Sunday, September 6, 2020

Carmina Topacio, An Indie Singer-Songwriter to Add on Your Playlist

 Carmina Topacio - Guilt Stricken

I love music, and I love hearing new songs and rhythms from different artists, most especially the indies. Yes, remember the band that I have featured before, the Arkos? Well, I think they are still an indie band. What I like about indies or underground music is that most of them are not limited to the type of music that they are playing. They have this distinct sound and artistry with them that makes them more interesting to listen to.

This time we're featuring another talent, a singer and songwriter, a shy-type of person but blessed with so much beauty and talent, Camina Topacio. Yes, I know some of you might tell 'I have seen her before' and yes, she has been in the limelight before, and probably that was a decade ago. Now, she's back with her latest single entitled "Guilt Stricken."

So, for those who don't know her yet, well, her name is Carmina Topacio. She is an indie singer-songwriter based in Manila, beautiful as you can see and a well-talented musician because she can play the piano, guitar and take note she's the one who produces all her songs. Like I mentioned earlier, Carmina has been in the limelight before, and that was when she was still 17 when she started her own Youtube Channel. She was known for her cover songs like Avenged Sevenfold's 'Afterlife', 'Gunslinger,' and 'Eyes on Me' from the Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack. She also wrote some original compositions like 'I don't want to love another' and 'It's always been you,' all were released on YouTube.

About her song, "Guilt Stricken," is an old school alternative rock type of music. It was inspired by a toxic relationship she had in the past. According to Carmina, "... when a person you love continues to hurt you, the question that keeps repeating in your head is how they could do it and live with it. You wonder if they feel any remorse. The song talks about that, but it could also be interpreted and seen from the perspective of the person who has done wrong and is experiencing the unsettling feeling of guilt. I want to share it because I think a lot of people could relate to it."

Carmina Topacio

Carmina ventured out to Spotify with the first song that she released entitled "By my side," which is basically about long-distance relationships. Since the lockdown, many relationships were affected, and some couples got to experience what it was like being in a temporary LDR. this was released during Carmina's birthday last July 1.

Now, her "Guilt Stricken" song was added to the Official Spotify Playlist, Fresh Finds Philippines. It is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and other music platforms.

Last August 27, She premiered her self-produced homemade music video. She shot her scenes with a little help from her siblings and learned how to use Adobe Premiere to edit.

So, that's our featured artist for today, CARMINA TOPACIO. Follow her on her social media or visit her website.

Carmina Topacio Website

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  1. I like Carmina Topacio, aside from being a singer, songwriter she's also a beautiful lady.


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