I'll start with slow, then, little by little progress.

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