Monday, July 20, 2020

Clint Bondad's Dating Escapades, The Break-up Reason?

Love hurts! That's what happens when couples started moving on their separate ways. As for the recent viral story on the world wide web, well, it's a love story that ended a long time ago. Unfortunately, and based on the posted messages and stories on the person's social media account (Clint Bondad), well, it seems he has not forgotten, yet, their love story.

So, what was the real story behind the breakup? Was there any 'kwento' that is to unearth to clarify the rumors and alleged scandals?

Well, there's a saying that 'when there is smoke, there is fire,' and it seems that the fire had just gone into an alarming stage. News and other stories about this matter are popping out like popcorn.

In an article that came out and published at the Facebook page of 'The Philippine Post,' clearly tells the story of Clint Bondad and Catriona Gray break-up. At that time, no one knows, yet, that the romance has ended. That's until Catriona finally revealed the end of their relationship in the show Tonight With Boy Abunda. The love tale ended without any more words about it.

Just like in any other relationship, it doesn't stop at that point. There's always the root and the cause, the reason that made that perfect bubble pop.

From the article, it tells that there's a reliable source about the Clint-Catriona breakup, a far deeper cause why the two end-up on different paths. According to the source, Clint had been going out with other women, that is why Catriona ended their love story. But take note that Clint wasn't just going out with other women, he's going out with rich women, and he does it for money.

Of course, photos are the best evidence to validate stories, and one personality was rumored to be one of his dates, Anne Jakrajutatip, a Thai transwoman and CEO of JKN Global Media. Later on, the rumors were dismissed.

So, we know that it is his life and whatever he does is none of our business, but since he's a celebrity and all eyes are on him, everything that he does, well, affects everyone, most especially, the fans that look up to him.

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