Friday, January 15, 2021

Matteo Guidicelli Sarcastically Annoyed Gamers and Sony PlayStation 5 Fans?


Last year, on December 11, Sony PlayStation 5 is officially launched in Asia, and there were different influencers and hardcore gamers who received a personalized set of PS5 gaming console. It is part of the promotional campaign of SONY. And Matteo Guidicelli is NOT one of them. How come I mentioned that Matteo is not one of them? Well, if you've seen the vlog of Michael V (Bitoy), the PS5 that he received is enclosed in a personalized box with his name on it with Sony's tagline for this "PLAY HAS NO LIMITS." 

Okay, this story is actually about the new PlayStation unboxing of Matteo Guidicelli, this time with the PS5. This unboxing has indeed triggered, again, lots of gamers, game enthusiasts, and netizens. A day after the publishing of Matteo's unboxing blog, it flared lots of people. Why? Well, according to what most of us have watched with the video, Matteo deliberately annoyed all gamers. He did this by creating ASMR while ripping the box of PS5. His line is, "... you know what I have something special to do. The mic, I'm going to put it right (on top of the box) here for you gamers (while ripping the box)... ASMR ba tawag dyan? para sa inyo yan." I'm pretty sure gamers who watched the video are in shock or rather in rage.

Another thing that Matteo did that I'm pretty sure people will make a big sigh and sway their heads, is when he intentionally dropped the PS5 unit on the table. But don't worry because he did ensure that according to him the table is a shock absorbent. 


Okay, this is his second PlayStation unboxing, which is the same as what he did on the first one. So, here are my reactions and observations.
  1. If you're going to look at some of his unboxings, he intentionally unboxes savagely all the things that he bought and paid for. Probably, his line of thought is I bought and paid for this so I have all the rights to do whatever I want.
  2. Another thing is that when he did the first PlayStation unboxing, there were lots of people who watched the video, whether they left a negative comment or made a bad impression. He doesn't care as long as people talk about him.
  3. It is what he wants for his YouTube channel. His branding and marketing style that he creates for his YouTube channel and the subscribers. He wants to be different when it comes to unboxing.

So, just like what we always thought when it comes to doing this differently, "WALANG PAKS (Pakialaman)" or "WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP." If you find yourself annoyed about what Matteo did, well, better keep it to yourself. You cannot do anything about it as long as it is not yours. If you want to watch the video, read my warning first, "The video is not for a faint heart." Watch responsibly.

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