Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Lucas, Matty, and Enzo or the IDOLLS Just Release Their Music


Just the right day when I'm celebrating my natal day, I was invited to take part as one of the media and bloggers who will throw in some questions about the trio - Lucas Garcia, Matty Juniosa, and Enzo Almario - who forms the group IDOLLS. They are the talented trio who are alumni of ABS-CBN's Idol Philippines. The iDolls are treating their fans with their respective new singles all under Star POP. 

Lucas is offering his own powerful and emotive take to the 2018 Himig Handog 5th Best Song “Tinatapos Ko Na,” originally interpreted by Jona. The fresh version was arranged by Iean Inigo and transports listeners to the sad yet hopeful journey of a person going through a failing relationship.

“This is my first ever revival, and I’m honored because Ms. Jona also sang it. I also experienced the song’s message, and it also became the theme song of the K-drama ‘The World of the Married Couple’,” shared Lucas on what makes the song special. 

Matty, meanwhile, explores the bliss of young and expressive love in the original song “Sayaw ng mga Tala,” written by Danielle Balagtas and produced by Star POP head Rox Santos. The track tells the heartwarming tale of a person who has been devotedly in love with a special someone for so long, until it blooms into forever. 

“I love that it has storytelling. I think I added my own flare to it in that even if I haven’t been in a relationship before, I sang it in a way that I focused on the song’s message instead of the high notes,” said Matty. 

Finally, Enzo puts his own spin on the 2017 Himig Handog 3rd Best Song “Extensyon,” initially interpreted by Inigo Pascual featuring its composer Aikee. The song touches on the tensions surrounding ex-lovers, especially when they come across each other again. Enzo’s version was arranged by Theo Martel. 

“What makes it special is that I'm singing on a different perspective. The person that I’m singing it to can be a girl or a guy. The beat is also faster, and in this version, I also did the rap part,” explained Enzo.

Lucas, Matty, and Enzo all joined the launching season of “Idol Philippines” in 2019. Lucas was proclaimed as the runner-up, Matty finished in the top 12 while Enzo reached the top 20. They have been releasing covers of songs like “Dalaga,” “Hanggang Dito na Lang,” and “Mabagal” as the group iDolls since the competition’s conclusion. 

Aside from some few questions that are thrown to them about their belting voices and musicality there were also inquiries like what I ask "How do you support each other when one is being bashed?" They gayfully and jokingly replied that they also bash the one's who's being bashed. Well, frankly according to them nothing much of a bashing happens like that and if there's any they make sure to be there with each other.      

Listen to Lucas’ “Tinatapos Ko Na,” Matty’s “Sayaw ng mga Tala,” and Enzo’s “Extensyon” on various digital streaming services. For more details, follow StarPOP PH on Facebook ( and on Instagram (@starpopph). For updates, follow ABS-CBN PR on Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (abscbnpr) or visit

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